The Old Dog Visits: The Tiny But Amazing Liechtenstein!

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Yesterday on our way home from Tyrol we stopped off to visit Liechtenstein and its capital Valduz. 

Have you every heard of this country? It's a unique place as I'll explain.

Photo credit. All other photos mine.

Here you can see where it is located within Europe.

Some Facts About Liechtenstein 

  • It's one of only two doubly landlocked countries in the world as it is completely surrounded by other landlocked countries, Switzerland and Austria.
  • It is the 6th smallest independent nation in the world with an area of just about 160 square km.
  • It is one of the richest countries per capita in the world and is known as a tax haven for billionaires.
  • Unemployment is one of the lowest in the world at 1.5%
  • It is a member of the United Nations but not the European Union.
  • It is a Constitutional Monarchy headed by a prince Hans-Adam II
  • The population is only under  40,000
  • The language is German
  • It has one if the lowest crime rates in the world and anyone who receives a sentence of more that two years is transferred to Austria.
  • To become a citizen you can apply only after 30 years of residence. If you lived there before age 20 those years count as 2 years. You must though, renounce your original citizenship.
  • It became an independent nation in 1866.

Here Are a Few Photos of Valduz

Here you can see one of the main squares of this immaculaty kept town!

That's me looking up at one of the dozens of sculptures that line the pedesrtrian area!

Here is another very large sculpture which attracts all those who pass it!

There are many weird and wonderful things to look at in Valduz!

Many of the sculptures feature rusted steel which ceates many shades, textures and patterns.

Here is another one of the very large works.

I hope that you enjoyed this visit to the small but fascinating country of Liechtenstein!

Until next time,  


@kus-knee (The Old Dog) 

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Cool pictures, Liechtenstein it's a little bit like Switzerland and also a little bit like Austria :-D


So true! We should have one of your sculptures there!


Oh yes!!! Good idea :-)))

Amazing tiny country! Would like to live there to retire.


Good idea!

Wow that's amazing I never even knew that this city existed.. and that you have to reside there fort 30 years for citizenship. Man that's something!

Thanks for the great informations and beauty of the sixth smallest independent nations of the world.Wow,the pictures of the sculptures are so wonderful and majestic one.Again thanks for the beautiful post dear,you are always fantastic.


Thank you!

Nice pics. Hows the food in Liechtenstein?

Wow a country! It seems beautiful and having rich look (Your article has proven it)! I think I heard about this country in very first time! Thank you for that also!


Carina, da visitare!!!

Fabulous! The first photo is quite breathtaking. The sculptures are wonderful too - not a place I have explored but it looks very much worth a visit. Thanks for the overview - an interesting list of facts I knew a few of but not all. Great post 🦋🌴❤️🌈


Yes we were surprised at how nice it was!

I love Lichtenstein! Have you been to the museum there? I don't remember the name of the museum but it was very interesting and you can learn there a lot about the history of the country.

Oh, the mountains there are amazing! Hiking paradise!


We didn't visit the museum time time but we passed by. Next time!


We didn't visit
The museum time time but
We passed by. Next time!

                 - kus-knee

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.


I hope you'll manage next time. It is worth a visit!

" known as a tax haven for billionaires."

Well good thing you told us about this. We will need to know that for when Steem moons!!!



I am 56. I would have to be alive at 86 and living there to be considered a resident. Hmmm. No wonder it is well preserved. Beautiful concept and appears clean in multiple ways. And yes enjoyed the sculptures. Thanks my friend @kus-knee for sharing your experiences.


Yes 30 years is a good long time!

o0o awesome view especially your photography is prosperous. Damn nice country, I hope the country of Liechtenstein has cooperation in various fields with the Indonesian state such as: culture, customs, economy, politics, law, defense and security, and provides visa exemptions for Indonesian tourist visits, and vice versa,

Public say:

What else can be said :D Great country, nice people, zero crime, wealth, no pollution, mountains, skiing area, low tax, 5min to switzerland/Austria and for those, who want to go to church on sundays, why not.. Totally free believe system.

Really spectacular place

Thanks @kus-knee


Yes, very nice!

It looks awesome. Especially the statues.


I agree!

This sculpture will facinate women haha ..

Do you know of any other places that require that long of wait to become a citizen? Thanks @kus-knee

What an incredible country, @kus-knee! It certainly seems like a neat paradise, with such a low crime and unemployment rate. It's a pity that it takes many years to have citizenship, I imagine it's to protect oneself from unproductive people. The photos are really beautiful and the sculptures are impressive. Thank you for sharing your experience and your work!


I appreciate your visit!

nice pics

place looks kinda boring tho


Wow! Such an awesome place. I enjoy the beautiful scenery. I also appreciate your wonderful photography.

hola amigo wuao todas las imágenes son fantásticas, la que más me gusto fueron las zapatillas, pero ahora es una hermosa ciudad con lugares extraordinarios que provocan visitar algún día saludos amigo

That first picture is beautiful and I had no idea this place existed! It makes sense that billionaires live here, why wouldn't they!? The only thing it is missing is a beach! Being landlocked looks like the only downfall!

Follow and an upvote from me! I can't believe I haven't seen your page until now! I am looking forward to future posts!


