Dragonwood: A family friendly game that's great for children (100 or so more followers to 10,000!!!!)

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So, I mentioned I'm at this party that my family has been hosting for 25 years. That's longer than a good chunk of you have even been alive. A lot of our social time time is spent playing card games and board games (usually with a bit of drinking and cooking tossed in). We're always on the lookout for good game so I thought I would give a quick shoutout for this game: Dragonwood. It's by GAMEWRIGHT.

Luck Vs Skill

I like raw strategy games. I like games that have a lot of luck less than I like pure strategy games. That said I'm willing to play luck games because it gives my kids a better chance to win. This game actually has a healthy dose of both luck and chance.

Rule mechanics allow you to set how much luck you're going to use in any given roll. That's actually pretty cool. You can strategize around conservative play and limit chance or play aggressively and maximize chance. Your ability to control how much luck is a factor along with some really easy rules makes it a winner for me.


Get the most victory points. You win if you have the most. Alternatively the game ends when one of the decks has been played through twice or when the two dragons are dead captured.

The monsters come in different difficulty levels. The higher the number the higher you have to roll to capture them.

There are some magic items in the deck that help you capture those cards.

Two main choices

Every turn you are presented with two main choices. Draw a card and restock your hand or attempt to capture a monster. While play started a little slowly while me and my kids tried to figure out the rules of the three capture attempts it eventually became quite fast. Turns would take 15 seconds or less on average. That's because there is a very simple turn mechanic!

It's fun for me, other adults, and my kids

My kids have beat me, I've beat them, and other adults have played, had fun, and seem to enjoy the game. I know this isn't a full rules review, but to me it's more of a game endorsement. If you're looking for a good intro into gaming that's fun for adults and kids then Dragonwood has you covered.


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I know as a kid I would’ve liked this game. I grew up with board games and puzzles and junk. Today kids grow up playing violent video games, but its good to see games like this are still enjoyed by some


But... It doesn't have to be like that, black & white only view... I mean, video games can be educational and all... Age of Empires... most RTS games are also a big nice brain workout at the same time... I don't mean to say I dislike board games, in fact these are my favorite kind, alongside Risk and Monopoly...


True. It’s just i feel looking a screen so much isn’t good for child brain development. Of course i say this while using the computer lol
But age of empires was one of my favorite games a little while back. It’s a good strategy game. I just feel puzzles and board games help to actually stimulate brain activity and real human contact and social interactions with kids. But there definitely can be a balance of both


Well, I'd say some social interactions I have online are definitely better than some I have in real life. xD I mean, there is people around me with whom I don't even speak, while online I can chat with a lot of people, like you, an Argentinian friend on Discord, or my best friend who moved to Texas so we get together to play Age of Mythology from time to time... The Extended Edition kind of sucks, but we found a way to play without GameRanger, and it feels great. xD

I mean, I understand what you say, maybe the screen per se is not that good for a child's brain, but that happens whether he is playing video games or just using a modern cell phone, or even watching TV... And of the 3, I definitely would prefer him playing PC games.

On a different note, I too loved the Age series, and have recently found I totally LOVE Age3; just went through the 3 chapters of all 3 campaigns, and regularly play it on GameRanger... AoM as I said has never really been off my brain, and I found a way to play Age of Empires Online, even though Microsoft and Ensemble Studios (or was it Robot Entertainment?) ditched it... There is a well & healthy community growing around this, it's called Project Celeste (formerly Project Penelope, I think...)


Ill check it out for sure. But yes. You’re right. There are some better conversations on the internet or through games than in person. Sometimes its easier to talk to people online and i certainly understand that


Well, maybe systems are more focused on conversation... For instance, I type here and you read there in an instant. :)

I speak through a mic and 3 other friends hear me in Colombia, Texas and Spain (happening right now), so a conversation can happen quite fast around AOM or any other video game...

But yes, of course a real life conversation is important, and a flesh and bone person in front of you is required to develop much needed abilities...


I love games today even from my childhood

The above games are very good I would love to play them every day

I was looking for a new game to play, I'll check this one out. Thank you


Yeah, looks like a worthy tryout... I would also like to test LOTR Risk and StarCraft Risk at the same time, but those are gonna have to wait... xD

Nothing beats a good boardgame at christmas :)


hahah I would say the same, could outside, a fire going in the chimney, and friends and family gathered around a table playing something cool with some "drinking and cooking" as the OP says xD

Added advantage that it can be played by both kids and adult all in the family. Just passing by. Happy new year @aggroed.

There has been a discussion in my house about games. The dominant view point was that they are bad for kids and effect their behaviors. I did not buy this idea. However, I respect the viewpoints of others so wanted to address this criticism on playing games with some solid points. So, I did my research and came to know that there are negative effects of violent games on kids. However, there is no problem in playing non-violent games. Games are also a great tool for learning new skills and behaviors.

