Recognizing an opportunity

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It looks as if things are starting to turn around already. The price of Steem reached a scary low price and on the same day, almost as if it was coordinated it jumped up 30% up. In short I prepared myself to sleep friday night wondering how long would it take for the price to turn around, only to wake up to the fact that it had done just that.

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I was happy to see the people who resonated with the message I shared on my last post. I realize that to many the challenges ahead are nowhere close to being done, but none the less chose to not lose hope.

The reaction and comments of my fellow Steemians on my last post, remind me of the reasons why I decided to join this platform and share messages of positivity. I'm aware that some of the things I say are not for everyone, and to some they seem like misplaced hope, but that's only because many choose to surrender to a more cynical side, and not embrace ideas aligned with gratitude and acceptance.

If you are still feeling a bit worried and confused. Take the opportunity to see the last days as a glimpse of what is sure to come. Markets are almost always cyclical, and this applies not only to cryptocurrencies, but also more traditional financial markets that exist. In truth, the technology of blockchain and the cryptocurrencies that have been built with it are destined for great things, but only for those who wait, only for those who recognize the opportunity ahead of us.

In my opinion, the best thing we could be doing at the moment is taking the time to learn more about cryptocurrencies and more specifically Steem. Understanding how things work, the value proposition of the currency in detail, does wonders to keep the mind at ease, I can guarantee that much.

I read a little while ago someone stating that if a currency does not gain in double digits, then it must mean the currency was not any good. I think this way of thinking is very short sighted, and it does not take into account the way speculators and traders think and operate. A steady growth is sustainable. It means that the people who have chosen to participate of the market are willing to hold long positions, to believe in the long term vision of a project. The contrast to that would be the hyper rallies with double digits that more times than most are market manipulations designed to make a small group of people very rich.

So I ask you, and I mean this sincerely. What is your long term vision for the platform? Are you here because you understand how a blockchain like Steem can effectively change the world? Or are you here because someone told you this was and easy way to make money?

My line of questions may sound harsh, but I think they are necessary, specially in trialing times like the ones we are living at the moment. In truth, none of the things that are easy to acquire have ever been worth anything. Its because of this that I believe that the challenge we are facing is probably proof that this is a struggle worth struggling for.

We hear it all the time, we read things like this all the time. People who get scared and sell their holdings when things don't go their way. They buy into a project, not understanding nor willing to understand the system, but hoping that everything goes well. I ask you, Does that make sense at all?

I have no doubt in my mind the recovery of the market is already underway. Most of the information available at the moment indicates that things are ripe to turn around. It's because of this that I call this moment, an opportunity. For contrast imagine how all those people who panicked and soled their steem for a dollar might feel at this moment. I bet there is more than a few who are feeling pretty upset, and it's only been two days.

We will have to wait a little longer and see what this week has in store for us. But I'm willing to bet that the Bull rally is about to start.

Stay safe, trade smart if you have to or do what is probably the best thing to do. Hold your coins and practice some patience.

Regards to all



Is it really necessary to pay your post this much?

Sorry, but this is EXTREMELY overpaid. Withdrawing my vote. I like the post, but I thoroughly disagree with its payout . . .

Just because you can do this doesn't mean that you should do this.

Another thing I've been wondering about this person, I think he's plagiarising photos from Getty and other blogs. Just look at his other posts and his image sources, mostly just random blogs or links to the image location.

@chbartist do you have permission to use these images?

In this post of yours:

You've used an image from Getty that would cost you at least 150 euros to license, have you actually paid that or have you just stolen it?

Actual source and prices for licensing:

If I'm wrong about this, I'll definitely apologize.

@daan : If u r right then how come CHEETAH has not detected this???

@fishaikh cheetah only detect copied content and not images. Correct me guys if i am wrong.

You're right I think, Cheetah only detects copied text.

Highly doubt it.

Highly doubt what?

Paying for that image.

I've noticed very bad trend, namely Steem has grown up and still growing, number of users, posts, price e.g
This implicate that whole community wants earn by posting bullshit, comments everywhere just because.
SteemIT have changed and I am worry of its future.

