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Tell Me Your Scar Stories (And I'll Share Mine)

Well, today I thought I would share a few funny and interesting tales about my scars.


I got my first scar at the tender age of 5. I can actually remember it when it happened.

It was on my brother's birthday, which happened to be Good Friday, that year too and as a treat, my father had taken us to the park.

Seesaws are not like seesaws in the park these days, today they have teeny weeny springs that allow a slight bounce.

This seesaw had full movement that meant that when my brother powered off the ground with his legs, my backside went way off the seat on the other end, being four years younger than him I was significantly lighter.

We played 'bumps' every time went to the park, but this time I did something different.

I let go.

And off I flew.

Landed, brushed myself off, thought everything was okay, then I wiped my chin and discovered there was blood, a lot of blood.

The wails then fast ensued.

I got taken to the local hospital and remember asking the nurse as she applied paper stitches to my chin "Am I going to die?" at least five times and she assured me I wouldn't, at least not right then and because of a small wound to my chin.


My second scar is my permanent reminder of visiting Sarajevo. I was 18 and for some reason, I cannot remember, we were in a field on the outskirts of the town, I think it a family friend, we were visiting and I was bored. I didn't know much of the language, so was left to my own devices.

I found this broken axe and decided to try and mend it...

I wanted to get rid of all the broken wood around the axe head, so that a new piece of wood could be put in it, so I found a chisel and started trying to get the wood out like that.

I got quite far with it but then got distracted, by some pretty butterfly probably, and I slipped with the chisel and sliced open my right forefinger.

I put it under the water for a while, but that was just not helping, other than washing blood down the sink, so in the car, going back into Sarajevo I held my finger up outside the window to elevate it and that finally stopped the bleeding. I guess it was lucky it was the forefinger and not the middle one.

Eventually, it healed as an ugly scar, but I have never picked up a chisel since.


It was Christmas, we were around the in-laws and they were just doing up their pantry, which is where we would all disappear to have a smoke.

They warned us to be careful as the light switch cover was not yet attached and there was a live wire showing (can you see where this is going?)

So I was in there alone smoking a cigarette (a habit I've kicked now)and absentmindedly went to turn the light off and of course put my finger on the live wire, next thing I knew I was in a pile of boxes on the other side of the room, feeling a little frazzled hehe.

I think I must have screamed, as everyone came rushing in to see if I was okay.

I was okay. It was just a bit of a shock! And a small deep burn hole in my finger. (At least no blood this time.)

But now a nice white dot of a scar accompanies the other one mentioned above on my right forefinger.


Of course, not all scars can be seen. A lot of us carry emotional scars from traumatic experiences, bad memories, or flashbacks we cannot shake.

Sometimes they affect the way you live your life, restrict you from fulfilling your potential. I have just come out of a 14-year relationship that ate away at the little confidence I did have. Sometimes when I least expect it a tirade of verbal abuse in his voice will invade my brain, a memory now, but a common occurrence, until the beginning of 2017.

I'm no angel and I'm sure he has tirades of nagging that he can't shake, but together we managed to restrict each other from being the best versions of ourselves as we brought out worst in each other.

We will carry those emotional scars always, as we had a significant part of our lives together and have children. In my case, they have made me stronger.

With all scars (physical and mental), it is important to remember that it is them that makes us more unique and beautiful.


I think that scars are a fascinating subject and I could listen for hours to someone that has some scar stories to tell, so I will very much look forward to hearing your scar stories in the comments.

These scars and stories belong to @hopehuggs
Images are from Pixabay


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My parents break up is the biggest scar i have had to live with. I always felt like i don't have a place...always felt like i don't fit in.I spent too much time in my childhood wondering how things changed so much for us after the break up that i did not realize that time was passing by.
I woke up one morning and it dawned on me that while my family imploded and covered my face, life had gone by outside the shores of my home.
Friends had grown and moved on, cousins had gotten married and had kids etc. And i felt like i just couldn't fit in anywhere.
Today, i am a working class girl who earns some good money... a lot of people call me pretty and a lot of guys just want me by all means. I smile and try to mix up with every one but deep down i feel like i am just a i really don't fit.
I Am slowing getting over it with a lot of effort...cos i don't want my husband and kids to have a scarred I am working to reduce the effect of the scar.
But I still wonder how i would have turned out or how my life would have turned out if my parents had never divorced.


Hello dodiexcel. Wow, that is so deep. When I was young a family moved in next door. They had two boys who were more or less the same age group as me and my siblings. We played hockey together. Time passed. Their parents go divorced. I moved out and on. But, I have heard of the boys since. I think the oldest was negatively affected and never got over his parents divorce. Love is so deep and the pool so rich. I am glad you have a family and comprehend the importance of maintaining the innocence, solidarity, and love for your children. Yes, your life would have been different if your parents had not divorced. But, you would not have had this family you have now. Because of your scars, you give them the incredible gift of your love everyday.


