The Best Time Is Now! - Dominate Your Emotions, Keep Hope Inside Your Mind...

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Hello there my Steemit friend:

I'm sure that today is one of those rough days when its extra hard to keep a smile on your face. This is precisely why I decided to write this post at this moment, because I realize that you might be feeling very disheartened, very disappointed with the current market valuation. If you are feeling panic, if you are feeling stressed, I hope this open letter gives you a reason to remain calm and keep your hopes up.

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I've lived most of my life wearing many hats, as an artist I've had to fight to achieve what I've built, but as an Entrepreneur my ability to remain calm, to practice patience, to find my emotional balance has been tested to absolute extremes. This has been the case almost from the start of my professional life, and it continues to be so even today, many decades later.

Spending half of my time traveling, living in Brazil as well as USA, I've had the privilege of having a somewhat objective view on the way markets behave. The country where I was born, Brazil, is extremely hostile to those with an Entrepreneur's heart. Without going into specific details, just attempt to imagine an economy were being late on a credit card payment, or paying the minimums due to financial hardships, results in 400% annual interest.

You might be asking yourself. Why is this relevant to the conversation? Well, to put this into simple words: Operating in an economy like Brazil has taught me to really learn to control my emotions, to keep a level head even when the situations looks extremely difficult, in order to make the best decisions possible.

Looking at the cryptocurrency markets today I was reminded of these particular times in my life and I thought it would be a good time to invite others to reflect upon this realities of the markets. This cycle is actually very normal, and not only within cryptocurrencies, but you could make the case that it's normal in life in general.

I realize many people who participate of this platform are having a really hard time at the moment, not knowing what's going to happen to all the time and money they have invested on Steem. I can see as well that many are selling their tokens in panic. It's obvious when I see the order books on exchanges like binance. But I'm here to tell you that today, right now, is not the time to be selling. It's actually the absolute worse time to be selling your holdings.

As an Entrepreneur I've lived through many financial winters, but overcoming those hard times was not a thing of coincidence or luck. I remember vividly those moments when my emotional fortitude was tested, when I believed sometimes for just seconds there was not way I was going to come out the victor on the other side. I would fight those negative thoughts not allowing my mind to ponder those possibilities bringing me anxiety and pain.

It was just a few weeks ago that I shared on this blog one of my favorite movies, The Pursuit of Happiness. My personal story may not be precisely like that, but in many ways I relate a lot to the character of the story. I also had to struggle to grow, to learn. I also started from the ground up.

When I was younger I did not have the advantage of having a mentor. Someone that could give me advice at times when I truly needed it. This is why I'm so insistent on the idea of keeping an open mind, on being receptive when people that have walked the path before share with us their experiences as I'm doing with you today.

I remember hearing a long time ago someone say that to make money, to create wealth, you need to have money. I know today that this is very inaccurate. At this point there are thousands of examples of people that inherit fortunes, or win the lotto, only to lose it all in a very short time.

To accumulate wealth, to grow, you need a plan, and you need the right attitude. And that is the core message I want to leave with you today. Hold your chin up high, don't give up, don't lose hope, look at these times like the opportunity to practice strength, to practice patience and nothing else.

As I've said already a couple of times this week, right now is not the time to be dumping our holdings into an exchange filled with fear. It's the time to get creative, to see if we can acquire some more, or keep the ones we have, while we patiently wait for the market to turn around, because we know it will. It always does. I believe in this so much I've made an effort to buy more Steem this whole week too.

I'm going to leave this post there, with a simple yet powerful promise. If we stay positive, if we learn to control that fear, that panic and work on our personal development, before you know it summer will have arrived. Then we can look back at these times and smile thinking to ourselves how much we overreacted to it all.

A huge hug to you all, much love



HMMMMMMMM........ This could be considered blasphemous but hear me out. Those who HOLD carry the bags of those who sold.

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Ill be doing Detailed research on coins very soon.

Lol, most already have 😂😂🤔

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@crypto2crypto Well said ... I have lost my bags to most of them ;-) Now its turn to HODL.

Either you or I have misunderstood this reply...

I understand it to be...the person who holds, carry the bags of those who got rich by cashing in....

