Spanish Lesson 2

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Today, we are tackling lesson 2 using Complete Spanish Step-by-Step by Barbara Bregstein(I highly recommend this textbook, it includes written assignments that really help with comprehension).

Here are the Key Concepts we will cover in this lesson:

-Subject Pronouns-


yo - I
tú - you (informal)
él - he
ella - she
usted - you (formal)


nosotros- we
ellos - they (a group of males, or mixed male/female)
ellas -they (a group of females)
ustedes -you (more than 1 person)

There is no subject pronoun it in Spanish.
Él and ella are used for people, and sometimes for animals but never for things.

Spanish has two verbs that mean to be. These are Estar and Ser.

Estar(for health, location, changing mood, or changing condition):


yo estoy -I am
tú estás -you are (informal)
él está -he is
ella está -she is
Usted está -you are (formal)


nosotros estamos -we are
ellos están -they are (male or mixed group)
ellas están -they are (female group)
Ustedes están -you are (plural)

Ser(for description, profession, point of origin, identification, material, possession or ownership, and where an event takes place):


yo soy -I am
tú eres -you are (informal)
él es -he is
ella es -she is
Usted es -you are


nosotros somos -we are
ellos son -they are (male or mixed)
ellas son -they are (female)
Ustedes son -you are (plural)

Spanish only uses a/an when stating a modified profession.

Unmodified: José es estudiante.
Modified: José es un estudiante fantastíco.

In Spanish, a sentence can never end in a preposition.

Where are you from?
From(of) where are you?

In Spanish, del is a contraction of de + el. (of + the -masculine).

I've made 140 flashcards for this lesson. The lesson may look small, but it is intensive because of the volume of vocabulary. I recommend spreading this lesson out over 2 to 3 days, to allow the student/or yourself to really absorb the knowledge.

Spanish Dictionary with video pronounciation guide
Alt codes for accents
Flashcards I made for Lesson 3
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Free flashcards that come with the textbook

I hope this helps someone out there!


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