That's true. loving them every day almost makes the scars shrink and get smaller. thank you and keep steeming it.


I can really understand this, my parents got divorced when I was 5 and I felt like I never fitted in. The sad thing is I have gone and done the same thing to my kids, but it was a better option than staying together. I hope that I can show my girls they always have a place.


I am sure you will show them that....because you have learnt from experience. Your girls will love you more for it. all the best.


You've been through a lot emotionally but after a long time it seems like your slowly getting better and better. All the best to you and your family.


Thank you . I am stronger, wiser and better.

I've only ever had one scar, and it's not a particularly interesting story. I got it as a young boy, and while I'd love to say that I got it from horsing around as young boys are wont to do, the actual story is far less interesting.

Specifically, I was tasked one evening with taking out the trash. While taking the trashback out, the top of some metal can tore through the bag and bit into my leg, leaving a large bleeding gash. I of course had no idea what to do accept for one simple idea: you need to clean any open wound. So I immediately drew a bath.

So here I was, sitting in the bath for about a hour trying to wash this cut out and wondering why I was still bleeding. I finally decided I should probably tell my parents what happened, starting with my poor mother who I damn near gave a heart attack when I showed her the wound. My parents dressed and bandaged the wound since it was too long after to really go in for stitches, resulting in the only visible scar I have.

Not a great story, but a story nonetheless.


It is a great story, thank you so much for sharing.


I'm glad I could. Not exactly a chestnut I get to reveal that much.


Huh, at least they didn't see the bathtub, full of bloody water, with you in it ;)


Why do you think my mom freaked out so bad? I was sitting in the tub for like a hour and called out to them from there.


after about 6 months of arguing with my ex-wife about whether I would join the army or navy, I was wanting to go ito the Army and she wanted me to join the Navy and the day that I finally agreed to join the Navy I grabbed my skateboard, went to the skatepark and probably broke my kneecap into 3pieces. I now have about a ten inch Scar down my leg over my knee cap and pieces of broken metal from the surgery 20 years ago. That is my wonderful first story. when I was 34 just before my 35th birthday I had Diverticulitis and my colon ruptured and now I have another 10 inch Scar straight up my belly from my pelvic bone to about 2 inches past my belly button and another three and scar on the left side of my belly from when I had a colostomy bag for 5 months. TaDa! moral of the story never agreed to join the Navy, and don't eat wheat... I did however find out that I was born with one kidney

My greatest scar was marked under my eyebrow when I was 11 years old, I remember the moment as clear as crystal...
I was getting into stunt scooters and skateboarding and so were my friends, so we often went out and just rode around our food some tricks. One day, we were out and there was a rather steep ramp so we were instantly tempted to do some tricks. We stacked our three skateboards on top of each other sideways and challenged each other to go down the ramp with our scooters and jump over the 1.5metre high wall of skateboards. I volunteered first so I went down the ramp with my heart beating and successfully cleared the obstacle. I loved the thrill so I went down another time. This time however, my back wheel clipped on the wall and I fell head first. I was unconscious for a few minutes but when I woke up, I found my friends calling my parents, who promptly arrived and took me to A&E. I had a huge gash through my eyebrow and I had 32 stitches.
I still have a rather noticeable scar through my eyebrow now, reminding me of the event.
Please wear helmets everybody!


I shared my eyebrow scar story below but I did not share how it happened. Mine was not quite as exciting or adventurous as yours. I was around the same age you were to. A friend of the family who was a few years younger than me had my coconut head bank and I was chasing her around the kitchen with it. Next thing you know I fell and hit my head onto the metal legs of one of the kitchen chairs. I think I was laughing when I got up until I was escorted to the bathroom and I saw the blood. My dad took me to the hospital and stayed with me, despite the nurses wanting him to leave. It is still a cherished memory of him over 40 years later and 15 years after his passing.


Reading through these stories, I'm beginning to be convinced that some scars are meant to happen.


I am going to show this story to my 6 year old who always requests no helmet when she goes out skateboarding or scootering (I am there too at the moment, she is not by herself. )

I appreciate your great stories. Scars appear to be a theme tonight is the posts I've read as I am just coming off work where the scars are all types. Anyhow, I had an eight year relationship. She left me. It hurt. But, now I am married 18 years with children and it is wonderful. Scars are a fascinating. I have so many that I feel blessed. I love the gold repairs because that's how it is, isn't it? My family scars are emotional. But, there are many physical. For example, when I was around 10, we lived on an island. And used the boats. And there are tides. Many of you know this but.. We had a dingy on an outhaul. That is a dock with a rope and pulley system tied to a buoy to an anchor. At high tide the water was up to the dock. At low tide, the rocks with periwinkles were about 12 feet below. As it happened, one day I pulled and pulled on the rope. But, seaweed was caught in the pulley. So, the rope broke and over I went. I did not even realize it. The fall hurt. I have had a few since but this was the first. A guy found me. I think people carried me home. The cuts from the rocks and periwinkles last for I do not know how long. And the girl of my young dreams visited me. She showed tenderness and caring at our young age. Somehow as long as we live there can be healing and something greater after the scars.


as long as we live there can be healing and something greater after the scars.

