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"Sic Itur Ad Astra" = “This is the way to the stars.”

Comment Challenge - Reward is 5 SBD write why you enjoy using Kryptonia in 30 - 50 words approximately, add comments below. Steemian's not on Kryptonia, you really need to find out what you are missing out on, take a look come back and have your say!

Marketers can use Kryptonia to expand their social media reach! (Video link below, use back click to come back once finished watching)


Let's get into some of the nitty-gritty of why I love Kryptonia, this little challenge will run for 5 days starting today and ending Tuesday through a long weekend for most.

Post a great comment below, add a picture if the mood takes you, the person with the highest upvotes gets bounty (reward).

Kryptonia - Some ideas to get you going.... (Video link below, use back click to come back once finished watching)


Meeting people from around the world, always wonderful to see life through the eyes of others, many are excited with results of using Kryptonia to get their content seen by many more people, using Tasks area in Kryptonia is an ideal way to get content out reported by top marketers using this method. Earn/Spend SUP when doing Tasks

KINSHIP - A web of social relationships that form an important part of the lives of all humans in all societies, this is happening in cryptocurrencies and related topics that we all have a common ground and love for.

REALITY - Faced with change in technical, includes everything that is and has been, whether or not it is observable or comprehensible, prepared to learn and grow together.

YEARN - To get away and begin a new life, drop the shackles binding areas within our world from poverty, lack of stability in 'structured' archaic governments, banking, ideals set out where most are unable to improve their lives.

POTENTIAL - Having or showing the capacity to develop into something in the future. Moving technology forward, an idea was born by Alan Turing (Quoted: "In four inadequate words Alan Turing appears now as the founder of computer science, the originator of the dominant technology of the late twentieth century, but these words were not spoken in his own lifetime, and he may yet be seen in a different light in the future".) Reference: Short Biography

TRUISM - When you know what you see is not questionable and will work, blockchain technology is defined as such. The Powers that Be can throw doubt and concern, deep down you know what looms going in the future, it is here.

OPTIMISM - Hope and confidence about the future and success in Steemit, Kryptonia, Superiorcoin, Bitcoin, Ethereum, all possibilities going forward. The belief that good must ultimately prevail over evil in our world, everyone deserves a decent life. Active people sharing content far and wide, ultimate networking!

NOTORIETY - We don't need nor welcome members seeking fame from doing bad to others, causing pumps and dumps, the misfortune of others. Kryptonia is there to help you build and learn, build your business using social media, grow your knowledge in cryptocurrency.

IDEOLOGY - A certain ethical set of ideals, principles, doctrines, myths, or symbols of a social movement, institution, class, or large group that explains how society should work, and offers some political and cultural blueprint for a certain social order. Sounds good, why not, make a better life for all.

ATTRACTION - Kryptonia is the reception area to Superior Coin space for marketing, making Superior Coin unique being private, with a decentralized coin using CryptoNight Proof of Work algorithm. Transparent CPU mining advancing original vision of a true P2P currency.

Spell it out, now your turn to comment in 30 - 50 words for 5 SBD will annouce who won on 04-04-2018 with the highest Upvotes, if two people have same number of upvotes, next consideration will be comments = 'upvoted' and 'commented' on your submission. NB: KRYPT0N1A ID AT THE END OF COMMENTS PLEASE

Have not joined? Please consider using the clickable link below to join KRYPT0N1A (Clickable link below, use back click to come back once finished, or Right click to open into new window.)


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Krptonia allows you to get rewarded for just about anything, so much freedom to help others and receive help!

kryptonia is the best platform that i have come across is it the tasks be lined out or interactions been made by followers ,, kryptonia is making a great wave here in Nigeria and i am so pleased that i am one of the esteemed followers of kryptonia from nigeria..... from kryptonia @everdope


thanks @joanstewart

Why I am hooked up with kryptonia!?! Since day 1 until now, this is the first thing and the last thing i checked on my cellphone everyday if there are good tasks that i can manage to complete. Why am i doing this? Why i am following eagerly, the tasks from the persons i dont know.. First, it is because i considered kryptonia, a newly-found family now. Second, by doing the task i can earn SUP coins that i can use for my steemit post and keep some for the future especially when SUP value will rise soon. Lastly, the founders are so generous that they give me SUP coins when i needed them most to start making my first task. With these, i can say that MY HEART BELONGS TO KRYPTONIA! Upvoted and commented by rubelynmacion of krypto


You are really followers of kryptonia


Well stated. Easy to see why you enjoy it.

