I have an *Interrogator* archetype....

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Starting with a explanation in Wikipedia is a good start to this conversation.

A concept of archetype can be:

A collectively-inherited unconscious idea, pattern of thought, image, etc., that is universally present, in individual psyches, as in Jungian psychology.

The Archetype reader/expert said that I was an interrogator. This observant person had watched me getting information out of people for a little while. It was a natural part of my conversation; asking questions. I was also told to see this archetype in a positive way because it is an advantage to know how to get information.

Okay I thought, this is an interesting concept to digest! An interrogator? I needed to process this bit of information. This was new. But, when I thought about it, the interrogator behaviour was a good fit.

My paid job required me to interview many parents, teachers and students over many years. Getting a archetype label of interrogator made sense. It is behaviour that comes to the forefront all time, like for instance this morning at Bunnings I just was bursting to talk a lady on the cash register about her job.

My question –

Do you mind if I ask you a question? Are you working at Bunnings because you enjoy it or it is a part of your income in retirement?

The response was good, the lovely lady was happy to tell her story. Phew!

She had taken on the job in retirement to earn some extra money for travelling. She added that she had spent her working life as a journalist and teacher. Her objective with this job at her stage in life was no stress, no extra work and half the money. She added that even though all work places have some stress and problems it was nothing compared to her journalism and teaching roles. She ended with telling me that as she was turning 70; time to finish and really retire.

Everyone has a story. I love asking questions and hearing people’s stories. What an interesting person this lady is.


Enjoy reading and please comment.

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hey @angiemitchell! I'm an interrogator! I'm one too, I love asking people about themselves, that's what makes Steemit so much fun. that last sentence is what I say all the time..that everyone has a story! lol.


Nice to know another interrogator @Janton.

Very interesting. I think I’m almost the opposite, I’m afraid to ask questions. 😁 I wonder what my archetype would be... But I love when people show interest in others and want to listen and hear their stories or about their feelings... I am a good listener. Maybe that’s an archetype too.. But I’m not one to ask too many questions 😁 I usually let others approach me. 🙂


You sound like you have a confidante archetype @Allailen.