Depeche Mode - THE INSPIRATION to Many ELECTRONIC DANCE MUSIC PRODUCERS (music and more inside)

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After some hard sounds from the underground (Speedy J) and some relaxation tunes (Gandalf) shares this weekend, today it is time to share some Goldie Oldies; 25 of the most well known tracks of Depeche Mode. The band started in the 80s and still fully alive and kicking - they released a new album not to long ago "Spirit" and touring big time with their "Global Spirit Tour". THE inspiration for so many artists and producers in the electronic dance music industry! They deserve a prominent spot in my music channel, for sure!

I dont think I have to further introduce this band, since I do except everybody know them in one way or the other. They are a legend! For those who do not know them, I have included all sort of links below the 'greatest hits' album, and I'm happy to answer any question you may have. Simply drop me a line in a comment when you would like to get my assistance.

  • Artist: Depeche Mode
  • Album: Greatest Hits
  • Style: Synth-Pop

What can I say, just hit the play button and enjoy! :)

Depeche Mode - Greatest Hits

play full album here

more Music

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YouTube: click here
Soundcloud: click here
Mixcloud: click here


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Artist Website: click here

sources [1]


Can't go wrong with Depeche Mode.

So many classics to choose from. Love: Enjoy the silence.

Absolutely, I guess play it from track 1 to track 25, and repeat :)


Supergroup that has been remixed by many good artist too. But thats a ton of work to look into.

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I will definitely 'enjoy the silence'! an even better title than simon and garfunkel's the sounds of silence. I was in Antwerpen last week - see my latest blog post for that story - and saw a poster of Depeche mode, informing me that they are touring again. Amazing! I pointed it out to the (22 year old kid) that I was with and he had never heard of them! I myself am 35 and I believe they have been performing since before I was born. Amazing!
Btw, unfortunately the youtube video in your post does not seem to be working...

hahahaha, although the simon and garfunkel one is also a classic :)

Depeche Mode started in 1980 or 81, so just before you were born.

Hmm, the kid is not into electronic dance music I think, or maybe does not have producer friends :) I have several producer friends and they all list Depeche Mode as one of the triggers to 'start' their career when they were 10+ years old :)

The link: it works on my laptop browser! It sounds funny when playing it on my iPhone though. You tried it on smartphone? Or laptop.

I think you're right. He might not even be into music, if that's possible at all ;)

Back in 2003 a couple of fellow film students and I made a music video for a song of Depeche Mode. The assignment was to make a music video for an existing song. I think it actually was Enjoy The Silence. That might have been the first time that I heard of the band and I was 21/22 back then, haha.

I tried to play the link on my laptop. It sounds like an aquarium, gurgling and bubbling mixed with a ticking clock.

I'm a bit older so I know them from my youth/teenager years. I still remember the studio recordings of most bands aired on Top Pop and the first video clips of eg Kate Bush, Blondie and others. You do the math guessing my age :)

The real deal: So I hope this is better, selected another set at The Tube. To play all the tracks, best to hit the here word in the little line under the embedded video, it opens The Tube and plays all tracks. Also updated the link in sources at bottom to refer to this version.

Depeche Mode is one of the biggest influences in my life since 2006. My favourite album of them is Ultra (1997) and my favorite song of them is "Walking in my shoes" (1993, from the album "Songs of faith and devotion"). I agree with you, Depeche Mode (DM) has been a big influence on nowadays electronic music producers.

Nice to read Depeche Mode has such a great influence on you. To be honest, I know there earlier works better than their more recent work. They are still touring quite a bit, wondering how long they will continue :)

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