It's always been you

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it just took me forever to see
that this fondness was more
than just friendship
for me

Noah/Saine two of our oldest characters finally get some story of their own. I've been writing a lot, mostly to sort out the mess those two have in their head haha. There is actually a third person involved and eventually they end up in a polyamorous relationship ~

I've been sketching a lot but Im always hesistant to just post sketches. Maybe I should though as not to appear dead :D
Love you all <3

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Beautiful artwork.
I love art.
Everything is art.
Life is art.

Art is love

And love is art :)

thank you :) <3

What a tender moment, @lioba <3 They look like they are enjoying each other's company, a kind of a space where they realize that there are stronger feelings stirring within them :)

Love the colours very much! You managed to pull off that beautiful feeling of a night's safety, and yet an intimate space, too, accentuated through the pretty lighting that are caught by the figures' bodies :)

thank you soo much for your support <3
it was fun to play with the cold and warm light :)
I didn't intend it to be so soft but then I quit liked it ^^


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