If I'm not mistaken he's giving some cryptically sage advice....Reading between the lines is crucial @shiv0072.



@spiritualmatters I think you misunderstood me, Once before I had Bags to hold then due volatility I Sold everything. I couldnt become rich because of my eagerness. Now I want to HODl some and try become rich.

I think you misunderstood me

My deepest, I DID! Thanks for clarifying; but, I like my version better; because, you will have to admit there's much truth in that on some level.

I'm HODL right now ONLY because I will take an even worse loss to sell at this point; and, I have zero yen to study crypto on any level. Thankfully, it's in the wallet doing whatever it will do.

This Steemit experiment is showing me how much energy goes into 'successful' trading. The volatility can be draining. Kudos to all who have the yen to 'play' the 'game'.


Hardest part of research is when you find the right coin but can not decide what to sell/trade to get them without invest new cash

@crypto2crypto followed you, what is your opinion, is btc hit all time high end of this year ?

Now that coinbase has clearance we could easily see 20k

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Ok I will look foreword to know details :)

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Rather those who hold carry the bags for those who will buy

@chbartist Do you really think about bitcoin can again reach ATH this year ??????

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4months ago My portfolio was 10k now it's only 850$.... I hope we can see the bullrun very soon

9 years ago my portfolio was 5K now it's ;)

How Much Money u made with Crypto ???

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It will be back no worry

hang in there! by end of 2019 you will be happy! :)

I wish I could say that the next bull market is just around the corner but I believe it is going to take some time. The 2013/2014 boom and correction cycle took almost 2 years to transition into another bull market. I am not saying it will take that long this time but we must be prepared to be patient. I believe it is only a matter of time until the next bull market, the question is how much time? My opinion is that those who are patient and wait for cryptos to bottom, then use that as a buying opportunity will be richly rewarded.


Belas palavras de incentivo para tempos difíceis conterrâneo. Realmente quando se trata de empreendedorismo e livre iniciativa o Brasil é um pesadelo, isso pra dizer o mínimo.

Great post!
Thanks for tasting the eden!

Very well said man. I would also like to go a bit out of boundary now.

Many altcoins are going to 0. This is exact repeat of dotcom bust. The difference is the impact of crypto meltdown is insignificant compared to dotcom bust. .. One other difference is many companies have raised significant capital via ICO and the cost of operation is very small. So they can continue operate in the "zombie" mode for long time. This is not good. It would be better to fail and would help few good companies in come out and drive the crypto growth and adoption.

I believe top 50 altcoin will survive

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Yes I agree but some can have a future.
Do you think IOTA will be used in the IoT network or is it more likely that companies like IBM will get the lead with their private blockchains?

it will great to see many shitcoins finally hit the fan. the market will be better afterwards

Man should always be optimistic. Because everything in the world moves like a wheel. Down today, then tomorrow will definitely come up.
Thanks for increasing the courage in time. I will hold my cryptocurrency.
We do not do the work in which the profits are fixed. We do the work in which there is a risk of losing.

Yes @chbartist, it's hard time for every crypto lovers no one knows what will happen next day in the market.. every thing is uncertainty in the market, even most experienced traders can't predict.
But Now I'm thinking that Bitcoin is beheaving same as 2014, and if really it follow the year 2014.
Then it might be take a long time to be recovery.
just read below blog here

But what do you think Mr. @chbartist about market is really take long time to recover or will recover soon???
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this bubble correction is moving twice as fast as the 2014 bubble. if that continues, by end of 2019 we could seriously be at 100k btc

These are very true words.
Although there's no way of knowing exactly how the crypto currency markets will react in the end (it's all still new and subject to many unexpected changes, legislation, etc.), I still hold on to my crypto investments. True, it's not fun at all to look at the portfolio and see that the amount written there grows smaller and smaller every day, or that my Steem vote value grows smaller even though I continue to earn them and technically should have a higher value than before; but I do believe it's only a temporary thing, and that in the end it will be fine.
Here's to hoping, fingers crossed :-)


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"Traders can only steal your profits if you sell."

I love that post so inspiring, grat job

Who read the inspiring post he/she love his/her life more.

it is true it is an inspiring post.

@nuevo you r right nurvo

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