Happy Earth Day with a bit of delay!

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Hello steemians!

Happy Monday!!! How is your day? I wrote this post some time ago, but I didn't have access to post it on time, sorry. As you already know, yesterday was the International Earth Day. So this post is going to be about how can we protect our environment.

Did you know that around 9 billion tons of plastic has been created in the last 70 years, and the sad part is that the plastic is still among us. Where are humans, there is plastic, so it's all around the world.

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Unfortunately, a bunch of tons of plastic waste is being deserted on a regular basis, in the seas and oceans, that’s a major threat to the marine life and beyond.
If the current situation continues and we don’t take any action, by 2050 will be over 13 billion tons of plastic on this beautiful planet.
Regrettably, in 2014 the recycling rates were around only 9 percent in the USA, much higher in Europe and China, but that’s not enough...

The power is in us and every people we know, and together we can make an important difference. Every one of us can play an important role in this change, so we should adopt an eco-friendly mindset.

Here is some plastic I dropped out of my life and you can do as well right now:

  • I reuse the plastic bags I already have, there is no need in owning hundreds of plastic bags, so don’t be lazy and bring your old plastic bag or better use a textile bag, which are pretty fancy.


  • As far as I am concerned, straws are kind of useless when I can simply drink or sip from the glass, mug, don’t you think?


  • Instead of buying expensive scrubs, which contains microplastic and parabens, I use a cheaper eco alternative to using coffee grounds left with honey or one of the following: salt, oats, sugar. The skin is so smooth after this natural scrub, you should definitely try this alternative.
    For more recipes, press here

  • As well I use soap bars made from natural ingredients instead of buying liquid shower gel and soap which is not that safe for us, because of the parabens and so on.
    For more recipes, press here

  • At work during my lunch break I don’t use plastic cutlery, but bamboo cutlery, a reusable one.


  • At home, I brush my teeth with an electric toothbrush, but it’s better to use one made of bamboo.

  • I don’t drink coffee, but I reckon it’s easy to have a reusable cup for a takeaway that keeps your coffee hot, like a thermos.


  • Around the globe, there are several countries which provide good tap water, so do not waste your money and harm the nature by buying bottled water.

    • Walk more, drive less!

This year brought an important change in Romania, regarding our environment legislation. Starting with July, it’s strictly forbidden to commercialize thin and extra thin plastic bags. yay!

Don’t you think it’s simple to start protecting our beloved earth from all this unnecessary plastic? For more you should search on the internet how people live plastic free.

The Earth is what all we have in common.
Wendell Berry


@alexandraioana26 Thank you for writing this post as I really enjoyed reading it and is something that is held close to my heart! To start off I really like the quote you put at the end by Wendell Berry, but don't forget we all bleed red too! Anyways, I recently read an article that stated that washington state started a campaign stopping the use of straws; below I put a link if you want to checkk it out I think you will like it!


Also in addition to your information regarding all of the plastic in the ocean I thought you would enjoy this episode of Joe Rogan Experience where he interviews a young adult about his actions on making the ocean clean again or at least making an effort which is what counts! I think you would really enjoy this as I did, I will make sure to follow you and thank you again for the wonderful post!

Thank you so much for your interesting comment!

Amazing article!

I was thinking about sharing something similar.
It is a work in progress and seeing posts like this really inspire me to do better in my everyday decisions.
It's nice to see the ways you made better choices.

Thanks for sharing! :)

thank you so much my dear @nikolina! you should totally do this post!

I use coffee too as a scrub. It’s the best!

Oscar inspired re-usable grocery bags haha niceee!

I agree with you. The massive plastic waste is a kind of defeat all of us have in common I would just say that unfortunately in some part of the world is better to drink bottled water due to the risk of infection or intoxication or simply bacteria disturb. We do not have the same immune system and metabolism.

Thanks for reading my post!

That's soo true! Great article! Plastic is so bad for the earth..

Thank you so much!

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