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RE: Want To Help? Donate To Free A Man From His Pain, Help Love Story End Without Pain

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Hi Dave

To 'cash out' you need either:

  • an account on exchange (like bittrex)
  • an online wallet like Coinbase

With the 2nd option, the STEEM or SBD would need to go via who converts STEEM/SBD, into the currency your wallet will hold, e.g. Litecoin. There is, i think, a 10% charge for going this way.

The easiest method, if someone is willing, is to bank transfer him the $, and for people to send you/someone the STEEM/SBD. If you are willing to do this, I will transfer you some SBD as help/a gift for them both.

Thank you for raising the awareness for them, that is very kind of you.


Thank you Asher for pulling out the analytics and trying to figure this stuff out!! I love to see you put that big brain of yours to work :)

We also saw your very kind and generous donation in Dave's wallet and saying thank you somehow doesn't adequately cover how full our hearts are at this moment, but thank you is all we have...well that, and a big internet hug :)

It's my pleasure to help. I've been quite vocal recently with the support I've received and I consider my gift to be from these kind souls.

Wishing you and Brian the best x

That's a really lovely thought, and one I'm going to "borrow" in the future :) I am a firm believer in a pay it forward attitude, and this will show it's face in my actions for many years to come!

Hey Asher, thank you very much for both the explanations of how to transfer and the offer of help directly! I am essentially going to do the "easiest method" for now since I don't want him to wait and send it to him via paypal. But I do think it is good for him in the future if he has access to his funds and doesn't have to wait to set everything up!

I appreciate your resteem too... Every potential eyeball is helpful! :)

I'm sure that both Brian and Lynn are very happy to see such an outpouring of support!

It is my pleasure to help. I've been very lucky here over recent months, and this is such a clear chance to pay-it-forward.

Best wishes both, and well done you.

Knowing someone direct who wants to buy is possibly even preferable, although I haven't compared fees.
The only reason not to buy/sell with strangers would be for the chargeback risk, which is when you have to go through the loop of steem -> litecoin -> litecoin market -> usd.

Hope Brian gets his meds.

I agree... I will do what I can to convert and @beeyou is going to do some too... Plus I want to set them up for the future withdrawals too! So they have no worries!

Thank you so much @schrosct! With this kind of support, I have to believe that things are going to work out just fine :)

@davemccoy I've been watching the "outpouring of love" for a few hours now and we are quite simply overwhelmed by it all. I knew this was a beautiful community here, but to be on the receiving end of it is really unreal. I keep switching between smiling, crying and shaking my head because it's all so unbelievable...and it's all thanks to you!