Love this <3


Thank you Hope Huggs for your positive response.

When i was still in Primary school, my mother who was teacher, made sure that i never strayed too far from our home. I had all sorts of activities to keep me busy; siestas, homework, home lessons, etc. I hated it. So anytime, she was not around, i played with my friends to my heart's content.

On this day, i had returned from school and she was yet to return from work. My friends invited me and my cousin, who lived with us then, to a game of mopo. It is sort of like tag but you become It if the ball touches you. If you are It, you have to try to hit the other players with the ball, at the same time, each player, holding batons and bats try to get the ball as far as possible away from you. it was an interesting game.

One of the rules of the game was that the player with the ball could not move from the spot where he or she picked the ball. Unfortunately for me that fateful day, the boy with the ball broke the rule and chased after me. I ran, trying to avoid being hit by the ball.

One of my neighbors had a stack of roofing sheets on his sewage tank and i, feeling as dexterous as a mountain goat, decided to jump over it, instead of running around it.

I jumped successfully and landed on the other side. I continued running until a friend screamed 'blood'. I looked down and behold my flesh was puckered like pouty lips below my left knee. I had felt nothing before but as soon as i saw the injury, the pain hit and i burst into tears. I was not crying because i was injured, i was crying because the injury had gotten me into trouble with my mom.

My mom came home to find me on the chair with my leg raised up and a roll of tissue paper seating on it like a cap. She didn't scold me that day,neither did my father but the tetanus injection was enough to clear my head. I still have the scar of that injury below my knee till date. That is my scar story.


I can understand completely the feeling of not wanting to get into trouble with your mom. Great story, thank you for sharing.

God bless you.

This one came from working on a plastic molding machine a few years ago. This was a burn from getting too close to the injector screw.


I also broke my arm at the wrist and they had to move my carpel tunnel nerve to put a plate in. Pictures are available but not recommended viewing. So I attached the less graphic version. This I got from chasing my parents dogs away from the road and I fell on my wrist.


Then there are the 20 other scars I have...


That is a whole series of post content. Wow, definitely no chasing animals it would seem ad no getting to close to your work. Thanks for sharing.

WOW Great post!


saçma sapan yazılara neden bu kadar ödül verilir ki ?

my biggest scars are from not buying and hodling more bitcoin and altcoins, at one point I had over 900 ether, over 534000 ripple, over 35 bitcoins...all kinds of everything and now i basically have nothing...these steem are more or less all i have left and even that will never make me enough to catch up to what i used to have....its heartbreaking and i dont go more than 24 hours without thinking how my life and stress level could of been so different


There's always another opportunity around the corner!


Do not lose hope you can start again. Live in rhe present and learn from the past.


Gutting I'm sure. I think how different things could have been if I invested what I earned from Steemit, back into Steemit from the start, but I'm making up for it now. It wasn't your time, don't lose heart.


Yes, the price increase over the past few days makes me wish I would not have been so quick to cash some of it out. You have to play it safe though. Many people could have a scar of waiting too long to take money and ending up without anything.


Hello, I set up my blog on steemit. I like to take a selfie, travel, contact me, enter my blog and see what's new


привет стеемит


that is a huge bummer but don't dwell in the past!!

The story is not personal. It is for all.

I've burned myself working mcdonald's numerous times! Every had a fry basket tattoo?


I think if I worked in Maconalds, or any fast food restaurant my hands and arms would be covered in scars. I'm bad enough taking things in and out my own oven!

A fry basket tattoo? You'd always have a place to play noughts and crosses.

My First Scar story happened when I was 8, I saw a kid (a young goat), close to the refuse dump at a friends house. I was really fascinated by the goat eating some of the waste which was located close to the dump so I gave the goat a chase. I chased the goat to the extent that I fell flat on the grass and my knee hit a Big Stone, I still have the scar till date. since then, I had stopped chasing animals whenever I saw them.

The stone was this Big as I was told:


So your telling me that there's a radioactive goat on the loose.


My kids fall down often in the fun of the chase, but luckily no big stones yet. I have just managed to convince my 4 year old not to run with her hands in her pockets as she fell down twice in 3 minutes and hit her face on the floor - no scars, or injuries thankfully.

