KURE Community Curation App, Fundition Update - Mobile UX Improvements and Infinite Scroll to the Home Page

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With the UI/UX improvements from last week, the addition of the grid layout made for some poor UX on the Home and Kurated pages. The two columns were not stacking into one, and so they were shrinking so small to fit in the large title text.

There was also an issue with the title text being too long in some posts, and it was pushing the other meta-data out of view, hiding it in the overflow. This included the author, post time and the community it was added to.

Fixing the grid layout for the above issues greatly improved the UX, both for mobile and desktop browsing of content.

Additionally, the infinite scroll I made was reworked, putting more in to Redux. I then added infinite scroll to the Home page. It took longer than I had expected.

Completed Tasks

  • Mobile and Grid Layout UX Improvements

  • Adding infinite scroll to the Home page

Github commits for work done

Mobile and Grid Layout UX Improvements

As mentioned in the intro, the text to display the author name, community name, and the time ago a post was added to the community, were all being pushed out if the title was too long.

Now, if the view is smaller, the title will be cut off and not push the meta data out of view.

If the view is small enough, like on a mobile, then the two grid layout will become one, with a larger image to show, as well as more space for the meta data.

Adding infinite scroll to the Home page

The infinite scroll works like any other. You scroll down, and before you hit the bottom, the page will fetch some more data to show you.

Here you can see the scroll bar is larger and near the bottom of the page.

After scrolling a bit more, the page loads more data, keeping you at the same location, and the scroll bar position changes and gets smaller.

In the next days, I will be finishing to add the infinite scroll functionality I made (I didn't use a pre-existing package) to the Communities and Kurated pages.

Ongoing Tasks

Look forward to these tasks and others I come up with being worked on next :)

  • Adding sort functions to the Communities and Kurated pages
  • Liking Kurated post submissions in communities
  • Rating Kurated post submissions in communities
  • Edit comments
  • Delete comments
  • Tweak comments (limit to 20, show more option, max nested depth)
  • Implement PRPL Pattern for better performance
  • Viewing comments in their own page view
  • Adding infinite scroll to the Home, Communities and Kurated pages
  • Follows, Followers and Post Count on user pages

Additional Tasks

I am adding these tasks to indicate the upcoming work I will be engaging in at some point and in no particular order:

  • Dark skin for the site

Description: Select a dark skin for the site, as some prefer that.
Estimated Cost of Development: 4 hours @ $30/h = $120

  • Selecting posts to vote at a later time

Description: Want to upvote a post, but not just yet? Set a time to vote while you're away and you don't have to worry about getting the vote in.
Estimated Cost of Development: 3 hours @ $30/h = $90

  • Grid and List layout for Steem, Blog, and Feed pages

Description: Show some more graphic-focused layouts in a grid format based on the image of the post, rather than a smaller list format.
Estimated Cost of Development: 4 hours @ $30/h = $120

  • Improve Blog page, with rep, description and location

Description: Show more data about the user on their blog page.
Estimated Cost of Development: 2 hours @ $30/h = $60

  • Add a settings page

Description: Allow user to change their settings.
Estimated Cost of Development: 4 hours @ $30/h = $120

  • Add nsfw filtering

Description: Hide the posts that are nsfw
Estimated Cost of Development: 2 hours @ $30/h = $60

  • Add pre-processed scaled down thumbnails

Description: Make loading pages quicker with reduced detail thumbnails that get downloaded later as required.
Estimated Cost of Development: 4 hours @ $30/h = $120

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