ADSactly Personal - Have You Ever Been on a Magical Mystery Tour?

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balloon cover.jpg

Okay, today, I am going to talk about one of the most amazing memories I have, although I suppose giving birth to my children should be top, however, I’m not going to write about that, not today at least, or in an ADSactly post.

My most magical memory is definitely a balloon ride that was perhaps at the same time my biggest adventure and definitely could be described as a magical mystery tour...

balloon sep.png

The Start of the Magical Mystery Tour

We got the alarm call at 4 am, as we had to set off in the balloons at the crack of dawn, as that was the best time to get them up in the air.

We were all bustled into the boat in what felt like the middle of the night, that took us down the Nile somewhere...

balloon boat.jpg

Next, we got packed into a tiny minibus that perilously manoeuvred in and out of the traffic Egyptian style to get to this field, where the flowers were balloons. There were a lot of them, but there were a lot of us too.

So they fitted 20 of us in each balloon basket, it was a little crushed, but as soon as we got up in the air, we got lost in the amazement of it all and everyone else was superfluous. We had a perfect spot in the corner, that when we turned around and faced the outside, it may as well have been just us on there.

balloon sep.png

Up, Up and Away

Actually getting up into the air though, that took a few tries and our ‘pilot’ looked about 14, the magical mystery tour could have ended up being memorable for all the wrong reasons.

I think we had insurance for the trip and it was before all the political troubles in Egypt, so it would have been okay, unless we fell to our deaths of course, tragically on our honeymoon.

But we soon starting rising and we started whooping with the joys of the amazing sights and the beautiful sunrise.

Sunrise Over Luxor

balloon sunrise.jpg

balloon sep.png

Anyway the Wind Blows...

To our delight, and in fact it was rare occurrence, the wind took us in the direction of the Nile and not the Valley of the Kings, which although amazing, there is not much to see as the tombs are underground and once you get past Hatshepsut temple, there is not a lot to see from the air, but a lot of sand and desert. If that had happened, I'm sure we would have loved the balloon ride anyway.

Sand, Desert and Hatshepsut Temple is in There Somewhere

balloon desert.jpg

balloon sep.png

An Unexperienced Driver

Even though the views were amazing, there were several adventurous moments, where our hearts were left in the air and the balloon dropped suddenly

For example, there we were hovering above the Nile, when suddenly we dropped to a few feet above the Nile and the 14 year old was frantically trying to get the burner to run harder, while we were waving at the people in the riverboats. They were a bit larger than life then they should have been.

Our Almost Dip in The Nile

balloon nile.jpg

balloon riverboat.jpg

We didn’t need our swimsuits thankfully, so back up in the air, we still had our hearts in our mouths, as we drifted dangerously close to ringing bell towers and took in all the sites.

Please Don't Burst Our Balloon

balloon bell tower.jpg

balloon sep.png

We Can See The Whole World From Here

I had the camera tightly wrapped around my wrist, clicking every minutely interesting scene, which was them all, so we didn't/couldn't forget anything.

Luxor temple, half-finished houses, people just waking up on the rooftops, waving at us nosy parkers drifting by. Laughing as we dodge and almost crash into the bell towers. Sometimes it felt we could almost reach out and touch them. It was like we could see the whole of Luxor.

A Balloon Perspective of Luxor

balloon luxor.jpg

balloon sep.png

The View That Sticks Most in My Memory

But, the most beautiful and magical part was flying over Karnak Temple. We had visited there the day before and been totally floored by its magnitude and attention to detail. Even though it was just a semblance of its former glory. Faded and jaded, and all the gold had gone centuries before, but it was still absolutely amazing.

Up Close and Personal with the Hieroglyphics

balloon hieroglyphics.jpg

From the air, we could see Karnak temple all in one go. And we could see people already visiting it - they looked like little Lego people, experiencing the awe we did the day before, touching the lined up lions, or marvelling at the hieroglyphics on the columns and thinking about the filming done there for Agatha Christie’s “Death on the Nile”

But we were seeing the Karnak Temple from a viewpoint very few people would ever get to see it from. A privilege and a priceless memory.

The Memory Making Shot of Karnak Temple

balloon karnak temple.png

balloon sep.png

Even Landing Was an Adventure

After almost landing in the Nile and bumping into bell towers, you would have thought landing wouldn’t be too much of a problem.

The balloon did not want to land and when it finally did, they landed in a field of crops and the farmer would not let anyone come out the balloon basket, until some compensation was paid, so there was a bit of an unexpected whip around for funds, but none of us really minded, as we’d just experienced a moment of a lifetime.

The farmer’s children then took some photos of us and got a few more Egyptian pounds out of us too.

