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Really enjoyed the book! "Freedom" by @adamkokesh. Took me four or five hours to read it today, via the Kindle Reader. The Amazon link shows the book has 102 pages (the Kindle Reader didn't show pages, just showed "1500+ 'locations'"). The Kindle edition is less than a dollar! He has also published pieces of it here in Steemit, and in the book mentions that he has published it for free in as many languages as possible, to spread the message. I just sent him 10 SBD in appreciation.

I really like his non-violent approach to problem-solving. Of course, one should use violence when one's life, liberty, or property is under attack, in order to defend them -- but never initiate violence.

The end of my title, "shame works better than violence" isn't a direct quote; it's what he was discussing in relation to government's use of force to uphold their licensing. As an example, if a doctor doesn't go through the expensive rigorous process of obtaining a license, then the government will use force to stop them from helping people. This is criminal (the government's behavior, that is), because "helping people" is a right we all have, and not something that can be licensed.

A much better method of maximizing the benefit to the public would be to have companies (with competition; no monopolies) which rate the service providers. A doctor with terrible ratings would get fewer customers, and ultimately go out of business if they can't pay their expenses. Just because someone has a "government paper" on their wall, doesn't mean they are a good service provider; it just means that they were able to meet the requirements for that government paper -- which requirements might include "knowing the right person(s)"...

And, competition among service provider rating companies is essential, to prevent "gaming the system" -- a wealthy-but-incompetent doctor might pay to artificially and unethically raise his ratings, at one rating company. But when there are several rating companies covering an area, it will be more expensive to pay them all off -- and, some of them will evolve towards a policy of not taking money to affect ratings.

Then of course the doctor could purchase a "bot army" to inflate his ratings, but there will be ways of dealing with that as well. (Perhaps requiring an identity in order to provide a rating; or, other methods to identify "cheaters" and remove their influence.)


Additionally, in the second paragraph of chapter 7, I saw a term I had never seen before -- referring to the way the classroom is generally arranged as "cemetery seating."

Towards the end he mentioned "statism" several times, which reminded me that I came up with a term a few days ago while reading another piece which referenced "statism" -- "statanism", the growth of the state fueled by abject evil.


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this makes me want to give it a read.. even more than I already had wanted to read it at some point lol


Just have to say it...
Do it!

(The school will NEVER require it...)


@doitvoluntarily me too. I will look for it. upvoted your comment. @gold84


Adam is here on steemit, and I think he has a free link to the kindle version on every article he posts. Don't forget to upvote him, he is doing a tour to "test the waters" for a presidential run... This is perhaps the best use I can think of for your steem "upvotes!"


I will send you a free copy if you would like.


Alright Adam, What's all this dangerous freedom stuff you keep talking about? Why, people might start waking up and you know they don't want that! :) Reminds me of that short story The Bound Man and the illusion of freedom.

@libertyteeth this is a great post. Thanks for sharing about this book. It is very focused to what is really going on with steem, eos, bitshares and all the decentralized systems of the blockchain looking for better ways of governance, having the system and current governments out of the game. Upvoted and will resteem. @gold84


One puts a "governor" on one's car when one wants to keep it from achieving maximum speed.

Sounds about right...

Agreed! I think the blockchain will go forward to have significant impact on just about every industry.

(Of course, nanotechnology was supposed to do that, but instead we get chemtrails with nanoparticles in them... I spent a fortune trying to help spread awareness of nanotech, back in the late 90s...)

Its great that he is on steemit and spreading the knowledge for free... thanks for the review!

Thanks for your "book review." I read it about a year ago, it was fun to get a "refresher." He is a remarkable young man, to be sure, would 3VOL to see him elected not-president... ;)


You're welcome, and LOL at "book review" -- I was considering making the post even longer, and going back and "reviewing each chapter" -- but it's such a short book, I didn't want to spoil it. Of course, Adam says republish it and change it if you want, at the end of the book, so I suppose I had license to; but, I think there's value in saying "this is really neat" and providing a pointer to it.

I didn't vote two days ago, but -- if Adam's in the running, I'll cast one more vote. :)

Hahahahahahaha. And this is how words are formed. statanism.

Learned a new word though ;)
As it sounds the book does looks interesting as you finished it with great effort !
Sounds nice.

sounds cool, added to readlist :)

great post my dear friend @libertyteeth I get all benefits from it thank you

now a days i habe left the habbite of reading book while it replace by electronic device, think to change by my self.

agreed with 100% everything you wrote. They have RateMD and Rate Lawyers.. some are truthful comments. In any case I know a lot of people who just have no shame.. (ex wife ;))


Thanks! Yeah I think rating competition may be a good field to enter. In fact I had a domain name which was about to expire, which your comment convinced me to spend the $20 to keep ($15 for the domain, $5 to keep strangers from showing up at my door :) ) --, although there's no content there yet.

My plan with it was to have service providers (doctors, hospitals, etc.) post the prices for their services, so that The People could do cost analysis and choose based on that. The site would also have ratings of course. So, I've got it for another year; now just need to find people who can help make it happen. Take care!

referring to the way the classroom is generally arranged as "cemetery seating."

S**t, that's dark. But at the same time so true. Might give it a read sometimes.


I will send you a free copy if you would like. Or you can find it online for free here (audio available as well):