Saving money for the rainy days

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I have to admit when I was younger, saving money was probably at the top of my don't-care-to-do-list with finishing college coming in close at second place. I remember this one time during my college days, I took this girl out to dinner in a fancy restaurant and I only had a few bucks with me. I knew the place was quite expensive but it was only when I opened up their menu and checked the prices that I realized it was way more expensive than I thought!

When my date was browsing the menu to order her choice of meal, I remember muttering to myself:

"I hope she doesn't order that expensive salmon dish."

"Please don't turn the page over to the premium steaks section."

"Pork chops for $15 a plate? Man, I hope she's a vegetarian!"

Now I don't know what I did to gain God's favour that day but my prayers were truly answered as she just ordered a plate of salad. She was on a diet according to her.

Well, good for me! My wallet can now breathe easy... Wheeww!

Now I don't know about you guys, but being in a sticky situation like that left a bad taste in my mouth. Over the years, I've learned to cultivate the habit of saving money. My mom was right when she continuously preached to us about the importance of the moral of a famous childhood story: the Ant and the Grasshopper.

For the uninitiated, basically the moral of that story is to always save money or "food" (in the story's case) for the rainy days.

It gives you peace of mind

Ever experienced being in a tight spot in life where you're strapped for cash and the next paycheck doesn't come until next Friday, yeah it totally sucks right? I found myself struggling to fall asleep during those nights and contrary to popular beliefs, no! counting sheeps definitely do not help at all!

Going back to my dinner date story, imagine if I had saved a significant amount of money beforehand, I wouldn't have had to worry about what she was going to order. I would have had the peace of mind and confidence knowing that I could afford whatever we would have ordered.

It would have been an enjoyable night for me, not an anxiety-inducing and nerve-racking one, constantly worrying if I could afford to pay for what we ordered and dreading the thought that I may have to wash the dishes in their kitchen because I didn't have enough money to pay for the bill. Okay, that last one was a bit of an exaggeration but you get my point.

It gives you different opportunities and options

Now another good thing about having saved some money is that you have some options to choose from in your life. Let's say you hate your day job and you're planning to quit, when you have saved enough money to survive you for, say 6 months or more, you have the option to quit and look for work elsewhere, resting easy in the fact that you can survive without work for some definite period of time.


Or better yet, you can use that money to invest for your future, like investing in life insurances or real estates. Or if you can tolerate some risks, putting some of your money in stocks, foreign exchanges, or cryptocurrencies (I heard it's great, anyone agrees?)

You can retire early

What's even better about saving money is that if you've been wise with your finances, investing your money in things that produce you even more money (think: business), creating multiple sources of income like doing side jobs, hustling, etc. you can actually retire early in your career!

Picture yourself enjoying a vacation off the coast in the Bahamas, sipping your mojitos while enjoying the sunset in front of the ocean. Now isn't that enough reason for a person to start saving money?

Are you in the habit of saving money? Do you spend your money on unnecessary things or do you invest it for your future?

I would love to hear from you. Please leave a comment below.

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Diet is really something and at last, diet came to save the day! lol...

Love to hear the night date story. What happened after that? How far that relationship went?

Yes, you're right. If you save money, you don't have to worry when you do something else that has not generated much money yet. You can focus more on what you are doing and it will give you the leverage to go after your dreams someday.


well, unfortunately that relationship didnt last as i was a bit immature at that time hehe anyways you're exactly right my friend, having extra money definitely gives an advantage in terms of having peace of mind and making decisions.

That's the way to do it... I certainly believe in saving and actually here's why I do, or worked hard on doing as much as I can: I save put 10% of my income aside in saving - never touch it. Only for emergency situations. And 10% in Charity - I spend those every month to help poor people or people in need. And 10% I put aside for investments - Whether real estate, stocks, businesses or very soon crytpos. Thanks for sharing those valuable advice with you @andywong31


wow! great work you did with your money my friend! thanks for sharing your knowledge and for dropping by! see you around buddy! :)

Permit me to laugh at you buddy, haha 😂 😂😂.

Okay I'm sorry for laughing, hope you do forgive me. But you've taught me a great lesson from this story of yours. It is wise to save one's money, so one doesn't find one's self in a terrible situation.