I will think that in the night!!



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Thank you so much for sharing your story of your scars! Sometimes these stories can be so hard to share and can he like changing as you mentioned. You have encouraged me to write a story about one of mine. I appreciate you very much for encouraging me in my life evolvement. To you I am very grateful


I'm glad that you found them inspiring.

I was 5-6 years old as far my parrents could remember. I was playing with a toy car like every normal kid but what i didn't know that i was near an glass table. As my mom was making dinner i was able to hit the side of my head near the ear and make a hole near my eye. I was not aware of that i just continued playing. Blood was everywhere and when my mom turned around to call me for dinner she started screeming. I was rushed into the hospital and got 10 stitches for it. I still have that scar near my ear . And friends who know me always asked me what's that scar from.


As a parent, I can really feel what your mom must have felt. My first thought would be to hope it was a ketchup accident!

Cant even remember my first scar....lolxxxxx

Keep going

Very Interesting Story !
I love it.
Thanks to @ adsactly

My first scar I was about 3 or 4 and I was at a house party in Venezuela with my parents. There were a lot of kids everywhere and a toy tank made out of plastic that didn't roll very well. It was on the side walk, so I happily went up behind it, leaned over and attempted to push it down the side walk excitedly. Since it didn't roll very well against concrete, it stayed where it was and I flipped over it, slamming my chin against the sidewalk. I got a few stitches and still have the scar on my chin from this.


I know all about scars on chins. And re-opening old wounds too. Had these inflatable monster feet slippers that I was wearing and tripped over in and chin was bleeding all over again.

I got stabbed at a party by a bunch of gangsters wannabees. They punctured a bunch of my vital organs in the process. Thank god I was really drunk. They had to cut me open from top to bottom, my scar is pretty bad.


Thank goodness you are alive.


Lol most days I wish I wasn't, but that's life


Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you gonna get.

Sometimes these scars reminds me my childhoods storys of my loved ones...I have scar on my knee I got it while playing with my brother and now I evrytime I look at it .it reminds me of my lost brother...


These things happen for a reason. It is good to have a physical reminder of memories where loved ones are concerned, they keep it real.


I hate the fact that I still hurt when I think of you.I know its all lost gone faded and blown away like dust but i wonder why I still can't get rid of the orange sticky note you gave me " reminds me of how much you loved and cherished me ".It's still inside my wallet to date since thats where you told me to keep it " The little memories I hold on to"
Never wrote this to you expecting a reply.I don't expect any either...All the same I hope you doing dearly beloved Ex...
Oops!!! I forgot something important.
Am pretty sure you heard of my death. I take this opportunity to welcome you to to my funeral :)
Well...about my burial!! It's taking place right now inside my mind and the orange sticky note will be the burial stone.
My heart finally succumbed to the injuries and wounds you left me with. You knew i wasn't gonna survive this right? Well thanks to you I eventually died. My feelings gone,my emotions all gone.
What worries though is how my ghost still remembers,recalls,thinks,hurts,weeps reminisces those days we had under the sunshine and the nights under the moonlight...I don't think I will Rest in Peace
The thoughts and memories goes on and on and on probably to eternity.Even in the afterlife,you are still "loved".
I know this the point where you wouldn't know what to say and a point where i'd put a smack on my face cause it's true I'm dead to you :) .
Anyway I killed my ego too...and it sure feels nice writing down a skeleton of my feelings to you just like in the old summer times when flowers would bloom ,the wind would whistle sweet symphonic tunes as me and you danced along with the trees.The sun would look at us and smile as the streams within us would flow making us fall just like water-falls.
All that's left of it now is dried leaves... sticks,bones ,stones,a cold heart..darkness and regrets.Sorry for being a snub .No matter how much I avoided and ignored you after our breakup, I never really got to feel what I really wanted to feel ;redemption, satisfaction,healed,avenged.
Anytime i'd listen to Ed sheeran's Perfect i'd get all moody,emotional and literally cry outside and inside. Not because I'm a cry-baby,No!! No!!
But because It reminded me of your perfection .It reminded me of how amazing and perfect our love was. And yes ofcourse! It's a really good song.
All the same it is written that "I'm the one who was gonna come back knocking at your door".But it's okey to say "I moved on" if at all that's what it looks like.

Yours loving,
Maxwell Bruno.

Well written narrative, almost everyone have a scar story, mine was when I was small that hot water poured on my body. Keep it coming.


Another scar story that touches me. <3

My scar story is the Wannabee Cowboy

  I have scars on my arms and hands that came from my extreme allergy to poison ivy. I had a real bad case of it when I was very young and gullible and read online on some random cowboy forum that rubbing tobacco in it helped. The sarcastic humor went over my head. I actually rubbed pipe tobacco on my ivy and still have the scars to prove it.

