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Suprising to me more than it is probably to you, this is only my second #lpud. I kicked it all off last month by powering up all the #leo i had in my wallet, which wasnt much, and this month I plan to not only continue the tred of a 100% power up, but dive even deeper by delegating a large chunk of my HP along with it to @leo.voter.

Not to blow my own trumpet, but when it comes to the #silvergoldstackers community, a wise person once said "im kind of a big deal; people know me!!" But when it comes to #leofinance im just a little fish in a big pond. Whilst I plan to power up 100% of my leo, its still small change to some in the community, but bear with me, im working on it....

So here we have on this day, 15th May, 2023:

Another 100% power up

As i mention earlier in this blog, its not just my leo power ill be increasing today, im going to help @leo.voter to share some much needed love with the community by putting a large chunk of my hive power to better use than i ever could by delegating 8500HP to start with. Like my leo power, i plan on increasing this month on month to help this amazing community grow.

8500HP delegated to @leo.voter

So not a bad way to spend a random Monday in May!! With the amazing team at leofinance spearheading the way forward in the cryoto-sphere, theres no better way time to powerup and be a part of this amazing community, here on the hive blockchain .


If you dont own any precious metals, then why not tell us? As a community we encourage ALL engagements and encourage everyone to take the plunge and own at lease a sinlge ounce of silver or a fraction of gold. If youre struggleing to find a safe and secure place to buy, reach out to the community as there is always someone willing to offer their time and advice to help you out.


40+yr old, trying to shift a few pounds and sharing his efforsts on the blockchain. Come find me on STRAVA or actifit, and we can keep each other motivated .


Proud member of #teamuk. Teamuk is a tag for all UK residents, ex-pats or anyone currently staying here to use and get a daily upvote from the community. While the community actively encourages users of the platform to post and use the tag, remember that it is for UK members only.

Come join the community over on the discord channel- HERE

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you have to get a fairly big daily drip dont you?

I have looked at increasing my delegation but picked SGS instead for Silver Tier!

Upvoted! Thank you for supporting witness @jswit.

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