Nice Shot, Don't You Think?

balloon farmer pic.jpg

So that is my most magical amazing memory, what is yours?

Written by (and photos taken by) @hopehuggs <3 <3

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Oh this is a very beautiful journey. I would call it an adventure.

You were woken very early and this added to this unusual adventure. I can imagine what feelings you felt. I dare to suggest this was anticipation and perhaps anxiety. But not a simple alarm, but one that pleasantly invigorates the body and mind.

Vosshititelnye photos of the dawn. But the flight itself was unusual. It's hard for me to imagine what you felt when you fell sharply over the Nile. An inexperienced driver :) Nevertheless it was extreme and ended quickly. There are always unforeseen situations.

This is an excellent adventure in a honeymoon. The best honeymoon is the month that you will remember all your life. Excellent communication.


We were so excited. I would love to go in a hot air ballon again, with someone a little more experienced and definitely not Richard Branson.

That is truly a very magical adventure that you had on your honeymoon! I'm glad that everything turned out okay, it seems that the balloon dipped way too close to the water for comfort - so close you could potentially bend down and touch the water? (a bad idea but for illustration)

I hadn't thought much about going on a hot air balloon tour before, myself, but after seeing your amazing pictures of these great views of Egypt, I'm thinking about trying it some time, but after hearing about the caveats, I'm hesitant again... the pilot apparently being very young makes things a little awkward, I'd probably have serious second thoughts but decide whatever and go through with it.

That's a funny end to the story, I definitely never thought about the landing process but landing in a farmer's field is certainly unexpected. I guess it isn't too much of a stretch for him to want compensation in case crops got damaged but surely not too many got hurt...

As for a magical memory of mine, I'd probably go with a helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon. It's not the most magical but it's what came to mind; while the tour felt rather short, it was really cool to see the Grand Canyon from the air as well as the whole experience of being in a helicopter - I felt pretty small inside that cabin while looking outside! I'd think the hot air balloon would feel more magical as you're outside though with the wind in your hair and such.


The Grand Canyon is one of my dream destinations and by helicopter sounds perfect.

But yes, I would definitely recommend a hot air balloon trip. The 14 year did have someone with him guiding him, I forgot to include that in the post in the end. It felt like we could lean out an touch the water, but we were still a handful of metres above the Nile.


Just don't take the helicopter if it's too windy, I heard that there was an accident a few months back...

That inspires a lot more confidence if there was a guide haha


The Grand Canyon simply must be seen. All the pictures on earth can not prepare you for it. And if you come, I know a really good ice cream/coffee shop on the south rim. :)

I'm never going to give birth to my child because I am a male, but that means that I can plan for a tour like this hahaha You really had a wonderful trip considering this post. And, I know you can0t tell us all, how it feels and how it was, but I'm sure it was magnificent!

I would really love to go to Africa, but I never thought about Egypt, dunno why. Still, seeing this post, it really makes me wanna go there and enjoy my time. I love to read sometimes about some historical topics. And to be in Egypt, I'm sure it is a special kind of feeling that I would really love to experience. I just want to see what it feels standing in front of the pyramids or something else that old.

Haha I'm sure that was fun when you landed :D xD Anyway, thanks a lot for this journey, you really intrigued me and make me wanna go there! Have a great day and safe travels! Luka


I would love to go back to Egypt one day when it is safe to do so. The history is so amazing, I'm sure you can feel a little bit of it when you are there, but I am also convinced I was in ancient Egypt in a past life. A wierd feeling I get. Maybe I was a cat.

The giving birth part might make for a good tale, but there woudn't any pictures to go with it, that I would air on Steemit haha.


Haha, no pictures please xD

Let me be sure I got all this
1: It's your honeymoon
2: You honeymoon in EGYPT?
3: You take a Sunrise Balloon Tour-In Luxor
4: Your driver has a learner's permit
5: The wind blows the wrong way and you get the DELUX ride
6: You land in some poor farmer's field
7: You have a bazillion priceless photographs

And you want me to comment on my most magical tour? I just ride a boring old motorcycle compared to that.

I'd say that qualifies as magical. If it doesn't qualify, I've got nothing.

Thanks for a wonderful article. I really enjoyed it!


you got it right, @bigtom13, nice and enjoyable read it is!


It was definitely was the trip of a lifetime. We were very blessed by my generous Dad who paid for our honeymoon and had a multi destination trip in Egypt, with 5 Star hotels. Though the marriage didn't last, the memories do.

That is pretty scary especially to those afraid of the height, but seeing those views underneath is quite wonderful.