My brother fell off a horse into stinging nettles, but poison ivy and to have an allergy to it. Some scars, we learn lessons from.

Amazing post and thanks for sharing

my biggest scars is that I have no future in my country currently... I have a job but It is not even enough to spend on my daily needs.. so I decided to learn about digital currencies and invest small money in them maybe someday I could change my life...
the main thing that scares me is to stay in this situation. but i am optimistic that it is going to change soon


You are taking steps to change your situation, that in itself is amazing.


you are right..!

Excelente physical and mental


Scars can certainly be either.

good post , thank you @adsactly

If you want to know about my scar story, here you go

I got a lucid dreaming phenomenon 5x on one night, and i cant tell more about that cause i get my mind and eyes wake up but not for my body. Its become my scar story cause i got some white hair on my head about 3-5 sheet a long white hair on my short hair, and i dont know where it come from. I just know that is a girl (mature) hair.


That is an unusual scar tale. I'm just learning more about astral projection and lucid dreaming.


hope you get a nice 'trip'

This a beautiful post! I really want to share a post with you... but afraid it will be consider spam. I don’t think it is. Anyways, my scar story happened on a camping trip to Yellowstone. One evening I was trying to slice a baguette to make salami sandwiches.... it was a cold day. I couldn’t feel my hands and the bread was hard as a rock. While trying to slice it, I would ended up slicing my middle finger...right thru the tip. Ouch! The only thing to do to stop the excessive bleeding was to squeeze and elevate my hand. Lesson learned, don’t force the slicing lol best wishes.


Make sure your hands aren't cold when you slice. :) Thanks for the comment and saying hello on discord @splendorhub, always a pleasure.

There are some stories in real life that are so extraordinary that you shared a lot among us, thank you for sharing it among us

My scar story is being de-badged from the post of Head-boy{senior prefect} in the last month of my tenure
in my high school for a crime i didn't commit


I can feel the pain of that one.


thanks, it took me months to get over it

Great post, thank you for sharing @hopehuggs! Everyone most certainly has their scars, some deep, some not, some visible, some hidden.

One of my scars, though it is mostly faded nowadays, was a cut across my stomach that I got when I was around 3 or 4.

We used to have one of those Little Tikes cars that you sit in and roll around with your feet, Flintstone's style. Well for some unknown reason, I decided I wanted to open the gate, which would require undoing the lock at the top.

Being a small child, I could not reach the lock, so I came up with a brilliant idea! I decided I would climb on top of the car and unlock the gate!

Needless to say, this ended poorly when the car rolled out from underneath me and I fell, obtaining a shallow cut about 4-5 inches long on my stomach from the gate latch (think of a thick, very dull vegetable knife, sticking out of the gate).

My parents heard me crying and rushed out to the backyard to check and see what happened, saw the blood, freaked out and rushed me inside.

I did not think much of it at the time, or even for a good number of years afterward, but every now and again I think back on it and realize how blessed I was to have an angel watching over me. If I had fallen an inch, or even half an inch closer to the gate, I may not be here today to type this comment.

Fortunately, this is not the case as God was clearly watching over me. In the end, all I was left with was a faded, superficial scar to remind myself of how blessed I am, and what could have been.


I am getting chills reading these scar stories. You are indeed lucky and blessed.

but ut is really not easy if you a deep sunken scar due to chicken fox. that is what hapen to me last 2016. good thing some remedies has been made to my face.


It is not always easy, no, thank you for sharing your story though.

Wow, that as beautiful!!! And loved the broke bowl story so true. Reading this I decided to do something different with my next blog than I initially intended. As far as my scars, besides the many emotional ones, I have one on my left eye just below my eyebrow. It is a great memory for me because of my dad. He was the one who took me to the hospital and would not leave the emergency room while they stitched me. He stood by my side and held my hand as I could feel the sensation of the needle and thready go through my skin. He has long since passed now, 15 years ago now. After his passing I had used this new face cream that worked too and I was saddened. It had faded the scar somehow and I did not want it to because it represented a cherished memory. I stopped using it of course.


That is another beautiful scar story. Thank you so much for sharing. It seems our scars can become part of us.

when i was a kid we had a very tall tree in the backyard that was positioned over a spike fence, my brother and i decided to get some rope and climb the tree(which went amazing well) things went wrong we we tried to rappel down the tree, mind you we were 5 and 6 yrs old, i grabbed that rope and did my best GI JOE impersonation and slid down the robe like it was greased, i landed butt cheek first on one of those spikes and was kinda stuck there , my brother finally got down and helped me off of the spike and we walked up to the back door of the house, it was a sliding glass door and my mother was on the phone, so after a minute or two i just turned around and pointed at my butt, and all hell broke loose, i never cried once until we ended up in the E,R and i had to stick my head in the chair with my butt sticking up in the waiting room, i think the 10 scar on my ass is not quite as bad as the scar on my psyche from having my ass hanging out in a room full of strangers.