I agree with you, @annemariemay, not having a beach can be a downfall. But since the country is so small, it is very easy and fast to get for example to the Bodensee (less than an hour by car), which is a huge lake in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and also the italian coast is not too far away 😊


That sounds perfect! A lake will work! haha

As Ali said we went last summer. I was not so impressed with Vaduz. Especially as I think I read that the castle is closed to visitors even if the prince is not there (but I don’t remember 100%). We enjoyed being up on the valley side and having such a great view of literally the entire country.

The place we missed and kind of regret is Balzers. It is a town near the south with a castle on top of a hill. I know nothing about it other than seeing it from the bus, yet it looks cool.

On the other hand, nice photography, awesome journey, all the best, have a good day, keep moving forward.

You are very beautiful. In which some pictures are very amazing.

It definitely has to be a small country by my guess, for the unemployment rate it's definitely mind blowing really I've never heard of the country really, but my goodness look at the views from you camera. Beautiful country I must say.

Never heard the name before but this place is looking ao beautiful and nice.

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I always wanted to go there just because I like obscure places, and last week, I made it come true. It was actually worth visiting. It was a August day -- we did a little shopping, had a nice lunch, and drove high up to the ski hill. Beautiful views of the Alps and we took some great photos. If you happen to be in the area, as I was, it's worth a detour. Very nice atmosphere (actually makes Switzerland look a bit dumpy -- ha ha

Pablic opinion:
Liechtenstein have an important relationship with his "big" (^^) neighbor Switzerland !
The country use Swiss Francs (from 1919) and people speak Swiss German. Liechtenstein use Swiss road sign and rules (except alcohol limit) and the same political system (ultra direct democracy).
Thumbs up from a Swiss guy ;)

However, these all photography are extraordinary which fascinated me again. And thanks for your opinion/facts About Liechtenstein

Hello my best friend @kuss-knee . very wonderful photography . I like it your great full photo shoot. thanks for sharing your beautiful life Friend.

@kus-knee sir very grateful photography.your every post is very important. thank you so much

It´s just around the corner from us in Germany but I´ve never been there. As soon as I´m ready traveling the rest of the world, europe is next! 😁

Unique country that wants me to learn more about.

Se ve que estás disfrutando tus vacaciones @kus-knee y en especial por el Principado de Liechtenstein que se ve un lugar increible

Wowww beautiful place 😍
If you don't mind please see my blog i hope you like my photos :)

Wow! Wow! And finally Wow!
What a beautiful, rich, little, happy, less populated, crimeless, unemployment less awesome country is this.
What is it Liechtenstein?
Ohh yeah it is.
Thank you, sir, for sharing something very special.

@kus-knee wow !!! it's so much amazing place looking. Amazing photography

Wow...very beautiful place...excellent photography.📷 dear lovely friend kus-knee 👸

wow,really very amazing tiny country of Liechtenstein.its looks like a heaven.specially this statues very impressible.your all visiting place just fantastic.this is a very excellent shots photography dear..always sharing very interesting trip place history of country.its very big quality one of them.but i am not comment your post proper time for my own family sorry for that.but your thought skills alltime best.i try to doing to comment your post every time.but sometimes i mis your post.obviously its my bed luck.your selecting thought very beautifull and perfect description and i am learning alots of new thing to giving your everyday history country post.thanks to sharing for your awesome creativity post.very well done.may god bless dear friend.. @kus-knee

@ kus-knee thank you very much for letting us know this beautiful place, the images are very beautiful, thank you very much for teaching us
I wish you a great day

A very interesting post @kus-knee. It's a long time since I heard anyone mention Liechtenstein. Great photographs.

I thought the most interesting fact was that you have to renounce your own nationality if you take theirs. 😊

Your photography is very very are a great photography.I loved your all photos

You are visited Liechtenstein it is a great place of the world.I like it very much

todo una obra de arte,muy interesante su trabajo,espero contar con su aporte ,lo necesito ya que la situacion en venezuela esta bien dificil,no podemos ni comer como antes ,quiero techar un cuarto que necesito y no puedo,aqui demasiado duro esto,por esoingrese en steemit buscando nuevo ingreso porque ni trabajo hay aqui,espero me ayude en lo que pueda,saludos desde margarita venezuela.

@kus-knee, Brilliant information and lovely photo clicks about Liechtenstein. There are has most fascinating looks for eyes. Amazing statues remember Liechtenstein's older history. Nice architecture.

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Looks like I'm already too late to be a citizen. I had no idea about these things so I'm grateful for having the opportunity to learn. Those photos are amazing, exactly what I have expected. Those shoes look funny though ;)

Wow, looks like a great place to live!

Excellent movement sir....

Yes , i 've heard of it and i know it 's a tax heaven for rich people. What i didn't know is the information you give and how beautiful it is . What i liked in your photos is how clean this city is !

There are so many lovely pictures indeed. Lovely background with amazing sculptures. Mind coolest place to mine.

WOW. an immaculate city full of very successful works of art.
you really have to go and see. Thank you dear friend for the beauty you shared with us :)

oh man this Is

This place Liechtenstein is really incredible to explore beautiful streets awesome that i watched your blog today it was a great one :)

As always, your photos are very beautiful!
I have known about this small country for a long time.
And in Liechtenstein they did such interesting calculators.

Ohh nicee! Thos are some very unusual sculptures :D