The War Against Kratom

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The US FDA says that kratom isn't safe and that there isn't any evidence to support the notion that kratom is effective for any medicinal purposes.

What is Kratom?

Kratom is a southeast Asian herb that a number of people claim has helped them in a variety of ways, whether it be to assist them in overcoming addiction, seeking relief from depression, pain, and more.

However, the FDA says that a myriad of deaths have been associated with kratom and the DEA wants it listed as a Schedule I substance. Like with cannabis, the state nonsensically views kratom to be similar to LSD or heroin.

Those against kratom says that it has the same impact on the body that opioids have, though advocates of the plant claim that they are being dishonest in rushing to demonize the substance.

There are many people who regard kratom as a natural pain remedy and they say that it's beneficial for helping people to overcome their severe drug addictions.

Of those who've made the decision to try and seek remedy from kratom, are a growing number of veterans; struggling with PTSD, anxiety, and pain. Some have said that kratom helped to save their life by drastically improving their standard of living.

Just as with cannabis, the state is trying to prevent people from being able to exercise the freedom to make their own choice, by opting to try and criminalize and demonize kratom. Though, whether or not kratom is dangerous, it should be an individuals natural choice to decide what goes into their body, should it not? The state doesn't own our bodies so why should it get to decide what we can or cannot put into it?

And for those who might not gain access to kratom, which is seen by many as the best alternative to dangerous pharma painkillers, they could instead be left with some much riskier options including things like fentanyl or heroin etc.

Along with the rise in popularity for the substance, and the growing number of people in the US turning to try kratom, it's fueled a debate over whether or not it really is effective.

Despite the fear of risk that state agencies continue to hold, there are many who have suggested that this substance could have the potential to help to drastically improve the opioid addiction for many in the country.

Back in 2016, the DEA had attempted to have kratom listed as a Schedule I substance but there was a lot of negative backlash, prompting the organization to withdraw its plans.

They are now back at it again and just recently, they once again announced their plans to have it listed as a substance akin to heroin. According to the agency, they are still analyzing the safety and effects of the substance.

They've also made frequent seizures of kratom supplements in the country, confiscating property that's worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

According to the American Kratom Association, it's estimated that at least 5 million people around the US are using kratom. There are a variety of places in the country that people can still obtain the substance, however some cities and states have moved to ban the sale and possession of it.

Kratom is currently listed as a banned substance in Alabama, Vermont, Rhode Island, Arkansas, Indiana, and Wisconsin. It's also illegal in Sarasota County, FL, San Diego, CA, Jerseyville, IL, and Denver, CO.

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The information that is posted above is not intended or implied to be used as any substitute for professional medical advice, or diagnosis or treatment. The above is posted for informational purposes only.


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Of course they will try to ban anything if it cuts into their bottom line on making and getting people adicted to thier drugs as they rake in billions of dollars a year . Maybe people do overdose on it , but they overdose on other drugs too which are allowed , for me I stay clear of any drugs for as long as I can . I have seen what they can do to people and have been to , far to many funerals I care to count . Thanks for sharing @doitvoluntarily , I have never heard of this drug before.Upped and resteemed
Happy Valentines Day !!


Good to see you here Karen. Totally agree with your comment. These agencies are corrupt and can't be trusted. They are all in the pockets of big pharma. All you have to do is "follow the money" and it will bring to the root of all evil! lol....but that is really not funny. Great post @doitvoluntarily! Like usual!


You are so right Dan ! nice to see you here too , I have followed @doitvoluntarily for a long time now !


True story.


Good post!

No surprise that a centralized drug cartel would attempt to ban a substance it can't patent. It's hilarious that they even claim that their are deaths associated with Kratom. Kratom, unlike legal prescription opiates, cannot stop your breathing and cause a lethal overdose. Any death associated with kratom was actually a death caused by another substance. Its like if someone did a bunch of heroin, smoked a joint, overdosed, and calling it a marijuana related death. Banning Kratom will kill more people than it will help.

Kratom is an amazing herb, but I will not lie like some and say that it does not have a potential for abuse because it def does if used improperly. The community stood up loud for their rights in 2016, so let's hope that they do so again.

Makes you think that they're trying to protect big pharma's monopoly interests. What other reason could there be?

5 million people is a big number after many states imposing a ban on kartom. people see relief in kartom powder without seeing the bad consequences.