Haha! Good story.


Thanks for sharing this. I feel your pain but can't help but laugh.


You are a good at telling a story. I laughed and cried with you and felt the pain of both scars.


hanging up in the air...hahahahah.... that is so funny..lolzzzz. sorry for the pain though..lolzz

I was a young boy in Guyana. My dad sent me up the street to buy bread. Guyana's money is highly inflated as it is a third world country. I remember having to pay $20 dollars for the bread. Well....While I was on my way walking to get the bread, some idiot rode his bicycle into me, I flew across the poor potholed excuse for a street and had a big gash in my head. it was so bad, it bloodied my whole shirt up. The $20 dollars flew out of my pocket and I just couldn't find it. My dad was a serious man to say the least, let's just say I was more scared of losing that $20 dollars. My father was surprisingly scared to see me with all that blood and about what had happened and wanted to kick the guys ass....The guys ass was never kicked and I kind of resented my father for just allowing him to apologize. If I ever see that guy again, I will do what my dad never did.


Thank you for your honesty and candid story - it must have been an experience that has a left a mental scar too.

Are all these fiction? Or it really happened ? Emotional or otherwise I can't imagine the pain.


There are some really emotional and touching scar stories here. I don't think any of them are fiction.

My biggest scar happened to me at 6, dad lost his job, mum tried all within her possible best to meet up with the family's basic needs but couldn't.
The pains and sufferings i passed through then was just unbearable.
Life was became a living hell for us that i had to beg for food from friends.
Thank God things later turned around for the better.


Got to go through the rough times to be able to appreciate the good times, I suppose. I'm glad things turned around for the better <3

My first scar was helping my mom get a 6 pack of pepsi bottles out of the car, dropped it and a bottle shattered and cut my leg. 3 stitches for a 6 year old Fingolfin seemed like a really big deal at the time.


Did you ever drink Pepsi again? Or just Coca Cola now?


I am one of those strange people who actually enjoys both

I love that Japanese custom. The breaks and cracks in life are infinitely more valuable than gold, and I wouldn't trade them for a thing.

One of the ways of the samurai is to live as though you're already dead. It's actually a rather common theme throughout religion, Christianity and Buddhism included, albeit perhaps a little less blatantly extreme. I've never adopted such a useful belief, and I'm not even strictly following it...yet.

Good for you to break away from abuse. Never settle. High five, yo!


I have a book somewhere on the way of the samurai, I think I will dig it out.

Hello Sir, great thinking...This is one of my stories

Scaaaaars... my father always says that “Scars look good on Men”
Well, i got a few

  1. On the arm - playing football in high school and being a goalkeeper i scratched my right arm on the iron net surrounding the goalie frame.
  2. On the left arm - taking the dough mixer upstairs in the family restaurant i worked. It was in a wooden box and heavy as shit. Scratched my left arm deep.
  3. On the right wrist - (and in the emotional memory) - living with a newly divorced lady with a five year old daughter - did not feel myself as Myself. So, one day tried to change the light bulb which was very high on the ceiling and instead of using ladder to stand upon - i was just holding the lamp shade in hands together with screwdriver and lightbulb. well lamp shade broke in my hands and slit my wrist.
    Had to visit surgeon but luckily can move my fingers and all.
    Did not work out with this Lady, so scar is a reminder to learn to trust one’s own intuition and do not make rush decisions.

This is one of my stories ..It's all the stories I've saved for my little sister. I hope you like ..

Cookie Thief

One night a woman was waiting at the airport, There was a lot of time, when the plane got up. He bought a book from the shop at the airport and a packet of cookies and found a place to sit.

He had trapped himself in his book so much that the man sitting next to him was as bold as he could see that he had bought some cookies from the package between them, no matter how much he could not see.

One side was reading the book, one side was making cookies, the other was at the time, "cookie thief" slowly consuming cookies. You were in the middle of your ear watch, but you still could not stop your tics getting annoyed. He thought to himself, "If I were not a polite person, I would get the eyes of this man!"

When he reached out to each cookie, the man extended his hand. Finally, when a single cookie was left in the pantry, he said to himself, "What shall we do now?" The man, with a nervous smile on his face, doubled to the last cookie and the second cookie. He gave his half to the mouth while he was throwing the cookie, to the other half-woman.

The woman took it as if it was a cook, and she took the cookie from the man's hand and said, "Oh my god, what a bold and rude man, even a thank you!" He did not remember his life so annoyed.

When your flight was announced, let's have a drink. To the collective goods and the walk-in door, "Cookie thief" na, even if he did not look back. He sat on the plane and sat on his comfy chair, Then stretched out, to his book, which was about to be finished.

