An Update on the Isle of Steem - My RPG based on Steem and all its personalities! — Steemit

An Update on the Isle of Steem - My RPG based on Steem and all its personalities!

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Thank you all so much for the support, comments, and encouragement that you've all given me for my first RPG, Isle of Steem. Want to learn more about Isle of Steem? Read this post. Or, the the brief version:

After getting your brief introduction from our nameless NPC in the starting area, you enter the barren world. This area represents making your very first introduction post.
With a low Reputation (level), you must fight off an army of Introduction Bots. From this moment on, it is evident that something is going on in the Block Chain, and something isn't right. Are you the hero that will save Steem?

Want to watch me struggle developing the game?
Stream 1
Stream 2

Want to play what I've made so far? Go to GitHub

This post serves as a way to take stock of the NPC requests so far and reveal some of the other plans that I have for the game, it's settings; and quests.

The NPC List (So Far)


@scrawly - A Red Monster with Shar Teeth who likes to bite adventurers.

Scrawly is fully implemented in the game, and taught me a good listen about pathfinding as I was designing the map. Scrawly's character managed to corner my player character and proceeded to chomp their entire life away. Watch out for this NPC if you encounter them in the game!

In Development

@ryivhnn - Our zoo keeper. Her gorgeous upgoats have escaped, and you must help her get them back. There'll be a quest to go with @ryivhnn's NPC character. She appears early in the game.

@wildflowerjessi - Wears a yellow jacket, and allows the player to get a Henna tattoo (I have an idea to implement a side quest for this, to enable a permanent stat upgrade due to the henna tattoo)

Not Yet Started

@shai-hulud - A quest item for the "Phisherman", inspired by the Great Sandworm of Dune, this NPC will taunt the player, but have an enmormous amount of health, until you use the "Phiserman's" hook on them, so that he can catch some redfish.

@trummpan - wants to be a boss of some sort - more details to come.

@doctorcrypto - A doctor where the only cure is more Steem.

@cryptogee - To be determined.

@twotripleow - A gangster NPC. Be Careful, they might break your knees.

@lordnigel - A drunk merc for hire in the pub. There'll be a sidequest and some comedy to be added here. I don't want to spoil the secret I have in store. :)

@gibic - A skinny, unhealthy guy who is always smoking.

@ursa - A bear with a riddle. Solve it, and you can access an ancient tome that holds some dark secrets about the world.

@culgin - A random villager - they'll give an item out if the character is a above a certain strength.

@franciferrer - A motivational NPC, giving the player character advice and support

@chronocrypto - only graphics provided at this stage, function / dialogue TBD

@mazzle - Hands out endless beers. They can be used in combat to damage enemies.

@jlordc - "Better to reign in hell than serve in Heaven"

@BearOne - A bear in the woods.

@crystalhuman - A stoned dragon who continues to throw SBD at the party while in combat.

It isn't too late if you want to be a NPC. Let me know in the comments.

Player Characters & Classes


  • Content Creator: A typical fighter. They will have some devastating combinations of attacks as they grow more powerful, but can only attack using physical damage.
  • Card Master: DPS / CrowdControl - Based on the @steemmonsters fandom; this class will throw cards, use confusing attacks, and be a damage dealer.
  • Curator - A healer type
  • Steemvangelist - Someone who buffs the party, promotes Steem, and can only lightly damage enemies.

Playable Characters

Steemian Zero - You, the Player. Class: Content Creator
@o07 - An early game companion who attacks the enemy with Steem Monster cards (thrown) and can confuse the enemy party with his generous giveaways. Class: CardMaster
@mattclarke Class: Steemvangelist

Game Areas

These are just text ideas for the time being:

Location: Adelaide (where I'm from!)
Location: Rancho Relaxo
Location: The "Ban Fields"
Location: The @ausbitbank
Location: The ever changing city of @neoxian
Location: @curie head office
Location: @OCD head office

Monster Ideas

The Welcome Bots are implemented already.
"Nice Post Deer"
Downgoats (in progress)

Notable Steemians that will be included no matter what

@alexbeyman, @stitchybitch (You're going to have a very special role in a particular quest - I'll have more details soon!)
@drakos will be a mighty pirate.
@acidyo will exist as the owner of the OCD curation institute
@aggroed, as SteemMonster and MSP founder.
Many of the top witnesses will also feature in the game, as quest givers, or other key characters in the game's plot.

More to come - I haven't thought about this stuff very much.

If you like this idea: Please upvote, resteem, and encourage me with your support!

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😁😁😁 oh my goodness this is awesome!! Love what you’ve done!! So exciting!!

monsters ideas,
-"and totally random people" begging for votes , you must fight them off swiftly.
-"off topicers", must slay them too
-the useless ideas monsters, creations that have failed. to be any good, can relate to some steemit failed projects.
-attack bots , that thinks you have plagiarized your content, and they will attack with flags.
-you can have a villian there who will just make multiple accounts and will come to ask for votes, always in different clothes but with the same nickname slightly changed,
-there needs to be an entity which cannot be hurt, if you fight with it you will lose hp, instead you must flee from it. it can only be banished with an item, i dont know what it will be,

-the game wouldnt be complete without @merlin7 it could give 1 currency everytime you log into a game or every 24 hours, or random times of the day.
oh and another idea.
-is that there could be a merchant, who would sell you shit tokens they will have names of reall life tokens who were pumped and dumped, but he will try to sell them to you anyway, they will be junk who do only 1 percent of the description of the item haha.

thats it for now. more ideas later.