I love Kryptonia because of the wonderful engagement. It is not easy to get interaction on steemit posts. Adding tasks to Kryptonia brings great comments and that is a good boost for me. And through Kryptonia, I have found very interesting work I would not have seen otherwise.

steemit and kryptonia are better together fitinfun.jpg


That's my mom, and she keeps telling me to join this, but I haven't yet.


I agree. Kryptonia breathes life into Steemit.

Everything new feels strange and difficult. The first time you drive a car everything is difficult and you do it very slowly to mitigate any mistakes you make.
The whole Steemit experience was like that for me. Everything new. Unfamiliar. And I barely got anyone to respond to my barely formatted, barely interesting posts.
Enter Kryptonia!
A friendly, helpful community. The easiest of interfaces. And suddenly I had a way to drive engagement with my posts on Steemit. People from all over the world. People I would never meet in any other way. People commenting on and engaging with me! If it wasn't for Kryptonia, I would most probably not be on Steemit anymore.

But I am. And I'm having fun.

What if I told you...


Clever post.

My first intention when kryptonia was introduced to me was to promote my steemit post and at least get up to 5 Upvote from the platform but to my amazement, kryptonia is more than just a promoting website, checking my steemit account ( @jacobzeema) you will find out that most of my Upvote was gotten from kryptonia, just for completing 10 seconds task you get bountiful sup, in which you can use to create your own task, you don't need to beg for Upvote, it is just like forcing people to promote your link with sup at your own ease, can you see that it's more than what is been called, it is so easy, straight forward and amazingly cool.
N.B:- kryptonia is not meant for steemit alone but for all website, try it today then you'll see how well and good it works
Kryptonia 🆔 @jacobzeema


Upvoted from Kryptonia username: @riyuwe


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upvote from krypto @acushilynn


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I'm coming to you from @kryptonia with the same user name.


upvoted from kryptonia @bmejia

Thank you for the challenge you have set. Fortunately, I learned about kryptonia by my friend, this is an easy to use and friendly platform, I earned a lot of SUp coin from completing the task, it would be great if we could combine two cryptonia and steemit communities,I believe everything will be going well, a long-term commitment to cryptonia if the crypto market is sustainable.
sincere from kryptonia @ziggy

  ·  last year (edited)

Although it took a while before i joined the #kryptonia community but since i joined i am convinced i am into something that's going to help me make it online and also help others around me to build.
I see it as a win win situation for everybody in the crypto community and i hope we will continue to grow in number everyday.
Thanks to every Kryptonia member for making this platform a very interesting one
Kryptonia @bitcoinpaul

Its an amazing comunity for share my art to the world, being a part of an amazing group of people with a lot of interestings and i can know about others cultures, im from SouthAmerica and i know just right now a lot of Filipinos awesome people thanks to Kryptonia

Kryptonia is a great website to get people to look at your post on steemit and it can be a very powerful tool if you are starting! But Kryptonia interactions are not only limited to Steemit of course, you can create tasks for everything!

And with its custom superior coin, the participation in Kryptonia increases as the price of the coin increases but you guys are still early birds and can get in before the price really explodes lol!

My Kryptonia user name is Lunatic_Pandora!

Kryptonia is one of the best platform there is. With it, my steemit posts gain more upvotes, I gain more followers. In short, the interaction that we all want in cryptoworld happen more flawlessly. It makes us all more connected. If that aint badass, I don't know what is.

