The Steemit Ride To Tomorrow

in #life3 years ago (edited)


Time changes

Some people see opportunities
And let it pass by
Some see it and work it.

It's never easy to trive in an always changing environment
But some adapt and make the good out of it.


We all started a journey

Some rushed further and took the lead
Some followed closely and observed
Some fell along the road
And couldn't get back on their feet
Some studied on the terrain and adjusted
Some were lost and had to find their way back
Some are still in the wind about what is happening
Just following the crowd
Some joined late and studied our flaw
Made the most out of them


Steemit is growing

And changing
Probably for the better or for worse
But change is good
And that's what we have now

Not much generous upvotes like before
Lots of things have become money centered
And that is one basic feature of man
A nature we cannot leave behind
Don't tell me you didn't see it coming
Personally thought it will take a while
But time is a bitch, it caught up with us


Whether for the good or the bad.

We must still adapt, adjust and revise our means
Just to stay afloat and let the waves take us to our destination
Else we drown and drop out like many have

Struggling in the storm will just make us weary
Let's save the energy for a brighter day
So far as we have seen and tasted the good old days.

I know we will see it again.
Let's ride to tomorrow together
Could be an SMT revolution or NOT

But the ride is here now.
Will you join it or stay out of it?



All photos were downloaded from unsplash


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The only permanent thing in life is time changes, just embrace It and life moves on. Whether good or bad time still have to keep pushing