I think this might be a great time for @therealwolf and @smartsteem to step up and give sellers at least half as many options as they currently give buyers. It would be very easy to have a max cut off option for sellers to pick as far as what they vote on. I guess in the end, the game of greed runs deep on both sides of the bot ball.

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Should it just be about supporting each other?

@marksheppard i will also hope with you and definitely our hope , all of us hopes will bring the bright future ahead for every crypto lover.

Then I will hope that you and your hope and your hopes and our all definite hopes will bring hopes and brightness to you all:)

yes @marksheppard i follow and upvote you please do the same

I'm hoping toooo

I'd be fantastical to see it a reality. We all hope for that!

@marksheppard even i hope steem goes to moon.then i would be in lambo :)

Bitcoin and all crypto moneys is rich at the moment.

Hoping is the best thing to do and brings patience @marksheppard

Flagged for talking about opportunity, all while taking away plenty of opportunities from others through your excessive use of paid votes.

Thousands of us could write the same post, saying the same common sense tell them what they want to hear words. Most would earn pennies, and that's mainly due to people like you, @chbartist.

On the plus side, you're gullible. The more STEEM you purchase to buy votes, the more the rest of us hodlers earn. So whatever. I don't mind if more gullible people (those who are willing to pay for something that is free simply because someone told them it was a good idea. Example: idiots) come along to pay the rest of us like that, but in the long run, it harms the platform and discourages actual bloggers from taking part in this endeavor.

Thank you for your advertising revenue, but you fucked up, son.

maybe even worse than we thought.. looking at @daan's comment his pictures are probably stolen too

I had a change of heart and I'm removing my flag.

I know it's counterproductive, but if we get a few thousand gullible people to buy STEEM and blog in this fashion, where they lose money, continuously; yes, millions of accounts will struggle and this place along with all of the other related apps won't thrive, but those of us holding tokens will get rich because of their idiocy. Once these few people realize they're losing money and give up, more will step in to take their place, so, whatever. Many who pay to blog here think they're successful, and write about it, so it's like free advertising. More will want to be just like them. They're not very smart, but this is good for the bottom line and I think we need less actual content here, and more of these people. LOL!

To top it off, nobody is telling these plankton and minnows they won't earn anything by voting for these trending posts, so let's keep that a secret as well. They think if they vote for a post with many votes, they'll earn more, but they actually earn less. Far less than they'd earn if they simply paid attention to each other. Don't tell them, nobody else is, and I think there's a reason for that. So let them struggle too.

Meanwhile, those of us who know better can make money from all of this. Win/win for everyone except those who blog in this fashion and the people who vote for them. Let them struggle, it's their choice anyway, so that means it's what they want.

Well, that's another way looking at it.. I agree when you say they will be struggling here because they're clueless.. Engagement is really key here on Steemit, simple as that. Well not simple, it takes time and effort for sure. But I find it pretty rewarding (not only in the earning way lol) to engage a lot with people..

Have a good day! By the way I was struggling to pronounce your account name until just days ago when I so the capitals you use along with it. Dumbass me! lol

It is hightime to buy steem and take advantage of its low price and reap the reward later coz it is expected to rise again, hopefully. I am still adamant that crypto as a whole will recover and start to skyrocket again same as before, hope soooOoo.

I think the fact that these important alts surged today, indicates that the market has put in a bottom, next stop Steem $225 :)

$225 is too much now. May be in the future

if bitcoin get up that mean steem get up too?@cyberblock

$225 is too much i think.

I agree with this too. The low price almost doesn't even phase me at this point because I see the long term potential of Steemit, Even if its' struggling at the given moment.

yes really true .... time to invest if anybody can. @kaylinart

hi @kaylinart pls follow me and upvote me.... thanks

Steem will rise again !!!!!!

Nobody knows for sure!

but some are predict very perfectly
i think we can follow these advice

@therealwolf I understand @chbartist has the money but feel that the cap is still too high considering his content quality. Surely some users need to be de-ranked or even given harder caps when there is clear abuse such as this?

Also a push for all the bots to use your whitelist with a cap across the board based on the current reward pool? <--bit technical , do not know what I am talking about.

Really just spitballing here - some standardization would be nice this is not youtube and we don't need brainless people to look like they are ruling steem.