Great recommendation @aggroed. Shared.

Steem On!


Best teaching tool... Amazing! Thanks for this. I also share your viewpoint. Your family is wrong to consider video games and games in general as a negatively influential thing. That last part about the ratings being so biased is also wrong, I would say... It all depends on what small kids play... I remember playing some Barney and friends stuff, and some Rocket Rabbit too... haha nice memories! By the way, thanks @aggroed, if you followed me that would be a blast.


I can highly recommend Dobble as a family game. We got it for my daughter's 4th birthday and she loves it, and it's good fun for adults too!


Wow great writing..I appreciate to your content choice and this part just extraordinary ..I wish you win this content ...Best of luck..Resteemit

Sweet game! Will try it out with my nephew.

wow nice blog sir
thanks for sharing
have a nice day

These kind of kids make the children very happy. And I think sometimes adults have a lot of fun. :)

Children want to know everything they see and hear, to know their meaning. Dream worlds are very wide. They connect everything to themselves. For example, when they hear a train, "will I go to this train?" he asks if he wants to know. If a disease is discussed, the child will immediately say, "Am I going to get caught?" he thinks.So these card games are a big step forward in developing children's imagination world.

I think those games are so enjoyable.Thanks for shareing sir. Wish you advance happy new year.

Wow 25 years that's a long period for a family to host a party!
Dragonwood seems a very interesting family game especially for children...


Nice game.I love it so much :))
Thanks for sharing..

Hi @aggroed, It's great to have some game recommendation for kids from your side:

Playing games with kids during holidays is one of the best activities of my life.

Good post and keep sharing more.

I alway used to lose - as a kid, in those social games - no luck - no strategy. So, I came to hate it... bar one game:


It's admirable for a father to sit with his kids and actually plays with them.

Quite a good game to look upto ,wish i have it . Happy New year in advance

I can only think of few things more enjoyable than spending time with your favorite people at a good board game. Best kind of entertainment!

How beautiful today's post, like you mentioned in your previous post that you are hosting a party for last 25 years and having a bond of friendship with friends for 30 years.
This part was missing yesterday ... yes i am talking about the kids' activities what they do when you are Partying.
Today you cleared my confusion Kids play games to make themselves fresh and fine.

I am also spending my December Holidays with my Brother's family in other city than my native one. In all these days i spent much time with the kids of brother and yes we played many games too.
Last night we were playing Cards, other day we were drawing something and yes one day went by cooking some food.

Time spent with kids make you pure by heart. The game you mentioned in your blog ; Dragonwood seems quite interesting. I would like to tell my brother's kids about this game.

Have a Great New Year's Eve @aggroed ;)
Stay Blessed, Steem On!

When i was kid i would like to play games which based on stretegy and technique like mario and contra but when i grew up i lost intrest on these type of game they becones boring for mr.
Sad thing but i lost intrest.


Looks like a cool board game. By the time my kids are old enough to play too, I should be able to grab it for cheap!

i like to play thid game..

Thanks for sharing a game. I must try it for my kids. I was in search of a good game for my kids and you solved my problem. Thanks again dear @aggroed!

We got this game a few years ago. Good game. Also check out Munchkins if you don’t have it. I just picked up Imperial Assult for my son for Christmas but haven’t learned it yet. Big game fan myself.

Wow this game seems fun and exciting. I was so curious to play the game. I happen to be a person who loves the game. I love the games that many people play.

Thank you for launching the game.

Hey sir @aggroed
This nice game you sharing. I like to play with my kid. Its really amazing. Thanks for update
Keep sharing

We got this game as a gift for my daughter. Tons of fun! I would recommend it as well. Thanks for sharing, we’re running out of non degital ways to interact with our kids and family these days, but there are some great board games popping up.

Wow, dragons 🐉 🐉 are difficult and fierce creatures to maneuver, however, cartoon has made everything possible for our kids to the extent that nothing makes them fearful anymore.

I guess my children will love this dragonwood game.

Thanks brother @aggroed for sharing it.

I’m your humble friend and follower @maxdevalue.


Seems like an interesting game, I’ll have to check it out. When my children were really young, I would let them win. Later, when older, I would play the games to win. They would beat me at least half the time.

From what you've explained, the game seems easy. But, it may not be that easy in reality.

Thank you for sharing the game review @aggroed. I also come from a family that plays a lot of games. I have actually recently started posting game reviews myself, trying to find ones that are fun, but not terribly widely known, somewhat like this one.

We will definitely have to keep a look out for it. Please feel free to share any other fun games you and your family like to play. As for me and mine, we are always on the lookout for a good board or card game!

Nice looking game. I haven't played card or board based games in a long time. I play games on Steam.com. They are strategy games, so there is that.

I have never played this game. But I'm interested in playing this game.

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