You're brilliant! Thanks for these suggestions.


very good suggestions :)


love it

Reply to this comment if you want to be a NPC


I am a dragon banker.




Added to the to do list. Sorry, I did see your other post, I just didn't scroll down far enough to reply to it earlier!


Ok, you got me - I'm in as well :-)


What would you like your character to say?


Oh sweet I would love to be an NPC, I could live vicariously through the game while I am wasting away in my cave on this gods forsaken island. I have a magic lamp


I've added this to the GitHub to do list. Thank you. :)




me me me

im not just a spider

im a VERY spider


Yahoo, I am a fearsome dragon.
I hope to snack on many adventurers ... ROARRRRR!!! >:D


I wish I could track and keep some stats for you. :D Maybe I'll have a line in the credits on how many adventurers you bit?


Yes plssssss!! :D
I hope the numbers will reach double digits lol.

Reply to this comment to suggest a location


I would love to host the "Followbtcnews River" :)


"Shitcoins flow down the river daily, and we have armies of labourers to help keep the river clean. Its has become tainted of late, and we require you to investigate what is happening in the dangerous marshes ."

We'll of course give the player a handsome reward for finding the cause of the corruption.

Sound good?

Thanks again for the donation on the stream!


The Jade where you meet the #mallsballers crew!


This is a given! It will be one of the next areas that I create!


The bidbot auction house

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Listening to you right now on Ma1ne and Snekky! =)

Not sure in what way I could be in the game as an NPC, but here on the platform, I'm mainly an artist - specifically, I love creating art inspired by science. I use fractal geometry in my art a lot.
I'm also an amateur writer/philosopher =)


I plan to have some area of the game that implements QR codes. I could have you in as the resident expert in the "Bizzare formations" on the ground, and your studies into their raison d'etre.


That sounds epic! ... Mandelsage, Keeper of the Codes... lol. Has a nice ring to it! ^^

And I could create a unique, Steem-themed mandala especially for the game, the full resolution of which players could win by completing a series of complex puzzle games? ^^

Reply to This comment if you have an idea for an enemy


A low level monster that does little damage, and dies in one hit, but there's an area with a lot of them. Call it the Pajeeti. It begs for upvotes. More a nuisance than a threat.


It used "Please show bobs and vegene"! It was ineffective.


Facebook led by their leader Mark Zuckerberg who has a castle you destroy.


He can be a lizard, like all those recent memes! :D


The lizard king!


Can we please have a Jerry Banfield character that can only be slain after you throw a penis at him. :D


I want @mattclarke's kids to be able to play the game :P


lol... c'mon!

Nice i like it and thank you for sharing this beautiful post with us and East and West you are the best

I got to be honest, this is adorable.


Are you going to be a NPC? :)


Can I? 😮 I'd love to

If it's not to late @holoz0r, If its'not to late I'd love to be an NPC. I think what your doing is awesome and would love to be included...


Definitely, tell me what you want your NPC to do in game and I will add it to the list.


I own a bar, so I could be the barman who could also double a mercenary if they can afford the fee?

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Reply to this comment if you have an idea for a quest


Find the detached penis that must be thrown at Jerry Banfield in order to reach the mysterious Steem Fest.


"Fake Steemfest"


Russell the birb, shows up randomly in out of the way, hidden spots throughout the game. Find him everywhere for la reward


I like that.


So do I. Consider it a thing.


Something to do with opening @steemmonsters booster packs!


I love this idea. You must become a monster maverick!


Collect packs (items) and cash them in to enter the monster lab!

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Heck yes!
I think @alexbeyman Should be a cyborg final boss.

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Yoooo! This sounds so cool! I just found out about this project from supermeatboy. I would love to be an NPC :) but I am such a loser I don't even know what that means. Anyways, I'm looking forward to seeing what you've done so far and am looking into trying out the game once I'm on another computer

It looks really fun! I would love to help out or be a NPC too!

We host a weekly talk show on @MSP-Waves if you would like to join us sometime and talk about the game! Contact me on Discord @Ma1neEvent


I'd love to, I'll reach out! :)

omg this is so amazing XD

i love it !

The layout and graphics are really nostalgic !! <3 and i love your list of NPCs... Really, what a lovely and awesome and fun project <3 <3 <3

can I be in?


Yes, of course! What sort of NPC would you like to be?


how about a Scorer of Engagement? or Data Hunter?

I'm hoping my zoo is more like a free roaming sanctuary with observation towers around it than a prison otherwise I'm not surprised my poor upgoats fled lol XD And I laughed way more than I should have at @scrawly's npc cornering the hapless pc XD