I mention you mainly because I feel you are the only ethical "bot" owner on his list the others seem to be incapable of logical thinking which does not include profiteering. At the very least they can do checks to see what others have voted and also include that into the total cap.
@postpromoter, @appreciator, @upme, @upmewhale, @booster, @therising, @rocky1, @boomerang, @promobot, @sneaky-ninja

and the other money whores @emperorofnaps, @lordgod, @z8teyb289qav9z, @sirvotesalot, @enlil

An older slogan that was original on the steemit website was "Money talks".

Hi @chbartist i think its all depends on news... If we Spreading postive news bull run definitely come very soon... What u think reply plz...?????

sometimes yes and sometimes not. Here it is being seen that for last 6 months heavy investors are playing the major game. Sometimes Mt. Gox, sometimes FUDs and sometime some ridiculous piece of news. In this year in each dip new investors are motivated to get in but after that those are playing their big games. I think crypto world is following Darwin's law of survival.

copy paste from google
i think you don't know what are you saying

I am agree with your opinion because such an interaction happens on every cycle of trade.You thought as well but one thing is more that matters is ''Volume''.Thank You for your nice comment.

@ytguide thanks for your opinion....

I agree, but too much news can be dangerous as well, as it creates hype. Last year when everyone were writing about Bitcoin, I just wanted them to leave it alone, letting it have a natural growth, rather than people feeling that they have to buy before it was too late, before they learnt to love Bitcoin enough to not sell at the slightest price decrease.

Yes crypto market changes quickly based on news

@chabartist btc will up soon if u see on weekend its goes to 6200
i am agree with china market also come so defintlybtc will groom soon

Bitcoin future prediction:

Honestly, in 2011 it went from pennies to $20, then back down to $4. In 2013 it went from $4 to $200, back down to $60 ish and then up to $1000 and then back down to $300. It fluctuated a few times before 2017 when it went to $20,000 and then back down to $6000… All of those previous swings are larger than the swings we’re seeing now. Now everyone is acting like the sky is falling because it lost half it’s value from peak, even though we’ve seen worse swings than this. Due to past trends, I legitimately think we’ll see it go up to $50,000 or even $100,000 before it tanks back down to $20,000 ish. If that happens, I think we’ll see people say the same thing that they’re saying now; “Bitcoin lost so much value, it’s finished,” just like they’re doing now, and I think they’ll be just as wrong that time too.

I think you might be right. If Bitcoin starts rising for real again, media will start covering it again. People who held will be convinced hodling was the only right move. People who sold high will probably sell high again. The sceptics will be more sceptic than ever and the whole cycle will probably repeat at a larger scale. Maybe.

yes @oyvindsabo buddy dec 018 onwrds btc goes to 60000 dollars keep hold ur coin

@vaibhavlakshmi I totally agree with you. Today world'd oldest known crypto exchange BTC china is back in business. HUGE positive news for all of us.Bitcoin already jumped above 6600+ and like your name Vaibhav means abundance and lakshmi = Goddess of Money , crypto will bring us both i.e. abundance and money.

thanks @xoxoxoxo such a lovely explanation of my name,your agree is also to bepositive btc come again and go up to market at 60000 dolars..keep hold ur btc

@vaibhavlakshmi very nice keep eyes on market....

pls follow me and upvote me... i do the same

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What is bitcoin Cash.. Is this replace real bitcoin???

It's an alternative but I do not believe it's a replace @handicraft

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@chbartist sir good news bull run comeing soon.........

Good news will be available in just a short time!`

HI ..!
Sorry for interfere but i want to share a positive think with all of you...!
My friend who suggested to come and work on steem. He had told me firmly
"A day will come when the steemians are enjoying more earning then other's...!!"

This is very good Platform , I am new here.

Welcom on steemit platform.

you also welcome !!!
May you enjoy the platform.

well come to u @ajitumat...
i follow u pls follow me and upvote me...thanks

yes true its time to invest and hold the crypto.... @chbartist

what do you think how much take time the market goes up ??

Do you think the price of Bitcoin at the end of this year can be reach $20K?

Who can predict? There is no way to predict crypto due to volatile nature

No, Bitcoin (BTC) will fall below $5k at exactly November 2018. This is my crypto prophecy. Mark my words and profile.

