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Santa Catarina Island is in southern Brazil with the capital city being Florianópolis. Known for its beaches, surfers, islands, mountains, restaurants, nightlife, lagoons, little Owls, Tarantulas and sand boarding. Joaquina Beach and dunefield lies in the center of Santa Catarina Island and where the steepest sand dunes are located. This photo was taken from the Praia da Joaquina Dunes

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Dunes (2).jpg
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What a mega great panorama photo is that, please!?! Wow!
Click to enlarge! It's worth it! ;-) ;-)

Give me a few more hours to recharge my VP. I come back with a full vote... ;-)

That place was remarkable as were the beaches. The club scene and surfers...

Nice shot.
so beautiful photo.

Thank you. It was an amazing place and seemed like a different planet. One minute you are surfing, drinking and eating, and then you are in the middle of the desert.

Really reminds me sand dunes of Lithuania :)

I recall some of your photos of the dunes... It's definitely a sense of being somewhere strange, at least initially.

That is a great panorama picture and beautiful gold sand dunes. I would love to visit that place :)

Amazing place, food, people. Check out my prior blog on Santa Catarina.

I adore the central part where in the sky it opens to let see the bright sun, I have always loved visiting the dunes, I have only gone three times through my country and it has been a very fun experience. Take pictures, slide through the dunes and have a good time.

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nice photograph.. perfect timing.
hope you will win this contest

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Wow the surrounding environment really looks amazing and unique

beautiful photo, great job!

thank you

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