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What Is Kryptonia?

The easiest way for me to define it from my limited experience and knowledge it is a Wallet linked to a site where you can complete tasks to earn Superior Coin. Superior Coin is a relatively new coin that started in the middle to end of last year it is based on a CryptoNote protocol which they promote to be safe and private.

Kryptonia The Website

The site is quite straightforward and easy to use, there is no required deposits to sign up and you can start right off the bat earning Superior Coin. They even sponsor your first entry which is worth 100 Superior Coin.

All you have to do to start earning is to create an account, link social media accounts (for which you get bonus coins) and then create your first task. Your task will then show up on the Task page where other members can complete your task and earn Superior Coin. Here is a list of some of the current tasks that I can complete:


Pros and Cons

Superior Coin and Kryptonia, just like Steem and SBD, sounds to good to be true. But with everything that has pros there are cons. Some of the pros include "free" superior coin (all it costs you is some vote power) and then guaranteed likes on your posts, you can also do referrals to get extra coins. Some of the cons include the fact that those likes are not always the high votes that we want and the fact that the system can be cheated, this happens when people say that they have completed your tasks but they havn't.

If the last one sounded like a deal breaker then worry not, there is a countermeasure in place and as far as I know they are working at a more effective system. At the moment you can revoke payments to people that did not really complete the tasks, but at the moment it is quite laborious because you have to check each one individually (as far as I know).

Even if that sounds like a lot of work then remember, at the moment Superior Coin is worth $0.007665, which is not a lot. The majority of people are paying 3-4 Coins to complete a task which means it only costs you $0.022995 to get one upvote (and that is Coins that you can earn rather than buy).

The last one is a pro and a con. This is the payout period, which is at 14 days. This means that only after 14 days of completing a task you get a payout and your tasks only pay out after 14 days. This a bit of a pain when starting out because in the beginning is when you need the currency the most. But after two weeks if you have been completing tasks every day then you will get coins in daily.


I know I'm not the best advocate for it, but it is something free that can boost your Steemit payouts a bit, even if it doesn't the only thing that you lost is a little bit of time. Like I mentioned above there are referral rewards, so if you feel like checking it out here is mine:

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Great article and we all appreciate you promoting @SuperiorCoin and @Kryptonia. The #SuperiorCoin Team is developing more ways to earn SUP on While it is true that there are some that just complete a Task to collect $$$ without actually completing the task, but for the most part people are actually completing the tasks. I do some tasks and I create a few tasks and I really have a hard time doing a task for 1 or 2 $SUP. I have not created content here a Steemit and my voting power is not very high. I want to start posting but their is so many people trying to make a living here it makes it tough for the minnows, but sites like @SteemThat, are working to level the playing field.

Good post. Kryptonia @juancarlos2906

kryptonia @laurencepauldaclag steemit @nastylenard420

Whoa, interesting! Thanks @chr7is for bringing this up!I probably wouldn't have heard about it soon if it wasn't for your post :) I will investigate on the topic. I'm curious if it's time-consuming.
All the best,

Very informative. Thanks for sharing.
Kryptonia name @jasonabejero

Never heard of them before. Gonna have to check it out! Upvoted :)

I'm running with this project. Its got potential :)
Upvoted task from kryptonia @stevehuggett

Nice over view on what to expect, what you can do and how to use both platforms @chr7is

Visiting you from @temsouthafrica @steemitbloggers plus @kryptonia all friendly supportive communities.

Another fun way in earning...

Great post :)

Always with you brother

Thank you. I will investigate.

But where is this all going to stop? There is a new thing every other hour...

It does not stop unless you leave steemit. I'm here for 8 months now. Since December, steemit is paying my monthly bills (I live like a pauper in Bangkok) and is taking 80% of my time :) I came here for the Alexa ranking in support of my weight loss work and that is going great too even as I have dropped many balls on other platforms.

So far - regardless of issues they are working on - I like @kryptonia very much and have SUP amounting to the equivalent of $11 usd in there after less than three weeks. I'm going in once a day and doing 3-5 tasks in about 30 minutes most of the time. As you see, I do make comments on the people's posts I choose to visit from Kyrptonia.

I am past the 14 day period and now can offer a task each day to boost my posts. I see that people are coming, but I have not analysed anything. I've only only posted 2 tasks so far (after the free one at sign up) and will wait for a few weeks to worry about it - if at all.

I don't worry about scammers taking advantage of my offer since I am too busy to care, and grateful for those who do come to my work and upvote and comment. I upvote good comments I get on my steemit posts and I hope that will help those people to want to come back.

My user name is the same over on kryptonia.

I found out about sup and @kryptonia from @sydesjokes. If you need something else to do here that pays - @sydesjokes is well worth your time.

Upvoted and resteemed from @mps01k1 from If you understand the concept of % of takers you get and do the math it works out. If you try to alway revoke 2 or 3 that don't do your task you will help the system learn who are the bad actors and then people can tailor their task to people with better scores. Thanks for the Post.

You are right - I should do that. I recently started putting the rep/activites scores in my tasks at 80% rep and 30 activity. I hope that will help.

Thank you @fitinfun. This is very helpful and interesting. I will definitely investigate. Now even more.

Excellent! I will look out for your post there :)

Well everyone wants to make a living I guess..

Kryptonia is helping my steemit posts a lot. Thanks for the additional info i learned from your post. Upvoted, commented and resteemed from rubelynmacion of krypto

@woland76 Kryptonia

Heh. I had signed up to kryptonia using your referral link from this post, then saw that you were paying for upvotes!
shredz7 on kryptonia

Excellent post and my Kryptonia account is @ianstevenson


@tabraiz.jutt nice post

Thanks, earning coins so cheap now will pay off in the long run when the coins price rises!

That's my thought and the tasks are plentiful and not hard or time-consuming.

uvas from kryptonia, showing some love

thank you for sharing, nice post!
kryptonia - reatimtim

Thank you for the informative post! My Kryptonia ID is @gingbabida.

itsjessamae from Kryptonia!

Thank you @chr7is for sharing this valuable information. Upvoted and resteemed!

From Kryptonia: @jemacris

I believe that everybody should set priorities and start to prefer the communication with others personally - do not forget the real energy, not the artificial one. I can see that only checking the new posts and answering to the comments are getting me almost stressed.