It looks like a great place
Just beautiful
Thanks for the pictures .. well done‏..

It looks like a great place
Just beautiful
Thanks for the pictures .. well done‏..

I really love to travel and explore the beautiful places in other land but unfortunately I am imprisoned in the four corners of our office. LOL


You can explore new places by imagine when you are in office.
If and only if your boss allow you to sleep for a while :-D


For that there is Google Earth.

When i was 15 years of old i had a quarrel with my parents. it made me so angry that i decide to leave the 🏠
Then at noon i went out without knowing the destination. i didn't have much money in my pocket. so i kept walking.

i went through an unknown road. i enjoyed the new places and nice scenery out there.

I walked about 2 hours+. Then i reached the end of the road. i did not get that why this road finished here.

i found the river

The place was so beautiful!
i kept looking and felt the beauty.

Then my mind calm
and i start walking to came back my 🏠 again :-)

This is my magical mystery tour


That is an equisite magical mystery tour @aaarif. Its sounds like the river helped heal your mind.


Hey @aaarif, Congratulations !!! We just upvoted your post with 8.64% power. Keep up the good work. Join our discord channel

looks great

That's wonderful. I went on so many rides and trips but didn't really pay attention, so I can't really share any magical moment right now. Maybe next time....

Travelling! Travelling! Travelling! It takes out the best from a person. It really explores the hidden talents of a person. No such thing imparts lifetime learning as travelling does. Earlier, people used to travel when they had some accumulated funds for it and to please themselves a little from their tired and monotonous life. And now travelling is not limited to fun or something else, travelling has become a style, travelling has become a global phenomena. People travel in and outside their nation. They travel to learn new things, meet new people, explore their cultures, be significant of their languages, earn money and many more unique things. Travelling imparts lifetime experiences and no one can deny the fact. The way you described your experience was so magnificently fabulous. Nice post. Thanks for sharing!! :)


Yes I hope I get the chance to travel some more and take the kids some amazing places too. When they are a little older though, as getting them on the bus to get to the swimming pool is adventure enough for now.



Thanks for sharing this travel,,
This is a great that you have taken to the photo throat is very gorgeous because the rules of taking your photos are very to know how to taken great photos..
That's such a great account of your visit to Lux cmboung and surrounding cities,,,
I visited when I was very young but I don't remember as much iwishi could..
Conrad and photos are important!
Like the image of statue in all of your pictures on this post,,,
Thanks for sharing this very nice post.. best of luck


It was an amazing travel experience. We wanted to go to Egypt or Mexico. It was ironic as for some reason, when we were in Luxor, a whole load of people came from Mexico, as they had troubles there, so that year we made the right decision for the travel destination.

I wish for a tour magical mysterious, maybe in future!


I hope one day you have a magical tour too

Touring to amazing places is really a wonderful moment, I have never done a tour,
Your tour is really incredible in a very beautiful place ..


It was truly beautiful

Whoa, thats simply amazing and the place is so stunning! Is this one of the tourist spot? I was just amazed that til now they still preserved their ancestral houses. I love to grow old in this place with this kind of surrounding.


Yes it is one of the main tourist spots in Egypt. You have both the Luxor temple and Karnak Temple and Valley of the Kings where all the pharoah's tombs were found in Luxor.

Travelling is one of the best things you can do to yourself as a man..

I believe when we travel, we tend to learn more from other people's culture and belief and sometimes, learning these new things feel like fulfilling purpose as a human.


It was a very different culture to what we were used to, but we tried to respect it as we in their country as tourists.


That's the spirit. Thank you for dropping by, guess I should follow you immediately to learn more about your many journeys

Amazing picture, the environment looks great and with mixture of beautiful lights
and add on effect of this picture is natural views.
and it makes an eye catching effect and i hope that you really enjoyed this beautiful environment. Thanks for sharing and wishing you an great day.
Stay blessed. ??


It was great reliving it, looking at the photos and writing about it. It was truely a blessed experience.

Sweet memories are so good to behold over and over again... Thanks @adsactly for sharing. But, i would be much delighted if you could share that story about giving birth to your children ...LOLZZZZ...


You might be in for a long wait for that particular story.

I could feel the adventure in every paragraph you wrote. You have a very good writting style, I have to read some more from you ;)
However the last photo is just the best - at least the photographer didn't miss you :)


I love that photo, it makes me smile every time

this photo graphy is a remarkable occasion for a beauty seeker who has an aesthetic thirst for poetic feeling. i hope you have got many new experience in this tour. if i were with you! that would be great.


You know waht, I am poet and I have never thought about writing a poem about Egypt and my experiences there. I am inspired.

