Chung-Ang University - Good Memories #3 // Namdaemun Market (남대문시장)

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Good Memories stay forever!

Roughly 4 years back in time I´ve studied at the Chung-Ang University in Seoul for about 5 month in total. It was just such an amazing time, which I will for sure remember my whole life. I still love to think back to the good times I had there and therefore would like to share them with you here on Steemit.


One of my favorite Places, Namdaemun Market (남대문시장)

The Namdaemun Market was one of my favorite places in Seoul. I enjoyed to walk through the different street vendor shops, while once in a while having a glimpse at the beautiful Namdaemun Gate just next to it.

I was always having some good food there after walking through the market. All the small shops close to it were just offering very delicious Korean Specialties, which I honestly miss very very much right now... Oh what would I give for a nice Korean Barbecue, some Bulgogi and Kimchi just now.

Anyways I could never leave this place without not buying at least something. One time I brought some sunglasses home, the other day some chopsticks, then some nice gadget or a smartphone case. I don´t know but somehow there was really always someone selling something that I wanted to have right in that moment :)






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WOW! I also miss those times anyways you can check out the latest news about anything on my profile:


Everyone is somehow missing such good times in his/her life :)

seems such a nice place


Oh yes @kim.scwerin, it definitely is a really nice place to spend some hours :)

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Good Post!
Thanks for sharing.


thanks @qagiri, glad you liked it 😊

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