Thanks for this. I had never paid any attention to it until they threatened to make it illegal. As a medical marijuana advocate, I did not want to see the next plant called a "drug" to war on right as we were making progress on the last round of insanity. I am a hands on kinda gal, and I am old and I hurt some days. I tried it. INCREDIBLE. Absolutely UNBELIEVABLE pain relief. No ill effects at all, and I suffer side effects from almost anything. Yep. Here we go... "Kratom Madness" sweeping America.

yet another example of interference into people's lives. where is it exactly that we've given governments this powers?

i lean a new thing everyday on steemit Thanks for awareness thumb up

Thanks for awareness

There was a time i had an accident and i was so addicted to painkillers, it toom alot of therapy to get me off it and sometimes i get scared to slipping back

I had never heard of Kratom before, and now the government is already trying to restrict it? That alone makes me want to learn more...

Thank you for this great post @doitvoluntarily
I personally have tried kratom when i had pain and i was relived of the pain within hours without any side effect so i dont see the reason why there should be war against kratom
My thought anyway!

This is very first time i know about Kratom and i am really surprised a little bit of. I am intersted to know more about Kratom.

Wow...very nice nature, good post, thanks for sharing

The US FDA says that kratom isn't safe and that there isn't any evidence to support the notion that kratom is effective for any medicinal purposes.

A claim like this alone is a good enough proof for me that the substance has enormous medicinal potential.
As for kratom, I must admit it is the first time I hear about it. I'll have to check it out in a bit more detail. Thanks for the introduction.

Its really a matter of personal choice....So I think, the feds are just backed by huge pharma companies...These pharma thugs really do serious lobbying to keep their business running...All they care is about their money.

This is great post, i appreciate this natural.....keep it up. resteemit

So the reports on responsible kratum sellers sites warning of excess usage can cause liver and kidney problems should be disregarded? i have to think that if a responsible kratum seller is warning of possible liver and kidney problems, that the federal govt. might actually be correct here. I feel there needs to be more studies to ascertain at just what dosages are considered safe.....because i see alot of people disregarding the dosages recommended by the manufacturer of the kratum products....

Beautiful nature, nice post, thanks for sharing

Sadly the irony of legalizing cannabis and criminalizing kratom is completely lost on the VT legislature. Obviously the successful efforts to fight this need to be repeated. Prohibition never works, it is lazy and stupid. In this case it is clearly another case where big pharma and the alcohol industry want to suppress their competition so they don't lose any market share for their poisons.

this photo looking very beautiful

I agree with you. A person should be the one to decide what goes into his body... I think the government shouldn't ban kratom unless they have a solid evidence it is dangerous for everyone.


or we could just embrace freedom :)


Yes, that will do hehe but the government won't let it because they love power

Hubby and I tried it a while back when we learned that kratom works as a stimulant more effective than coffee when used in lower doses. I did a little more research at that time. Evidently addiction is a bit of a problem where it's easily grown but here in the states and Canada it takes some work to grow. The trees are huge when they grow naturally and they require a lot of water, light, and heat so the herb is expensive, whether you use it for the stimulant or sedative effect. It also tastes extremely icky - not something you'd get used to. I suspect that it's kind of a niche drug and not worth passing laws on. The people who are willing to put up with the expense and taste long-term are those who have a reason to need it... or I could just be a nonaddictive personality.

In asain countries there is a lot of superstition regarding many natural weeds with scientifically not proven that much. But few have seen good results with that. But to be honest it has more of the negative effects on society rather than the medicinal purposes. People always find way to misuse natural resources

I have personal testimony about kratom, as someone who has been able to heal after a late stage cancer that left me with titanium ribs and severe pain as a side effect.

I use absolutely no pharmaceuticals for pain. (Although they've been extensively prescribed to me and I do have an "in case of Zombie apocalypse" stash.)

I have a self-care regimen that I have carefully articulated with the help of my practitioners and my Spirit Guides which include kratom. I have never personally experienced any of the "psychedelic" effects some claim to have, but I do find that life is liveable and that I can dance and sing and be productive whilst never ingesting the pharmaceutical poison that is systematically being prescribed to people who wind up dead.

I am resteeming your most excellent post and am happy I found it today. 💘

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boss rock to choose my boss