I hear talk of bitcoin hitting upwards of 30K this year but as @steemero says, who can honestly predict what it's going to do? Cryptocurrency is volatile as can be, so as long as you don't hope for a quick return you will do alright.

Maybe 2019!

Do you think you'll also look into other cryptocurrencies like ArtByte? :)

U r right sir......but I think market go down again 10-12% and then take a 25% jump.

Sure its time to convert fiat into crypto

I am investing using dollar cost averaging technique..but only that amount which if i lose should not hurt much

if big degree in steem support new person in steem ,is that make support to amount of steem or not ?

I think the bull run will comes with in a month or in November or December Reply plz...,

we know that this is dependent on the news but time is change... bull run is near!

i think its not change crypto market all based on news... we are try to change the news bad to good....
@ishaq1012 thanks for comment....

@mharjit But we are seeing that the news is dropping the market downwards for quite some time!

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Yes, the bull rally may have already started. This bear market has shook out the last of the weak hands, I suppose. Crypto markets are prone to long bear markets with pessimism and long bull markets with euphoria! I've been HODLing through both since the end of 2016!

In your post you stated...

"So I ask you, and I mean this sincerely. What is your long term vision for the platform? Are you here because you understand how a blockchain like Steem can effectively change the world? Or are you here because someone told you this was and easy way to make money?"

I guess in regards to our vision for what Steemit is, I feel like you left out somethign important.

There's some people interested in how the blockchain can change the world, there's others interested in money, and then there are people who enjoy social media, consuming content, etc who may not really care about either and just want to be entertained, consume news or entertainment, or connect with others. That is one area of Steemit that is lacking.

I feel like were all creators talking at each other and playing the Steemit game, I don't know anyone who's not a creator on here who actually comes here to consume content like someone would on Twitter, Reddit, Youtube, etc. I think we need that component if Steem is ever to go anywhere but we'll never have it with this whole shit show of hot and trending not being good content but being paid for content

I appreciate your comment but I want you to understand that above all things the most important to me is respect with people but we must not forget that everyone here is on a crypto platform and this is market and sometimes people they lose a little in this concept. Everyone is here to make money and not to do philanthropy. I'd like you to notice the fact that I vote for people who take the time to write something even if it's divergent from me or people I distinctly realize that they need money to eat. This is one way that steemit has so I can distribute the income in some way. I respect you, I believe in steem, and I try to write in a simple way so people can understand. I will always try to write so that people understand why I believe this is the most important. If writing simply for many is a low profile content I do not care about it because I'm not here to be Shakespeare. I really will always try to write in a way that all people of all social classes can understand. I could write like a poet but I definitely do not believe this is effective for most people. You got my respect. All the best! @rulesforrebels

Hey buddy thanks for responding. I guess that's one thing about Steemit that really interests me is the element of Steemit finding itself and what its all about. To me every social media platform has it's own identity, its own distinct set of unwritten rules so to speak, and a certain element of what its all about ie Pinterest is a different type of platform than Instagram, both are photo platforms but your not gonna see nearly as many "big booty hoes" on Pinterest as you are on Instagram, Pinterest is more cutesy stuff. Youtube has it's own identity as does Twitter.

In regards to Steemit being about cryptocurrency. Obviously it's built on the blockchain, the earnings you earn on here are cryptocurrency so in that sense it makes sense that the platform is heavily cryptocentric. Do you ever think this platform will be mainstream so that a 15 year old kid who spends time on Youtube and Instagram will also spend time on here regardless of how interested they are in crypto? Maybe this platform could be a way to get people interested in crypto ie people who formerly didn't have much interest find a community like this where you can earn from being active and involved and that spurs an interest in crypto?

I'm just kkinda rambling and thinking out loud but I guess what I'm getting at here is Steemit always going to be for crypto people and not for "normies" for lack of a better word?

@chbartist market is still in uncertainty, it's follow atlernative rule of growth.
Every alternative day market turn into 5-10% up and next day market turns in 5-10% down..
What the hell in this market, for last 5-6 months.

Time to invest friend! and wait bull! @devkapoor423 Regards!

