LEGO Sydney Opera House Build: Part 2 of 4

in lego •  2 years ago


In part 1 of my build, I completed the forecourt of the Opera House.

Twenty years ago, the Australian rock band Crowded House played an emotional farewell concert on the steps of the Opera House. In November, a reunited band played a series of gigs to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the historic concert.

Today, we build the base of the Opera House and Concert Hall. image

The large blue base plate forms the shore of Sydney Harbour. Quite a lot of thought has gone into achieving the curves of the building using hinge pieces.


Gradually the framework grows.

Meanwhile, the platform on the Ewok Village is being installed.

The facade goes on.

And then it clicks together with the steps from part 1.

My wife's Ewok Village is almost done, thanks to help from from the niece and nephew.

I had to go into town yesterday for business, so this post is late and progress on the build stalled. Stayed tuned for part 3 when we build the concert hall.

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Nice project. Looks like a lot of fun :-)