Peritoneal hair loss problems

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Peritoneal hair loss problems

The keratin treatments used in the cosmetic centers contain a large amount of formaldehyde. The staff of the cosmetic centers have made many observations about their exposure to nasal bleeding and breathing problems as a result of inhalation of keratin smoke over time. Formaldehyde levels used in keratin are five times higher than the recommended amount By the national standards for the safety of exposure to chemicals, so should not be exposed to the treatment of keratin by pregnant women, people who are allergic to this substance, in addition to those who suffer N respiratory problems. [1]

Keratin Hair Straightener

Keratin is one of the types of proteins found naturally in hair and is used by the staff of cosmetic centers by placing it on the hair and then laying it with iron hair iron to enter it, and this process needs about 90 minutes or more depending on the length of hair, and should not wash the hair for a period ranging from Three to four days after completion of the substance, and hair treatment remains for two to two and a half months, [2] but the treatment of keratin is expensive where it requires a large amount of money in addition to potential health problems. [3]

Types of keratin

There are two kinds of keratin protein: alpha keratin and beta keratin. The keratin type in hair and skin is alpha keratin. The characteristic of keratin is the containment of a large amount of syste, an amino acid containing sulfur. About 14% ؜ of systeine. Keratin is one of the basic building materials of hair follicles, regardless of the length or shortness of hair. There is another type of organic material that is suitable for the hardness of keratin tissues, namely chitin. Condé, shrimp, and insects. [3]


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By Khawla Achomali


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If I had a nickle for every person here that tried something different and saw "starting to see peach fuzz regrowths" or "I think progress is made" and then after a while never update again and those "results" were in their head rather than on their head I will be rich man. I hope that what you are doing works but plenty of people with optimized vegan diets are just as bald as anyone else.

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