Libertarian ambiguity.

in libertarianism •  6 months ago

"Talking to you about politics always feels like an interrogation about my beliefs. You're never satisfied with what I say, you always make me clarify it a dozen times."

The biggest mistake I've made as a libertarian is mentally injecting "for everyone" into others' rhetoric about liberty without hearing them say it first.

  • They said "cut spending," but they meant "except for the military."

  • They said "smash government unions," but they meant "not the cops."

  • They said "don't tread on me," but they meant "unless I'm Mexican or Muslim."

  • They said "mind our own business," but they meant "unless it's Israel."

  • They said "our rights come from God," but they meant "not at the border."

So yeah, I now make it a point to resolve ambiguities I see in that type of argumentation. Sorry if it feels like an interrogation, but I think libertarianism has suffered greatly from an excess of charity in resolving conservative/conservatarian ambiguities.

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