Have my highs high just like my head everyday I am on here. There is a lot of opportunity and much more room to grow as the platform grows. Make the best of it. Its already changed so many peoples lives , like my own. Its a new begining when no one offered it to me.

The sum of all the events of the past week in the financial world has resulted in a slight drop in the cryptocurrency market, and the Steem market was no exception. During the financial day of yesterday and today, it seems that cryptocurrency has started a minimal recovery, so we will be attentive to see if the morning trend continue the upward trend, or again fall.
We must remember that this is a market in which you can amass a fortune and lose it instantly due to its wide fluctuations and the high volatility they have.
For those of us who want to learn more about the world of cryptocurrencies, it is a risky venture, since ignorance in this matter can cause great losses, one of the virtues that must be had within the financial world is Patience, knowing how to wait for the precise moment to make the right moves and get the desired results.
Remember that Patience is a Virtue, we must have Peace in the Storm, as the storm passes we will see the sun shine ... !! @chbartist @marksheppard @moneyguruu

Complete agreement. Hope is a great feeling. But growing bitcoin supports it

you are absolutely right @chbartist ... I think on cryptocurrencies platform smart work is more powerful than hard work. those who recognize the system smartly, can find the opportunity quickly... am I right or wrong Mr. @chbartist ? and obviously thanks for sharing your experience.

Hi @chbartist, I am new to Steem platform. I enjoyed your post (also any crypto discussion). Could you pass by one of my first posts Speech-Making "The Mind", maybe give me some tips about the writing; You are a successful one, and I would enjoy a lot to hear any comments fro your side. Thanks (in advance)! See you soon.

Hi @chbartist. Thanks for being such a major source of inspiration. True, I've began to change my perspective on the platform as I dive in steadily. I see it as an investment not a quick rich scheme. Yeah, there is a positive green line in the price value which puts a smile in our face. True,patience is required for being a successful entrepreneurer. I believe the STEEM currency would go higher in value as the days go by and we shall benefit from it.

Thanks for your amazing posts
Love ❤

Thx @tobah. All the best!

You too! Thanks 😊

"In my opinion, the best thing we could be doing at the moment is taking the time to learn more about cryptocurrencies and more specifically Steem. " i agree and in these days i try too to understand better the cryotocurrencies world, by the way i am quite positive, i see in these days the things increase a bit so i try not to worry, ii believe this platform could be really a revolution if we build it properly <3 Thank you for sharing you got a new follower!

Thank you @noemilunastorta. All the best!

It's all about understanding how the system works. As a student, i invested almost all my savings in steempower and if i were to do it all over again, i will do it without thinking twice. The system's real advantage will be seen a decade from now when those who understood and waited are benefitting.

Hi, I'm new to Steem and I have to say, I came here for the mindset rather than the financial opportunity. Steemit is much more than "an easy way to get rich", not only because it's not easy but because it provides much more than that! Since I arrived here, I'm thrilled by what I've learnt so far: I haven't posted anything yet but I've earn so much, not money, but a community and some serious knowledge!
In a nutshell, I'm here for the content and because I'm a crypto enthusiast, not for the money since I don't intend to cash out.
Just followed you because I feel you're the kind of Steemians Steemit needs :)

You are right @chbartist. Market is going to bullish trend and will reach high very soon. We should learn to hold our coins when the market is low. Instead low market gives the opportunity to buy. I wish huge profit for hodlers.

People are afraid od cryptos, because of hakers attacks. I read one article today with that quote. From banks it's very hard to steal all your money. I heard about stealing giant amounts od cryptos just like that. Damm hackers. Price of any cryptocurrency will change in time , nothing can rise and rise all the time.No goverment here fight for lack of giant price changes.Reason why i am on steemit is to show world this beauty I am seeing.Firstly I thought yeah , easy money. No , this money are very hard to earn at the beginning. When I made all this photos I realized this is what i want to have as a hobby. Will continue to do so :). Don't worry about price changes , keep cryptos for loger time , never sell when it's going down.Be patient

I've upvoted and followed you because I agree with some of what you're saying. I'm actually new here and I have a slightly different perspective. I actually bought my very first steem last night, got myself a steemit account and powered up all my steem.

