Reflection - Landscape Photography

Out on the ocean before sunset. The reflection on the water was amazing! It made the water look like oil.

Water looking like oil.jpeg
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Location: Vancouver Island, British Columbia Canada

Camera: Canon Rebel t6

Post Processing: Darktable/Gimp

I like to explore and travel often and take photos when I see a moment or something that catches my eye. My photos aren't necessarily about realism and often take an artistic approach. I love nature and art!

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If you like my photography you may also like my videos, please check out my Dtube channel!/c/still-observer

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This is just beautiful.. nice one!


Thanks! Glad you liked @atornikus!

I am in love with this photo, the water looks so beautiful and majestic! 5/5!


Thank you very much @kyuynh!

Love the blue color, so soft 😍


Thank you so much @marjanko!

🍀You are welcome🍀

It's magical... :)