Transparency bot is finally going back on line!

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TransparencyBot has been offline now since the beginning of the month. Originally, I expected to be offline only a few days while we modified the logic to allow opting in or out of the informational comments left by the bot.

This, like many programming projects turned into a rather involved process as it was determined in order to be fully independent and automated, the current use of the SteemSQL database could no longer be the primary source of data. Therefor, I have now created a local standalone SQL database of the entire Steem blockchain.

The building of this database was rather complex and time consuming and then populating it to a point where it could begin to serve as the primary source of the data stream, proved to be very time consuming.

So, now fully equipped with a local SQL DB that is synced to the minute with the blockchain, transparencybot is again ready to bring information about bidbot voting to all those who find this information useful.

As mentioned in the earlier article, there are those that have found the previous comments to be intrusive and just plain spam, so as of now, any author that receives a comment from @transparencybot may opt-out of any further comments.

How does it work?

  • Only the author of the post may opt out.
  • Simply reply via the comment left by transparencybot with the words "#TBOpt-out" or "TBoptout" . Other forms of this tag are also scanned for your convenience.
  • If you elect to opt out of the comment, then transparencybot reserves the right to downvote your post for disagreement of rewards.
  • You may of course opt back in at any time by using the tag #tbopt-in within any reply you make to transparencybot.

Constructive feedback is welcome as always.



@transparencybot flaged our community best of without any reason.

He used this other accounts, he has a lot of them.

Some support would be nice. Your opt-out request has been received.
You will no longer receive informational comments from transparency bot. You may opt-in at any time by simply replying to any @transparencybot comment or post with the tag #TBOpt-in.

You can opt me out now.

You have been opted out.

I'm in full support of @jonny-clearwater.
I have opted out.
This @transparencybot is a spam bot!!

I still think it would have been a good idea to ignore posts as long as some standard phrases are included ... i.e. "bidbots used". The goal is transparency, and it would be better that the author itself is transparent than to have a bot commenting it.

Yes, that is actually a good idea. I will look into this.

Most authors find the comments to be very informative, even those who state they use bidbots, like getting the comments since it shows the up vote value of each bot in one place.

Thanks for your support!

Good to see you back. Sorry to see what happened in retaliation to bringing info out on the open to the average users.

Thank you.

The reputation of the bot is meaningless to fulfilling its purpose, it is still fully able to comment. Just had to get the DB ready.

Thanks for the support!

Still, there were some pretty childish and petty comments that were being thrown at you. Gave some interesting insight into some users here

There sure were! It is sad to see such nonsense, but hey we are indeed a mix of emotions here.

True Rep. is meaningless and making info easy for people to see is key. Ya it is there but most don’t know how to find it, like me. Having the if our in the open for all to see is great.

I think users like me should be able to request a reply from the bot if we are curious. I would like to see a ROI bot as well in case I ever start using bots for my main posts again.
FYI if you really hate bots like I am sure you do you could encourage bot investors to make more money by delegating to users like me.

Thanks for the reply.
I do plan on adding the ROI capability. It will be rolled out pretty soon.

Yes, no doubt, we could all use a few delegations to help us along our way!

Good thing you're flying friend greetings

Great you must remain there good

Good to see you back. When my energy returns I'll throw some light on the atrocities by @booster and the bully owner @fyrstkken

Good to be back. It took longer than I expected, but I believe it is a good balance now.

Yes, it will backfire for him as he moves lower and lower in his witness slot.

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