Paintings on Merciful Goddess in the Exhibition of Goryeo Dynasty

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The one of the most famous art works in Goryeo dynasty could be said the paintings on Merciful Goddess drawn in the way of drawing the moon reflected on the Water.
The one of the important Buddhist theory isA there is not permanent thing in this world, everything is changing constantly.
So it is impossible to show the very exact features of things, we can only things changing. The moon which we see in the sky is not exact appearance of the Moon. The exact appearance of the Moon could be the moon reflected on the Water.






That’s reason why Buddhist painters painted Merciful Goddess as the reflected moon on the water.

Among those Merciful Goddess paintings, Goryeo dynasty’s drawing are Known as the masterpiece.

Likewise other relics, much of the paintings had went abroad under the rule of Imperial Japan. So most of exhibited paintings were borrowed from abroad.

So I had stayed for a long time to look at those paintings carefully. Once this chance has gone, how can I meet those masterpieces.

But sadly enough, I could not get clear photos due to the poor illumination and the lack of my ability.

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Wow the moon reflections on water somehow seems more artistic rather than reality somehow the Buddhist painters have a brilliant angle of presenting their artwork wow, thanks for bringing these amazing pictures and thanks for reposting again well-done

an interesting post today, @slowwalker.

The belief in Annica or the impermanence of things is evident in creation - things are constantly changing, so how can we be sure? We have to hold our convictions lightly because as Heraclitus once said, everything is in flux and we cannot step into the same river twice.

The fluidity and changeableness of our existence should leave us open to new possibilities and growth - the metaphor of the Moon reflected in water is an apt way of depicting the elusiveness of our perceptions as well as underscoring the transience of things.

The goddess is wrapped in mystery because creation itself seems evanescent and ephemeral.

Have a good day, my friend :)

How interesting is that the most real is the reflection !!

Really a masterpiece.
It is not so easy to take a photo if there is bad light mixed with a glass window.
Resteemed :-)

We both wrote about a moon today :)

I love such masterpieces, they are priceless. Some museums do not allow taking pictures inside , I would certainly do it secretly with my cp cam..hahaha..In Versailles castle, they only allowed photo taking but with no flash.

Should we be expecting another post.




Just now the post is updated,hoW come ?

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@slowwalker, Paintings on Merciful Goddess really impressive. Poor lighting probably couldn't showing painting closely much better. It's beautiful to see anybody. Nice shots selection.

I am amazed by all the content that you provide

That is very truth, nothing is eternal and everything is changing, we know that even the energy is not completely gone but transformed. That is the most exciting thing and that is why I love physics.

The paintings are really amazing, still impressive to see that the colours are still quite intense, and luckily nowadays due to technology we can restore if it is needed.

I believe it is difficult to get good quality picture when the object behind the glass, but nevertheless it is still possible to see the details.

Change is the only thing that is constant in the world. Your description of unknowingness reminds me of the Heisenberg uncertainty principle.