As he extended his hand to his bag, his eyes opened with surprise. He was standing in front of your eyes with a packet cookie! He cried in despair, "If these are my cookies, and the others shared it with me and shared every cookie! "He realized that he was too late to apologize, he was a" cookie thief "who was sadly, rude and daring.

Awesome post. The last image towards the end, the one about broken-object repair tradition in Japan really got me thinking and feeling great for some reason. Such a good way to look at things. Thanks for sharing. Have a great 2018!


Brilliant, I find that inspiring too.

In high when I was jus about 12 years old my agricultural science teacher wiped me wit what we call koboko here in Nigeria it's was so painful and it left me a scar till date and I ended up studying agricultural engineering in college any significance? Lol of all the many times I was flogged in high school it's only that particular scare on my right hand I have till date


I guess it encouraged you to study hard then.

My first scared incident was happened on my child age...

I scared to saw my shadow...........
I am i wright....???????
are you agree in your life....?


S man
im also
i agree that


My kids have gone through a being frightened of their shadows stage.

Interesting and entertaining stories of your scars. very funny that you share it


I'm glad you liked them.


hopehuggs you are so pretty. love it


i have a scar on my right knee, a constant reminder of playing football on the tarred road, i was 12.


I bet there are some nice memories of playing football mixed in too though.

My first scar was acquired before I was even old enough to see colors.

I was 2 weeks old, and when my mother tried to feed me, I would projectile vomit the contents of my stomach across the room.

My mother said it was quite impressive ... the distance my vomit would go.

However, it was symptomatic of a condition called pyloric stenosis.

This condition is more common in boys than girls, and requires surgery to fix it.

At 2 weeks old, the only way to administer intrevenous medication is through the scalp, and that was how it went for me.

I had surgery to repair the pyloric valve that separates my stomach and small intestine. This would enable me to eat and supply my body with nutrients.

After the surgery, my father was able to see me, and because of the placement of the IV, fluids had built up on one side of my head, giving my noggin a lopsided, swollen and misshapen appearance. My father told me that he wept when he saw that.

Fortuntely, I survived and grew up to be a healthy person. Now in my early mid-century years, the scar I acquired at two weeks old is a constant reminder of my father, who passed over to the other side more than 2 years ago.

I love you and miss you, Dad.

Please, #helpmegrow


It is touching to read to how scars have become beloved memories of people who have passed. I'm glad that you are here today to tell the story.

@adsactly all the way....
love this right up... cheers!


I just resteemed your post, hope you resteemed mine.

I don't have funny stories about my scars since I don't have big ones or someone that deserves to be told, but my biggest scar is in my heart, since I've had to say goodbye to people that I really love because of my country's situation, I'm Venezuelan and I've had to say goodbye to my relatives and my closest friends, and the worst part is that one day, someone will say goodbye to me, because if I want to improve and become independent, I have to leave my country, so... this is my scar story. I'm following you and upvoted you.


You sound like a strong person, you will do what is right for you.

I have a scar from my old dog who had a sharp nail and jumped on me. It reminds me of how happy he always was to see me. I sure do miss him.


What a lovely memory to have with a scar.

I have a scar just about an inch above my knee it is circular almost an inch in diameter. I got it from a motor accident. It was only a bruise but what makes it memorable is that the reason I fell is because I accidentally hit a cat. The cat was about to cross the road. It runs across the road stops in the middle and walked back so proceed. But the cat just did his hesitation move. It was really going to cross the road. Poor cat, ran over him. :(


I would feel really sad if that happened to me too :(

I love the part about broken things being fixed with gold. It's through our scars that we become who we are meant to become. :-)

This my story.
i don't have any scar on my body.
and the scar of my soul, my Lord healed them
yay! thx for this.

I like your outlook, and this is a brave post mind you ;)

Hahaha it is a funny story. Nice..

I might get a big scar, as iv removed all my investments from cryptos, as i see alot of new comers and crypto haters getting into cryptos.. so not sure wether i did the right thing or lets see, time will tell.

Nice post, i love it!
Regards! !❤️👍🏽

One night in the same room when we were 7 years old we sleep with my head. If you needed a night, wake me up, tell me you will not find it too dark at home. I said OK. I was thirsty in the middle of the night. I found a kitchen to hold the wall and drink water. I also hit the heater next to my bed. Squeeze lightly. I used to say no. In the morning, the only thing I have is blood. bruise I am more embarrassed. this time reminds me of a wound on the right side of my eyelid. It's an interesting story but I hope you like it. :)) @adsactly


I have small scars on my knees from when I was about 7. My brother let me hold the dog and she dragged me all the way up the hill because I wouldn't let go. The stories and scars of children

Let's talk about scars!! Lol..