Kryptonia is great way to grow your social network accounts and meet lots of new like minded people. I also enjoy earning coins by doing tasks created by other people on Kryptonia. The team are always developing the platform and adding new features. They have delivered everything on their roadmap and they are plenty of new features planned for the future. I also easily mine Superior Coin which is used on Kryptonia on my iMac at home. My Kryptonia account is @ianstevenson

Upvote from Jerry32 over at kryptonia. My dear Joan, you're just making this too darn easy for me! I've written article after article, singing the praises of kryptonia and SUP. All told, I made about 50 SB dollars from people upvoting and commenting on my steemit articles, and I've made over 5,000 SUP thus far, by completing simple tasks, like upvoting, commenting, re-steeming, tweeting, and etc... I've also had the opportunity to interact with some of the SUP board, which is really pretty cool. Frankly, I love SUP. Of late, I am a bit concerned about the falling crypto market, but if it ever does turn around, I have high hopes for SUPERIOR coin and for Kryptonia. P.S. Kryptonia is an awesome website with brilliant and capable programmers, who never fail to surprise me with their insight, skills, and overall responsiveness to the ongoing needs of the website. I have no doubt that these guys can scale this 'beast' to whatever size might be required in the future. See you all out in my future, super cool, and brand spanking new "VW" (used to be a "Lambo", but the market is not cooperating.

Let me say in spanish please:
Hola a todos, quiero comentarles mi opinion acerca de Kryptonia, y es que me parece una gran idea para 1. ayudar a las personas a usar las criptomonedas y 2. como una herramienta muy util para crear trafico en nuestros objetivos de mercadeo para luego convertirlos en clientes.
Sin duda alguna es una gran ayuda y además promueve el uso de las redes sociales de una manera mas inteligente y precisa para alcanzar objetivos.
Apenas desde diciembre del 17 estoy en este mundo de criptomonedas y gracias a Kryptonia, el equipo de soporte y su gran comunidad he aprendido mucho y me gusta loo que he aprendido, así que los invito a todos a usar Kryptonia!


even though at first I dont have any experience how kryptonia and steemit works, I really enjoyed it. why? kryptonia is userfriendly it's so easy but you just need to be honest in completing task, it excite me so much whenever i saw my task list and creating tasks as well.

What I enjoy is how easy it is to use and to explain to new people, a lot of the crypto sites are quite complex. If we take Steemit for example, it takes quite some time to master.

In my exprience why I enjoy using kryptonia because it help us minnows to promote our post not only in steemit but also to other social media. Aside from the earnings from doing task in kryptonia, it also gather followers all over the world that may expose our posts to a huge community.And lastly the main reason why I enjoy kryptonia is that through kryptonia you can justify the loyalty and honesty of the task completer. You will know the attitude of the completer whether he/she is honest to the task you want them to perform. The kryptonia will reveal the real attitude of the completer.

Thanks for the encouraging post and challenge. I look at Kryptonia, like I do life, it is an opportunity to grow, learn, have wonderful successes when we find our own little nitch of success, and a few bumps here and there, which we also learn from. Thanks @joanstewart for the challange.

Kryptonia is a great platform for many different reasons. one of which is allowing a user to be paid for doing tasks they might not otherwise know about. This is also true for task creators because without kryptonia task creators wouldnt be able to share their content quite as easy or as cheap. Meeting new people around the world is another great benefit of why Kryptonia is such an amazing platform. I truly believe because of krytonia a lot of lives have changed for the better and that alone is enough reason i want to be a part of the great community.

  ·  last year (edited)

Why I choose kryptonia than other platforms? Because leaders here are very accommodating and approachable. They response immediately to issues encountered especially to newbies. We can talk to them just an ordinary people day by day.. through kryptonia, I believe that my dreams will do come true. I can say that my belongs to kryptonia because I meet already in person some of the founders :-) They are not just an imaginary like other platforms. They are real person.. Good luck to all of us and God will continue to give us wisdom especially to kryptonia founder, co-founders and all the team! More power! >>>Charity

Kryptonia is one of a kind platform, where everyone are deserved to be part. Even you are poor, rich, ugly, handsome, and beautiful they considered us an equal <3

Kryptonia is such a great platform that allows everyone to earn in so many ways possible. In addition, it also enables a person meet new people and learn from them especially those who are new to the crypto world. I myself isa newbie and being exposed to platforms like these do not only help understand the world of crypto currency but also allows me to earn while still learning.

