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LEGO Sydney Opera House Build: Part 3 of 4

in lego •  2 years ago

Although it famously known as the Sydney Opera House, the Concert Hall is actually its largest internal performance area, seating up to 2679 patrons.

In part 3 of my build, the Concert Hall takes shape.


For this part of the build, I decided to get more organised. Previously, I kept the pieces in their packets and fished them out as I needed them. Now, with the kids in bed and more space on the table, I emptied all the packets and sorted them into groups.


It was a time-consuming task, but I think it paid off in the end with the build going a lot quicker once I got to it (not spending as long searching for pieces).

[GIF showing how fast progress is once things get going.]

With the concert hall assembled, it clicks into place on the base we made previously.


[Some storm troopers from a nearby Ewok Village come to check out the progress of the construction.]

Stay tuned for the fourth and final part of this series to see the completed Opera House. I'll try not to make you wait as long as for this part.

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I always upvote cultured stormtroopers.


Very cool. I love your Nutcracker figure made of LEGO.


Thank you very much :-)