I got a scar on my forehead back when I was 6 years old...
I got it from cats fighting one night..
I can't remember all the details but my mom said that we lost a cat that just went back home that night... We had a new cat back then and my mom said that the old one got jealous(not sure if it was true hahha) and fought our new cat. So that was literally a cat fight.

I had to undergo and take several vaccines for anti-rabies and I had to go to school with bandages and a swelling face.

That was about 20 years ago. The Scar is now smaller but still visible. Funny thing is I didn't get traumatized taking care of cats right after that incident. Instead I got interested in them more...


I can't imagine not loving cats, my hands used to be covered with cat scratches as a teenager from playing with them.


I know... I have 4 furrballs and my day's not complete without seeing them doing their crazy stuffs... haha

LOVE the broken object post 👍adsactly

I have a scar on my brain after reading Steem posts regarding conspiracy theories concerning: government, vaccines, fluoridation, flat-earth, Fake-NASA, Man on the moon, 9/11, etc etc etc. . Fearful people scar my brain and sometimes my heart. . Life is good. . :) :)

I have a funny scar on my eyebrow that has never gone away. I was waiting for a friend in high school and i turned around and walked into a metal door divider. Talk about a klutz! Now a days Im much more graceful recently taking a trip down my flight of stairs.


If I had a scar for every time I was clumsy, I'd be a walking scar haha

I have a scar on my ankle from climbing a tree I was a teenager and the bark went inside when I fell down. not fun lol


Ouch! It must have been a pain just get any splinters out.


But the little paper cuts and splinters are painful


Eek, my ex-husband has a scar on his ankle too, the bone split in two when he jumped off a skateboard when someone else was on it when he was 26. Still has a metal plate in there.


wow that sounds much worse than mine

One of my first notable scars came from changing oil in my car I cut my thumb loosening the drain bolt. My other major scar was from falling off a balcony and cutting my skin just below my eye on some rock on the ground. I passed out after being drunk on wild turkey and beer just when I bent over the railing then fell but I kind of remember catching my fall on the railing. My friend and roommate was sort of responsible for getting me in that state but helped me get back home safely luckily with only that scar and some bruised ribs.


Sometimes being intoxicated can save our lives methinks, but the opposite is also true as we are more liable to do silly things.

Thanks for this post. Looking forward to the next one.

My first scar was when I was 2 years old. I fell from our house staircase down to the floor. It left me a 1-inch stitch that scarred for years. It faded and followed by more scars as part of growing-up. But I found that the deepest scars which a person could ever had is heartache aftermath which leaves traumatic, enduring and haunting recurrent strike of pain.


Yes I agree, the deepest scars are emotional ones and no-one can see and feel them except you.


so true. and they last longer than the physical ones .

I've got a scar that looks like a question mark.
it is the stitch mark from a surgery I had in 2014,it gives painful memory!
I still limp til today.


I like the sound of a question mark scar.


wished I could show you!
if you were in Nigeria

Answering this question is like choosing a café in Paris; just too many. I have bitcoin, ripple, litecoin and recently steem scars. Just too many right? :D


Perhaps you should write a whole post about your scars too.


Lol... I would love to do that though, but my posts seem to be on Incognito mode lately; no one sees them. Maybe making a movie about the scars would be a better idea. :D

i know many scar story if anyone nedd can follow me

We all have scars in our life, scars will leave a mark maybe not in our body but it will be remembered in our hearts! We learned when we are wounded, wounded but happy to experienced a lot of things most especially our childhood days! Wish i can go back in time and watch myself getting scars over and over again!


Maybe to go back and watch them as if you were someone else there. If they contain a good memory, why not.


We all love good memories!

It's great to read your stories, inspired to it, i started writing some too. If you have time / interested can check my blog.

Talking about scar story, mine is funny.

I was 9. I don't remember clearly but i was running with something/someone & see a barricade i jumped without noticing an iron bar in front. Bang i hit my head so hard. I almost fainted lol. I did not feel/realize any pain at that moment. But i got a huge cut on my head. Got 8 funny stitches. Good thing its not noticeable today.

Thanks for the reminder. I feel like laughing now.


No problem, I'm glad your memory made you smile.

Little scary true story "Two parents went out for a party and thier daughter told them that she was going to sleep to her friend but something came up and she did not go to her friend when her parents came home she tried to prank them and she hide, her father find his gun and think that sombody break his house and he shot her twice and killed her "


that is a tragedy.

Elbows, knees, lip, toes, and pinky finger and I'm sure more on the way. I like very much the idea of turning them into history and honor. As for the inside emotional stuff that's a little tougher to wear proudly. But many times they are representative of learning and growing, so all good. Really enjoyed this retreat from crypto chaos, thanks!