Saving it is, I shall start doing henceforth, although I'm always tempted to use the money, saying what if the world peradventurely comes to an end tomorrow. Anyways, it indeed is a great advice to save for the rainy days. Thank you for preventing me from falling into trouble, who knows, maybe I wouldn't be so lucky to escape washing and mopping the everything in the restaurant.


haha yeah its definitely a bad experience having to mop and wash the dishes for the restaurant haha saving money has lots of benefits. i personally dont like the idea of instant gratification. i save my money most of the time or iinvest it on things like cryptocurrencies for my future or books that can improve me personally. its always better to invest for yourself and for your future than to spend it on nonsense stuff. thanks for dropping by bro! :)


Thanks buddy, I've noted some important points from your comment. Crypto investments are great and books profitable. Keep the great work going 😀😀🙌


thanks buddy! you too bro! :)

Good one @andywong31. This fits right in with one of the themes I have been posting about. I was just like in the younger years, and then I met an amazing woman who make me realize how liberating it is to live frugally and save money. (She also taught the value of 8 hours of sleep a night :). We worked hard to save up an strong emergency fund, and it is hard to explain how big of an impact that had on my stress. I am really about as stress free as I can imagine being. One tip I have come up with is that if you simply enjoy the power of spending money, then learning to enjoy socking money into savings seems to create a similar psychological response. I literally feel the same thing, if not better because its guilt free, when I transfer a $100 into a savings account (or into a cryptocurrency, but that's another animal) as I do dropping $100 on some new clothes. But more important, the closer I come to figuring out how to retire early, the less I realize I need to do so, because I keep relearning that happiness does not come from excess. Resteeming!


niceeee! i love the way you live your life my friend! yeah its also important to spend your hard earned money once in a while, sort of like a 'reward' to yourself. thanks for sharing your lifestyle and appreciate you dropping a comment here! see you around! :)

Thanks for opening our eyes and opening our ears. Most people don't save for the future. Like to save but sometimes I do forget to do so, hahaha.



hehe my pleasure seyi! yeah a lot of people dont save, they're just living their life day to day and that is one way to screw one's life up. its always a good habit to save some money for the future! :)

The funniest of this write up is where you took your girl on a date, what if she had requested for the $15 pork, what would you had done???... 😀 😁 😂
All in all, a very great write up which benefits everyone around the world, good job my friend.


if she had requested for the porkchop, i would have definitely gone for the salad hahhaha :P

"Saving money for the rainy days"very interesting title...i read it..your date was nice.. ha ha..god saved you that day to teach you the lesson...rellay your story taught me the lesson also...thank u very much for sharing the story...


haha yeah God definitely saved me that day! glad you like it buddy! :)

Great post. Thanks for sharing. True words. We must be wise and prepare for the future.


exactly! its best to always be prepared! wise words my friend! :)

I wish I did not have to save at all!! haha
but I obviously do! good post!


haha yeah we all need to save money for our future. thanks for dropping by my friend! :)


thanks for dropping by my friend! hope you like it! :)

Yes, we save! We can talk more about that later. Really, I just came here to say I was perusing your resteems, and while I'm usually not a fan of following people for their resteems, yours seems to be a worthy exception! I like what you're doing here!


Thanks buddy! I love your chibera post! Congrats on the curie vote by the way! 😀


Thanks! You foresaw it!

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Saving is so important. I am glad you have learned this lesson! It also is so enjoyable after awhile! Once you've felt the benefits of saving, you like the feeling of investing in your future.


so true bro! i feel bad everytime i dont get to allocate some money for the future! thanks for your insight man! see you around! :)

Hahahahahahaha this is definitely one of the funniest posts I've read here on Steemit but the lessons it depicts is heavy.


haha glad you found it funny! and yeah money management is really important in life, doesnt matter if one is rich or poor or average, in my opinion everyone needs to cultivate the habit of saving! thanks for reading my post! :)

Great article and this is real to many people, that in young days, nobody cares about saving money, but, after years, this is almost the important things.

loving the investing in crypto, mini retirement breaks are the one

@ andywong31 - Funny story about your date! I guess the moral of the story is to always date vegetarians ; )

But you are right about money - the sooner you are finacially responsible the better. Good post and tips, thank you!

great tips @andywong31 yes dating a vegetarian is a lot cheaper for sure :P

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Thinking about iur future is oretty scary stuff. Ive been doing this recently. Thanks for the very thought provoking article


you shouldnt be scared thinking about the future. but what you should be scared of is if you're not planning for the future. glad you like my post! :)