I'm doing it because I see the potential this platform has to give voice to people like myself that are getting drowned out on the more mainstream platforms. I don't know if the price of steem will ever really recover to it's all time highs. But I do know that this low point gives a chance for working poor people like me to make a name for ourselves and better our lives. So maybe not only hold, but buy and power up.

I found this cool feature on the site a few minutes ago that lets me power everything up. As I power up all my earnings it means my vote will be worth more and the people I bring to the platform will get my votes and that will encourage them to bring more over.

So why isn't this feature being discussed? That's almost a killer app right there? Bring your friends, buy a little steem and power everything up. Give your little unheard of group a voice and a chance to make the front page of a new revolutionary platform.

I recently deleted my facebook account over the cambrage analytical scandal. I'm wondering why those who still have facebook accounts aren't coming here. I mean seriously, paid for blogging anf upvotes? Sign me up!

Agree @saragarmee. All the best! Welcome!


The price is very low. Maybe it is an opportunity for us to collect more assets. And then when the price goes up it's time to sell.

Actually thi is long term value investing warren buffet style. You buy in as much as you can now and just wait and then just live off the interest or in this case, you live off curation and a few self upvotes here and there or selling your vote, renting your SP etc so you see,

YES Value investing! just be like @fyrstikken and buy 700,000+ Steem at 7 cents at one of steems all time lows and then power it up, sell your votes and promote good content to promote steem, and then just make enough money to LIVE off if you want! Thats what he did and i mean he probably didnt need steem, we needed him! And he isnt gonna "sell" just because steem is high, hes going to stay staked and continue to earn MUCH more money from Post rewards Curation and also becoming a star on steem whenever he feels like it because as a whale you get to just have a following and change peoples lives around the world.... and anyone of us can do the same thing if we just invest enough into steem NOW we can one day be as rich as fyrstikken was this year but by then he will be a billionaire but that will be GREAT for us as WELL because his upvotes will be like winning the lottery, million dollar upvotes, and that is when the reward pool is in the hundreds of millions per week but hey .... this is the future and the future has some fumy characters :D

@rades you are right ...but market is known for uncertainties one can predict...what u think ??

I just upvoted you! I found similar content that readers might be interested in:

LOL are you seriously trying the tactic of copying what Cheetah says? LOL :D

That's true. I also wish it increase soon.

@chbartist I just upvoted you! I found similar content that readers might be interested in:


@chbartist Great article - what I find fascinating about ‘the market’ is the vast expanse of values and choices based upon purposes of the respective currencies - I’m a ‘fundamentals’ investor - I like choosing one or two blockchain that interest me (e.g. STEEM and EOS) and then learning as much as I can about each while attempting to leverage the value by evangelizing and using. I’m in for the long-haul in these projects and see nothing but UP for both of them. They’re brilliantly conceived and each serves very useful niches while creating and extending value. Admittedly I’m a Minnow (the BTC run last year wiped me out) but that was on me - the beauty of crypto land is that it is ‘everyman’s’ Field of Dreams - and it makes sense to educate yourself to become a productive trader or long-term investor - pick a niche and pursue it - there’s no lack of opportunity- love your posts - keep ‘me coming!!

I think the long term future will be amazing for the Steem Blockchain.

I like your post, particularly it's positive upbeat outlook. Where can I find the best source to follow your advice - 'learn more about cryptocurrencies and more specifically Steem. Understanding how things work, the value proposition of the currency in details - ? Thank you.

We're going to the moon, my friend. The incentives are too great for people to move from facebook/youtube etc. over here, where we have a rabid decentralized sales force fully incentivized to bring people over. Happy steeming, and thanks for posting!

Dont think the prices of bitcoin will go down up to $5000-5100 Mark. it is quite impossible as the technical indicator suggest that it will jump up to $7000 soon. Time to buy not to sell.

Why on earth is this post valued at 1230$? I think the answer on where Steemit fails is right there in your message. If I wrote this post, it would have probably earned me 0 upvotes and 0 reward. Through automatic upvoting, bots and those with a lot of money voting for others at the upper echelon, Steemit will never reach it’s full potential. Greed and wrong incentives are the issue.

