Kryptonia Steemit Posts for 30th June 2018

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1. Contacting support for any issues with Kryptonia or SuperiorCoin

Click image to view story: Contacting support for any issues with Kryptonia or SuperiorCoin

If you need to contact support for any issues with Kryptonia or SuperiorCoin the quickest way is to go to the SuperiorCoin website and click the "? Support" button at the bottom right of your screen.

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Author: @sydesjokes

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2. Superior Coin Gains Mass Adoption In Steemit

Click image to view story: Superior Coin Gains Mass Adoption In Steemit

Why not earn two cryptocurrencies instead of one?

Cryptocurrencies are quietly working, not great value right now, learning how to make them work for you, build for tomorrow on two platforms using Steemit and Kryptonia.

Steemit is content driven, most of us are on many other social media platforms doing exactly what you do, earnings are exceptionally low with crypto taking a 'nose dive' right now, you need support to earn more. When crypto starts to grow you will be ready.

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Author: @joanstewart

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3. Revoking people from your Kryptonia Tasks

Click image to view story: Revoking people from your Kryptonia Tasks

Why would you want to Revoke someone from your Kryptonia Tasks?

If you have requested that someone completes some actions on your Task like upvote/comment a Steemit post or Like a Facebook and they don't do them but take your coins you may want to Revoke them or Revoke & Block them from doing your Tasks in the future.

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Author: @sydesjokes

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4. Kryptonia 30 Day Challenge Day Five

Click image to view story: Kryptonia 30 Day Challenge Day Five

Beyond My Expectations!

Completed Day Five of my 30 day challenge by earning a minimum of 100 SUP coins today, and with just one task was paid a whopping 200 coins. This puts me massively ahead at approximately 1300+ coins in 5 days, which is rather cool, and at this rate my 30 day challenge will earn me at least 6000+ coins which would equate to over 600 upvotes on Steemit!

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Author: @socialmediaseo

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5. Get free upvotes from Kryptonia

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I am using Kryptonia from very first of this site. I get 0.17$/0.18$ votes every post by creating a task on Kryptonia.

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Author: @anupbose

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6. Check out the Top 100 Leader Board on

Click image to view story: Check out the Top 100 Leader Board on

Check the Top 100 Leader Board on Kryptonia. If you don't have an account on Kryptonia then check my post Join my Kryptonia Referral Team and share in my team referral earnings.

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Author: @sydesjokes

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Kryptonia Task Creation
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I use the same name as my kryptonia ID

Congratulations @sydesjokes ! You received a 10% upvote from @kryptoniabot & @kryptonia.

Remember to receive votes from @kryptoniabot

Run a task on Kryptonia.*Join free here Kryptonia Account
Use the tags KRYPTONIA or SUPERIORCOIN in your Steemit post.

Delegate to the Kryptonia Upvote by clicking links: 10SP , 50SP , 100SP , 500SP , 1000SP

Due to an increased amount of tasks, we have changed up the voting power to evenly spread out the Upvote amount.

Do posts about Kryptonia and your experiences and I will share them.

Fantastic post and very informative, I do not know why everyone on Steemit is not using Kryptonia, it is a way of doubling your cryptocurrency earnings and building a strong passive income with Kryptonia's rewarding referral system.

they have not seen yet its beauty and potential. Its the best so far, aside from the ref bonus you get also monthly bonus by just holding your coins in kryptonia wallet. Passive income 💰💰💰

Added bonus other than crypto is building into another community where more people get to know what you share @socialmediaseo 😊

Very active admin and support group. kryptonia community is awesome! Btw happy SUPERIORCOIN

We need more people on Steemit using Kryptonia. Both platforms benefit.

@sydesjokes very nice post and full of information about kryptonia.
Sir I also Written a Small Post On Kryptonia Please Please.🙏 See To It And Upvote and resteem.

Took a peek at the leader board, @sydesjokes is #1 Weekly - Monthly and All Time..... Way to go! Congrats.

you are great my friend continues with the successes

Enjoyed this! Learned loads and found out that there is way more than I realized related to Superior coin. I bought some a while back after joining Kryptonia and opening a wallet. I did some tasks and just seem to have put it all on the back burner.......... I think I may have to explore this more and get involved. Thanks brother.

Price is still low so best time to buy. The @kryponiabot is growing and will help drive Superior Coin and raise the price.

Thanks for linking some concerns that have come up recently. [email protected]

Thanks. I must have signed up twice. My name doesn't match my password. I will try again and then go from there. Thanks @sydesjokes. I wanna love kryptonia too. Lol

Use the "I forgot my password" to reset your password.

Thank you. With all those comments i thought you wouldn't see mine. Glad you did. On my way there . Luv you @sydesjokes.

If you still have a problem send mail to [email protected]

Kryptonia 30 day challenge has really motivated me to start using again

...excellent and very useful information, thanks!!
[email protected]

Very important information thanks! :) ID @mejia_martinez

kryptonia and steemit are perfect for each other.

Very useful information sydesjokes! Thank you some of my questions are now answered. Greetings from rubelynmacion of kryptonia

Thank you very much Colin for sharing reports

Thanks sydesjokes for informing me about kryptonia, I can't wait to know more about the interesting website and also earn more there.

Great post with loads of good information. Thanks. @bon-nom

Great information thank you upvoted from @ashleystrazz1

My kryptonia id @usman11

Nice collection. It has a long way to go. It has just started its journey. we hope one day this will become steemit. Kryptonia: @kcherukuri

Good information and writing . Everytime i follow you.but why you donot follow me??please,please,please!!!!!follow me at @minnowboostere
Thanks @sydesjokes

I have upvoted most of post on your list which is why I thought that it is a curation list for Superiorcoin.

Kryptonia ID: monkeydominicorobin

Great collection of info to get started using the dynamic duo Kryptonia and Steemit

without a doubt Kriptonia has been one of the tools more useful in the development of this platform, long live kryptonia, I hope soon to enjoy the benefits

Kryptonia @Hokkaido

Hello @sydesjoke i follow you now in kryptonian, my user is the same as steemit @milerjtaipe

upvoted from your friend krptonia [email protected]

kryptonia ID valedjie123

Great informative post as always.

Nice information.

Great post! Kryptonia Id Puskas

Kryptonia is the best thing i found to go along with Steemit. Beats bots in every way.


Looking forward for a better future with kryptonia!
From kryptonia @lykaypajaro

cool , I am from Honduras

I am @hillaryoki from Kryptonia

Great set of links, thanks for sharing!
(kryptonia: motordrive)

Greatings from @hairyfairy (Kryptonia). Is there any minimum SUP I should have available for creating a task? Thanks.

Kryptonia is great for helping boost posts @cryptohappenings

Resteemed and Upvote! Thanks, Colin!
@Kryptonia @yadyasir

Thanks for this very important and useful information..

buena informacion de Soporte para nosotros los @kryptonia nos. Gracias @sydesjojes

I have learned a lot. Thank you sydesjokes.

Kryptonia makes steem so much more fun! i am @masterroshi on there Follow me for some cool tasks!

what is the 30 day challenge about? I'm quite confused, I see people posting about this. My kryptonia ID is also the same as this.

I had an issue with SUP wallet, and support from Kryptonia solved in record time. It amazed me :)Keep it up!!!

I'm really appreciate your efforts @bodymanual

super and interesting post Kryptonia ID is @kumaran444