The reasons why I don't believe in superstitions

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There are some habits in this world that are passed down from generation to generation that never seem to fade away and to this day, still stands the test of time. No matter how ridiculous or absurd it may seem, one thing's for certain most of us are suckers of this one habit:

The habit of believing in superstitions.

When I was a kid, about an hour or so before bedtime, I had this habit of taking a shower at night. Every time my mom found out, she will always tell me to stop taking showers at night lest I want to go blind. She said her parents used to tell her that too when she was growing up. Me being just a naive kid, eventually believed her.


I also remember, in our household that we were also forbidden to yawn when we are at the dining table because it is considered bad luck to do so. Here in our country, the Philippines, people are so used to believing in superstitions that it has become a part of our lives.

Below are just some of the countless superstitions you can hear from our country:

  • Sweeping the floor at night brings bad luck

  • Crossing paths with a black cat is a bad omen

  • Jumping around with coins in your pockets when the clock hits 12 midnight on New Year's Eve will make you grow taller

  • Bringing home food served at a funeral will bring bad luck

  • Cutting your nails at night increases the chance that someone in the family will die

Superstitions has no scientific basis

It was not until I became an adult that I started to slowly realize how absurd and nonsensical it is to believe in superstitions. That there was no basis for it scientifically but it was purely made up by our ancestors and was just passed on from generations to generations.

Superstitions will control your life if you let it

I remember when I was in high school, me and my classmates would meet up at the basketball court to play some hoops after class. I have this one friend who has a necklace he considered to be his lucky charm. There are days when he forgets to bring it and he won't play with us because he's afraid he might injure himself or he might lose the game for his team.

Now imagine living your life constantly believing in superstitions. Eventually, you will begin to make some of your life's decisions based on it rather than on facts and that to me is no way to live one's life.

Superstitions can be very inconvenient

Not only that, but superstitions can also cause us great inconvenience and unnecessary anxiety. I remember days when it's a Friday, and it fell on the 13th, I will only stay at home and not go out with my friends that night for fear that something bad might happen to us. Thinking about it now, that was rather stupid of me doing that, instead of enjoying the night out with friends, I was causing myself stress and anxiety.

That about wraps this post up. I'm thinking of taking a shower after this but I just remember what my mom used to tell me about taking showers at night... hmmm...

Are you someone who always believes in superstitions? If so, can you share what those are?

I would love to hear from you. Please leave a comment below.

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Superstitions has no scientific basis

This is relative...and depends on the level of knowledge. for example, cavemen were superstitious when hearing thunder and seeing lightnings... today the Electric Universe theory is about to rewrite (astro)physics as we know it, but still the academy refers to it is a bogus, and that people believing in EU are misguided. Well Newton and Einstein are about to become superstitions according to the Electric Universe Theory. LOL

what I mean here is that any new theory/concept comes from a superstition/hallucination that only time can validate.


Well you have a point there @earthcustodians! Thanks for dropping by to read my post! 😊

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It can not be avoidable lol if you have any grandfathere/mother .
but neither do i believe in them :)
Nice topic buddy !


Yeah its pretty much everywhere no matter where you are. Thanks for the compliment buddy! 😊

@andywong31, your post was Resteemed by @OCD!

As always, I can't say if you are wong or not.


Haha i bet you were eating bread while reading my post apsu bro! 😊


Sorry but no, I don't eat bread in the middle of the night!

andy where are you?


Im living within the steemit ecosystem bro. Where else? Hehe 😊


Im not a bro, im a girl... Duhh.

Bro where are you? We need you. dm me when you come back dont reply here.


i already did.. hehe