I am not saying I create great content all the time, but literally all you write here is nothing new. I read it twice, I truly can’t see what is so valuable about your post. Just words mentioning the same thing everyone else mentions. Sorry to sound harsh, but anyone that can explain to me why this post is worth over a months house rent will sent 5 sbd.

I created a platform for people to study crypto together on Steemit, been trying to promote this for two weeks now, not a single comment or upvote worh over 1 cent is received. Eventhough the platform offers a unique chance for Steemers to learn more. Only reactions I got is bots, even my introductionary post was met by 9 greetings from bots.

It seems weird that there are not at least some comments from people on my posts. I put 8 months in the website and I still think it has a lot of potential for Steemit.

True this platform is not meant to earn a quick buck, but when I see posts like this earn 1200$ I am afraid to say, that even though I love the fundamentals of Steemit, the system is flawed? People are using the wrong incentive to upvote posts and clearly don’t upvote because of quality.

My conclusion, Steemit right now is all about bots and upvoting those with a large userbase, those with much steempower, rather then looking at true quality content.

honest reply, great

Because he used 120SBD to boost the post via @smartsteem , then proceeded to buy from the other bots at probably double that value the sheep see that and think oh wow this person is the best piece of shit in a sea of shit gotta read the insightful words that my 5 year old could have written but instead he feels like a sociopath so that has to be amazing if one is to look at all our amazing politicians this makes me feel right at home.

Steem Kardashians.


I would say that steemit right now and since its inception has always been about money, trying to get money, and trying to appeal to those with money.

Well I think for many it is or was, but when I initially joined it felt fun to befriend people and actively look at posts and comment. It felt a bit like if I posted someone at least I got one or two remarks, now when I look at threads it amost feels nobody curates anymore or bothers to look at posts. Maybe I am just looking in the wrong channels, I ma not giving up hope yet!

I think it's important to have a long term vision for the platform, which is why I'm sharing a lot of well written content on here. The thing that attracted me to Steem was that it felt more like a community, meaning people are more likely to feel PERSONALLY invested as opposed to just FINANCIALLY invested. It's that personal investment that has the potential to change the world! Thanks for this insightful post.

yes blockchain is the future of technology andblockchain like Steem can effectively change the world. social community steem definately change the world. are you agree? pease tell me

It's great to read your post, I read all your posts, much to learn from your post, much to know, I hope you are looking forward to such a beautiful post from you, you go forward, we are always with you, steemit A big flat platform! All our favorite sites, we all are here to build careers, since I am new here, so I want to help you with all of your help! Your! Hope you can get all the help you need on steemit, if you like, if you like, you can also improve yourself steemit! Thank you for posting a good post.

Thx @mdselim98. All the best!

@chbartist according to me bull run will not start from this position. Bitcoin will must be at its low level, and that is the time when whale take entry with trillion of money.

hi @chbartist sir its all depends on the news if the news is positive then defenately will get good result and steem has potential and it has very bright future so what you think sir pls reply?

I believe in Steem! @r7trader . All the best!

@chbartist for me crypto and blockchain is here to stay . Very soon i am expecting everyone in world will be not just talking about it but will accept it as well . Already big giants are trying to adopt blockchain and i really feel we are sitting on a gold mine as the people who are in at the begin of everything good are the one who make most out of it .

yes sumit i also agree upon your comment. we really are sitting on the gold mine. During 80's and 90's people did not even noticed about internet, But no one can imagine this world without internet in current time. Internet is everywhere likewise I am expecting from not more than 10 years from now we will see crypto mainstream, And those who on board the train early will change his life forever. thanks for posting... My blogs are based on crypto and short stories ...just have a look on it.. you will be amazed for sure....thank you

@moneyguruu, yes you are right once people will go back from market with lots of loss and People will stop talking about Bitcoin. Then again market will rise and then again will come back.
So here is two types of Investors one of them are holding their coins and keep their focus away from crypto and another types of Investors who were keep eye on Coin market cap and every fluctuations make them Panic and they are selling either in loss or in little profit..

@moneyguru what u think? will market boom.....i think 2018 will be worst for crypto

We should just keep kalm and wait for the very bright future near and keep patience in near future i think steemit will become very good for earnings source and for social media 😊