The kryptonia can really help us the steemians boost our posts because it can give incentive to those who will give the task. This thing is the future for us steemians soon kryptonia will be know for everyone and everyone will use it for their own and others good

O looked at Kryponia as I was told it was a good way for getting up votes for my Steemit posts, and it is. But frankly right now I am starting to think whether it would in fact be bettr to HODL Superior Coin, something tells me that this is one coin that is going to go up this year. So I am now not even creating tasks I am just getting a few coins added to my account every day, at least that is my plan for now.

To say I like kryptonia because I learn many things from the people around the world. I discover new things on a daily basis. So am happy login into kryptonia each time and each time I do, I always see something new. Its has become a habit, the day I don't login I don't feel complete. I encourage most of my friends on steemit, and they too are saying the same thing, that is has become a habit too.

I enjoy using Kryptonia because it's a "double win" platform. I earn SUP while completing the tasks of other generous Kryptonians, and I earn SBD when they complete the task I created. In Kryptonia I meet great people from all over the world, that I may never meet using other platforms, and learn from them as well. Most people from Kryptonia also posts blogs that are engaging, like this one, and makes you express yourself, and I am assured that my thoughts will never fell on deaf ears.

I feel super blessed with @KRYPTONIA since my day one in joining this platforms. First, I start gaining friends local and foreign people in this community. Second, this really help me a lot in my post here in @steemit because the founder itself will support our blog. Praying more success to each and everyone of us here in KRYPTONIA. MABUHAY ! to all KRYPTONIA members and most of all to all the founders.

It's always been a great privilege to be part of kryptonia and steemit family :) A new family where you can be encourage by the lives of other people and also you can be a tool to encourage people as well. Actually this is my first time to join when it comes through media thing and a bonus thing is that I met a lot of Christian people in steemit and kryptonia family.I believe Steemit and Kryptonia are the tools to inspire people's lives and most especially to share Christ around the world. That's what we do actually to serve and honor God. To use for His glory alone. It's just a bonus thing to earn something from steemit and kryptonia but for me the bottom line for all of this is to inspire people, to share God's goodness and faithfulness in my life. Thank you so much! @gracealone

Hi, from kryptonia, i have been with superiorcoin since the start, love that we have this social connections and that we can also earn the superiorcoins this way, it removes spam, no bots, and only real people helping others while both of us WIN, have a great day!!!
Checkout my SPANISH Posts on Steemit! and follow me on twitter @tunetworker

When I started using Kryptonia I saw it as an opportunity to get more upvotes and visualizations in Steemit, but over time i discovered that it is much more than that. I knew Superior Coin that is an excellent cryptocurrency, anonymous and decentralized, in addition Kryptonia platform has a very nice interface and despite having little time makes innovations over time, in a few years I think this page will be very popular and the cryptocurrency will multiply its value

Why do I love KRYPTONIA Well, more friends and followers on Steemit! New New knowledge of the world! New truly amazing people! I am earning more steem while i am earNing Superior Coin! More eyes on my super amazing post! Kryptonia is The Beast helper friend to my Steemit account!


very interesting post, thanks for this


great job, thanks for sharing @jamescrusader

Been getting some half decent interactions on my posts by using Kryptonia hope to see more come of it soon.

Kryptonia is great

Kryptonia is the best ever since have join the task have been wonderful and have heard kryptonia have help people in so many ways an i hope i am one of them thanks kryptonia your number one fans

I've seen you and @sydesjokes talk about Kryptonia/SuperiorCoin a lot... and I WILL still get around to checking it out... There literally just isn't enough time in the day now that Steemit has consumed me :P

P.S. On the topic op bounties: Have you check this epic new account called @steem-bounty by @knircky
... read more on how to create a bounty for your post here: - I think it's genius!


I was like you and did not look for months - big mistake - just saying....


It would appear so... but... but... you know: "Things to do and people to do them to :P"

good job, thanks for sharing. Kryptonia ID @ofili2

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