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Sometimes a second chance is all that is needed.

A few months back, my son and I went to get haircuts at the local haircut salon.

We didn't exactly know what kind of cuts we would be getting but we had a pretty good idea.

I was simple, the same trim that I had been getting for years.

My son however, wanted to look like Justin Bieber, of course right?!

He told the lady he wanted his hair cut like Bieber.

Shockingly, the lady responded with "I don't know what his hair cut looks like."

So I tried to describe it to her best I could, and even showed her a picture on my phone.

Right about that time I got called back to get my haircut as well.

As I am getting my haircut I look back and the see my son's haircut lady talking to another lady about how to do his haircut.

After showing them the picture I was pretty sure they knew what we were after.

However, when they finished up, my son's haircut looked flat out terrible.

Honestly one of the worst haircuts I have ever seen.

To make it worse they went way too short so it wasn't like it could really be "fixed".

Unfortunately for him he had to live with that haircut for weeks before it grew out enough that it looked somewhat normal.

After months of waiting we went back to the same place for haircuts today...

Hoping not to see the same lady working there.

Sure enough, she was.

Not only that, as luck would have it, there were 7 stylists there and my son got the same lady that cut his hair last time, talk about luck!

However, this time she did a great job.

The haircut looked exactly how we asked.

Moral of the story, sometimes giving people a second chance is all they need.


I have always believed in giving the benefit of the doubt and allowing others another chance.

Forgiving people is always necessary, but forgiveness does not mean a complete restoration of trust. The second chance is a purely personal matter, and the decision must be made by the individual on his own, based on the existing life experience. However, one should not be too strict towards others: people tend to make mistakes, and everyone has the right to make a mistake. That is why the second chance must be given necessarily. Maybe a person is deeply aware of what has happened and will never repeat mistakes in his life.

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I am curious who was more freaked out. My granddaughter had a terrible fall from a horse that resulted in brain surgery. I obsessed about everything, of course, after that, but for some reason I focused on her hair. If it grew back that meant she was normal, okay. When months later her mother cut it, I felt ruined. I honestly lost sleep over it and consoled myself saying it would grow back, it would be fine.

Jess was at the counter with her notebook and drew a self portrait. One side of her hair was shaved and the other long. She had fully embraced her hair and liked it...a lot! I had to laugh because I now can see the future. She will most likely be donning plugs and a shaved head when she is a teenager and I am perfectly fine with that. She's a rock star!

where's the pictures?

Good story and it’s happened to me more than once. 🐓🐓