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I need more patience with people who have just run across unfamiliar ideas relating to liberty.

Yes, I may have been explaining it for a decade.
Others may have been explaining it for millennia.
I may not feel like explaining it again, in detail, for the hundredth time.
But the new guy doesn't know this. It's brand new to him. He hasn't been along for the ride, but just now noticed the saddled horse waiting for him to hop on. And he's suspicious.

It's something hard to keep in mind, especially when the new guy comes at me with a hostile self-righteous attitude, and the assurance that no one has ever heard anything like his objections before.

I do try to explain. I try to be patient even though I've probably blogged about his precise point before. Maybe more than once. I can explain again, suited to his individual argument, punctuated by links that will help the explanation. Which he will studiously ignore.

When I provide explanatory links rather than typing the whole thing out again, it would be nice if he took the time to read them, instead of wanting it all spelled out and spoon-fed to him. But I've learned that's not how it works. He wants to be spoon-fed, and he wants it pre-digested. No effort.

And that gets old.

But maybe that's what I need to do anyway. If, that is, there is any point in trying to help people have better lives. And that is debatable.


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I've been enjoying expanding my arguments here, then just dropping the link during conversations.
It's also great to know they're preserved indefinitely.
If I'm hit by a bus tomorrow, my young kids will have a permanent record of who their dad was.


I read another Steemit user saying that it looks like only the most recent 500 posts are still available. You might want to look into that.


My first post is over 12 months old and still visible.


That's good. But his weren't disappearing due to age, but by being over 500 posts ago. And maybe he was mistaken.


Sorry, you meant 500 of his own posts.
With you now.