Oh thats nice, lovely photos. I love Egypt and the great history. I visited in 2011 and stayed in Cairo. It was a very crowded city, but enjoyed my time there. The people were very friendly, nice food and lovely places to visit. Hope to visit again next year :)

100_2336 (2).png


I did a camel ride in Cairo too. I couldn't walk properly for about 3 days afterwards. But it was another amazing experience. Unfortunately lost the photos of that part of the honeymoon.


Oh thats sad! I lost also some old photos of my holiday in India, but cant do anything about it. I had a long Camel ride in south Tunisia and couldn't walk properly too. I was asking myself how could people do in in the ancient time :)

Lovely tour
Will you take me with you someday


No will you take me along

Always wanted to do this!

wow this is amazing yaar

I like it

Very beautiful places and very well explain buddy I like your work for steemit


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Brother why my rank is down any reason


As I mentioned, you have received 5 flags and the community will likely continue flagging comments like these.

Please take a moment to read the ways to avoid me.


OK sir I read it and try to avoid these kind of things..

really nice👌thanks for sharing.

those pic are so good and informative.may be we sit all in the corner at home but from these type of pic helps us to see the world...

Congratulations @adsactly!
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Awedome article. thanks

wow. really nice

WOW VERY NICE .Will you take me with you someday

Wow this is on my bucket list!

This is a great tour guide and story.this is help us for our tour.Your post is so helpful for tour/visiting this place.Thank You @adsactly

I would love to go this type of Magical Mystery Tour. Its really amazing

SO beautiful. I will go to this place once in my life.

Very nice palace and scenery , you always different . All photography is very nice .

its information good

What a great post! Really picked up a lot of emotions on this photos! Keep up the good work!

Yeah I like these tour very much always be enjoyable and thanks to share with us

hello I like your post, and the trips you did are incredible thanks for sharing ...

I have not seen such a beautiful place before
You've traveled so beautiful and the photos are all alive
My sincere congratulations to the photographer @adsactly

This is seriously beautiful - what an adventure!

Wow!!!! It's amazing travelling place.....Here I like the most of the houses.....Each of the rooms is beautifully arranged. The houses made by the house are very beautiful.....This place is my intention to go very fast......So vary nice post @adsactly

Really it's an amazing lovely tour, especially ballon ride ,
Thanks to share your magical memory.

This is a great post that you have taken to the photo throat is very gorgeous because the rules of taking your photos are very nice to know how to take great photos.The timing of your photo taking was very nice and because of the good weather, the pictures are so beautiful that it looks very good to see the pictures. It's a lovely enviroment i like your photo..I liked the image of statue in all of your pictures on this post

Ooooo nice post 👍👍👍👍
Sangat bagus sekali postingan nya, luar biasa,

Very pleasant adventure, as long as we are alive is health to our living and to admire our nature is only a gift from God, thank you for sharing.

Those things make life so worth living! <3 My magical time was on a holiday in new Zealand, kids finished school so we went with 4.
Now everything is nice there, but the south Island I liked the most.
And I was stunned by the doubtful sounds.
As some of you will know it is like a gorge with spectacular side seeing on the way, it does look like you sail to the end of the ocean.
You go on a boat and sleep that night in a small cabine, you eat and drink on board because there is nothing where you are sailing just rocks and trees. The evening meal was better than we had for 6 weeks in New Zealand, it might be beautiful there, cooking is not their best point. Now we did go in European winter time, so summer on the other side of the world! we without kidding had 5 weeks of rain! But for the doubtful sound it brings out one big magical world,
have you ever seen 4 rainbows the same time? well I did. It was all so amazing, that I actually can not just tell it but have to show it. I felt special that i saw this in my life, and the pictures still make me go quiet.

and then came this on the end of the trip in the bus
ride back

But I think an air balloon above the Nile would leave me gobsmacked too, our world has got so many stunning places! Life is too short.

The word adventure is so small, I am fascinated, I love the way you live that incredible boy, everything is better from above, the pictures are wonderful, no doubt being in a balloon is one of the things I want to do in my life, after to visit the Asian continent, they are wonderful, they inspire me

So beautiful. I congratulate you on that beautiful journey. I love looking at pictures of wonderful landscapes. The sensation in the heights must be spectacular. thanks for sharing.

Like a movie )))

would you like to do some public welfare through blockchain?

Wow... Beautiful pictures. When I will go to Egypt, I will make sure that I fly on a balloon.

Very nice palace and scenery , you always different . All photography is very nice .

Your post is always different i follow your blog and upvote everytime , your post is so helpful . I always inspire of your post on my steem work . Thank you for sharing @adsactly

Follow my blog @powerupme