Exploring Greece: 3 days in Thessaly, Day 2 Meteora

meteora web.jpg

This is a continuation of my weekend exploration of a small part of the Thessaly region of Greece. You can see the first entry about Lake Plastira here.

On day two we woke up early to finally get to explore Meteora. Meteora has been on the top of my travel list for quite some time, and the pictures just don'r do it justice. The drive into Meteora is quite flat and really rather dull (especially by Greek standards). Once you leave the mountainous area around Lake Plastira, its about a 30-40 minure drive through flat industrial farm land. This boring break in scenery makes Meteora even more impressive as it starts to appear in the distance towering above the world. The weather was quite foggy and hazy the whole weekend, so when the rocks finally appeared they seemed to come out of nowhere.

For those of you who are fantasy nerds like me, you may recognize the landscape as the view from Tyrion's sky cell in Game of Thrones:

In fact all of the shots of the Eyrie were filmed in Meteora (with some help from CGI for the actual castle of course):


I was a bit worried about the hazy weather getting in the way of our view, but honestly the area is so impressive I think it would look beautiful in any weather! And an added bonus of going in winter is you avoid most of the crowds.

Situated on top of the rocks are several Greek Orthodox monasteries, some of them look like they are growing out of the rocks themselves. I was a bit disappointed with the interiors of the monasteries, most of them charge you to get in unless you're Greek, and while its worth going into some of them for the view, there wasn't much inside. I probably wont go into many on my next trip. In fact, when going through my photos I realized the only picture I took inside a monastery was of a giant wine barrel.

There are also several hiking trails to be found, we ended up following one to something called the Dragon's Cave, which was a large cave in one of the rocks underneath a monastery.

We ended the daylight hours sitting on the rocks we found with our favorite view, drinking a bottle of Amarone that I've been saving for years for a special occasion. If there had been a sunset that day, we would have had a perfect view of it, but the sun stayed hidden behind the haze. It didn't matter, it was a magic moment regardless.

I'm really looking forward to taking more trips to Meteora in different seasons. I'd like to go back in spring and fall. I think it is the most impressive natural wonder I have ever seen in person, I honestly had a hard time believing it was real. Have you been anywhere that has just completely taken your breath away by its beauty? Let me know so I can add them to my travel list ;)











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No kidding this is TOP. Totally brought me to a different world. This place is now on top 10 places of my "to travel" list. THank you @terminalblue. Following you


thanks! Its such an amazing place! you should definitely go if you can!

very good travel!
a little jealous of you. by the way) now there is no way to get out somewhere) but I'm working on it)


maybe you can find someplace nearby to explore :)

Ok, wow... I'm speechless. That place looks incredible! It almost doesn't look real, especially those buildings built into the cliff. That must have been amazing to see!!


Its seriously like something out of a fantasy movie! Its hard to believe its real even when you're there!

Pretty nice views. "@Brazil zerinsky", is that your signature?


Bazil Zerinsky is my name, so yes :)

So cool story and very nice photos! Thank you!

These pictures are beautiful. Not your average travel blog. I'll definitely be keeping an eye on your posts. Keep it up. Love your work


thank you so much! glad you liked them!

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awesome photos - particularly the one with the horses on the trail. If this was a painting, people would say its pure fantasy! Another place to put on my bucket list!
upvoted and resteemed!


The horses on the trail is not my photo unfortunately, its a screen shot from game of thrones, which was shot in the same area (although the castle in that image is computer generated). But the place itself does feel like its straight out of a fantasy movie!

Definitely on my bucket list, that place is huge and beautiful.

Un reportaje impresionante. A mí me impresiona más puesto que soy de zona llana. Esas construcciones parecen ser un monasterio en lo alto de unas rocas enormes, para mantener a los monjes alejados del mundanal ruido. Supongo que los monjes no jugarían al futbol. El que echa fuera la pelota, baja a por ella.

I've often been fascinated by images of these monasteries perched atop these rock outcrops. So thank you for some other views of them. It does make for very dramatic landscape.


thank you! it's truly incredible to see in person, you should definitely go!


Its on the bucket list.

Great post @terimalblue, it's a part of the world i'd love to visit and your post has made me even more keen to do so. Thanks for sharing! Following :)


That whole area of Greece is amazing! well...all of Greece is pretty amazing, I am a bit biased though ;) you will definitely not be disappointed if you visit!