I have never laughed so hard... and never needed it so desperately!

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Have you ever felt like you just needed a good laugh? Tonight I desperately needed a good laugh, but I didn't even know it.

My job lately has been really stressful. I work in educational administration, and - don't get me wrong! - I love my job. Yet there are days (like today) that are just so hard! Today I faced a couple of conflicts at work that were good and ultimately healthy, but were also extremely difficult to work through and emotionally draining. Despite it being our summer season with no students on campus, somehow I have like 10 times more things on my plate than I can actually accomplish. And to top it all off, one of my good friends that I work with will be leaving tomorrow for a new job. It was a tough day today.

I came home like a zombie, going through the motions of taking care of my two daughters (4 and 6 years old) while my wife ran some errands. Essentially, just feeding them and making sure they didn't pull out each other's hair were my only goals.

My wife gets home with some groceries and can tell immediately that today was challenging. "Hey, girls? Why don't you go in the back room and watch the iPad after dinner?" My daughters needed no further instruction. Off into the back room they went. And then my wife offered to get my dinner together.

With tired but thankful eyes, I looked at my wife and just loved her. Yes, it was a moment.

After zoning out for a half-hour in front of the TV, it was time for our girls to start getting ready for bed. I went into our back bedroom to get the girls started and found them giggling at some goofy YouTube video of two girls making a pizza out of candy.

Maybe my short rest break brought about some new energy. Maybe I subconsciously craved some quality time with my kids. Or maybe I was just so tired that I was a little loopy.

Whatever the reason, I found myself leaping into the air and landing next to them both on the bed. Totally surprised, and a little annoyed at the interruption, they pulled away from my brash advance. But they couldn't escape the tickles.

I was like a ninja. Arms and fingers a blur, darting in and out, looking for unprotected armpits and knee caps. They could not stop my flurry of movement.

They responded with squeals of laughter, shouts of "No! No! No!", but conveniently leaving themselves exposed for another attack when the tickles stopped.

What started as probably a simple show of affection (I usually tire out within a minute or two) escalated into something bigger. I found myself chuckling at their laughter, then giggling, then outright roaring, feeding on their hysterics. As their laughter grew and grew, so did mine.

And then the tables turned: the tickler became the tickled. Both of my daughters began to reach for me, looking for my unprotected armpits and knee caps. With two against one, there was no chance.


Have you ever had a moment when you couldn't stop laughing because someone else was laughing, and they couldn't stop laughing because you were laughing? And the cycle just feeds on itself until you are two quivering puddles on the floor. This was like that.

My stomach was physically hurting - cramping! - because I was laughing so hard. I tried to put a stop to it: "OK. OK. Dad's done. Time to go to bed." But they kept coming! My whole body was shaking and convulsing as my daughters attacked, until finally I just could not physically laugh a chuckle more. And as suddenly as it started, the moment ended.

My girls got off the bed, a bit teary-eyed and wobbly-limbed (like me), and started heading to the bathroom to brush their teeth. "Hey, girls!" I called. "Come back here a sec."

They came back to a huge hug. I pulled their heads in to mine, and whispered, "Thank you... Dad needed that." And I really, really did.

I came to thee as to a friend,
Dearest, to thee I did not send
Tutors, but a joyful eye,
Innocence that matched the sky,
Lovely locks a form of wonder,
Laughter rich as woodland thunder;
That thou might'st entertain apart
The richest flowering of all art.

from "Threnody" by Ralph Waldo Emerson


There are still people who watch TV?

This reads better than some of the stories that are filed under 'writing'! You should add that tag, instead of the introduceyourself, calm down the bots!

Not a bad idea. I'll edit my tags. Yep, those bots can get annoying. Lol.

Could you do me a favor and Resteem? I just edited my tags.

BTW, I'll connect with you again on Discord when I get some free time. I have some ideas for you!

Sorry but I don't do resteem! When I go to a user's account and I see it's full of resteems, I just think my feed will get cluttered, and 9 out of 10 times I don't follow them! Same happens when I see a user's posts are all over the place. I have varied interests myself, so what I do is I label each post as a 'series', in parenthesis, so a user can give it a quick once-over and decide whether to ignore or look further. Hopefully in the future steemit will think something along the lines of users following a specific 'channel'. Cos I might be interested in food, but not in traveling or trading or train-hopping, but a user posts about all of these, so I have to look at it on my feed.

So, I try to help in other ways, but I never do resteem! Could always change my mind in the future tho, dunno.

No worries. I realized after I asked that resteeming doesn't resubmit it as new anyways. I'll just tag my posts better next time.

I'm hoping that Steemit Inc., puts some more work into the UI. Its really hard for new users to be seen, as unless a whale upvotes you into "hot" you'll just get buried under hundreds of new posts within seconds. It's a tough problem and I don't have any easy solutions.

Very very true. How is this thing supposed to go big, with such low retention rate?

I don't have any solutions either, but then I haven't thought about it. But one thing that I have thought, is that steemit should get quality content, that users will read and upvote anyway, i.e. without caring about the money. I.e., when you sign up into a well-known newspaper website, and you leave comments, and you 'like' or 'rate' articles, you don't care one bit about getting paid. So steemit should cultivate the mentality that you're here to upvote quality content, and if you get paid that's all good, but that's not the goal. The writer will get paid - that will all work like before. But the reader will upvote because the article is actually good.

So, how do we make that happen? Quality content. I don't know, maybe curation rewards should go away completely. I guess they implemented them because they worried that otherwise everyone will just post and no one will read. But what happens now is that people merely vote on stuff that they know will rise in popularity. So, for instance, there's a new article that just came up on my feed. I check, and there's just 3 people who voted. I quickly check the user's account, and every single one of his articles has made upwards of 300 dollars. So what do I do? I upvote, without having read the piece at all. (I don't do any of this, it's just what I imagine others do, comparing the upvotes to the views, that are usually half of the upvotes.) And it becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy: the article keeps rising because of a similar mindset, and it ends up trending, and there attracting even more attention, hence the trashy articles that mostly populate the trending pages.


Compare all this with Patreon. Patreon actually attracts incredibly high-quality content. It's how all youtube users get paid these days.

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Thanks for that! I didn't realize there were "rules" about using tags, and was a little taken aback by this bot. I don't want to make waves as I'm still getting my bearings on Steemit, but when posting this story I felt that it represented something important about me and my family that I hadn't yet shared. So... why not introduce that part of myself? The reasoning made sense in my mind, but it may not be what the community is looking for.

And thanks for reading, too!

Your reason for using the Tag is completely, 110% legitimate. Steem On, and don't mind the Spam-Bots.

(Courtesy of Saturday Night Live)

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