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google translate has a bug. it keeps adding coin swap to translations :D

lol i said "swap" three times.

  • twice in saying that justin kept on implying it on twitter.
  • once in saying that what i think is best is "atomic swaps" :)

so it is not a bug? so justin is really talking about swaps :D damn
his latest tweets got a bit better, now steem is joining an ecosystem, that could be ok.

well he only retweeted about a token swap once. everything else is words like "migrate over to tron" or some shit like that. a lot of people understood that as "token swaps" cuz you can't just migrate chains. you'd have to trade away your steem for tron and then would run on top of some tron network. in this case, steemit would have absolutely nothing to do with steem.

on the other hand, if steem and tron are "joined" through atomic swaps (some sort of a decentralized interchain operability, or some secondary chain that connects the two) then i think not only is everything fine, steemit will eventually start competing against the big boys.

the question is what does justin really have in mind? and that nobody knows.

and lemme add that i don't think justin himself knows what the hell he wants.

And lemme add that
I don't justin himself knows
What the hell he wants.

                 - roundbeargames

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에너지가 더 필요합니당~♨♨♨

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흐흐흐 네. 일단 뭘해도 네드보단 못하긴힘들어보여요. 제발 smt까지는 순조롭게 진행되길.. :)