Why College Students Do not talk to their Professors

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There are many reasons why students do not talk to their professors. College students rarely talk to their lecturers and professors because of their age difference, they do not want to look stupid, fear and the belief that professors will not understand them. In a normal class day, they attend the lectures but they never consult their professors. In college, this is a stage when people want to look like they know everything. It is the age when people become self-aware. They believe that going to the professor’s office will make them look stupid. College students do not want their peers too look at them differently or to have a bad impression of them. At this age, their reputation is very important to them. They do not want go to the professor’s office, let alone ask a question in class. Some students are just rebellious by nature. At this age most students want to make their decisions and they do not want the rules to hinder them from doing what they want. They believe that talking to the professors is like talking to the police. They intend to stay away as much as possible. Rebellion is very common in young people.


Some students do not like talking in class or to their professors because of shyness. Colleges consist of people from different nationalities and backgrounds. When a person talks to the professor, he/she becomes conspicuous to the other students and they start talking about him/her. Most people do not want to be subjects of discussion and they do not want to stand above the crowd. They opt to take the easy way out and they decide to become silent. They also cannot talk in class because they feel the pressure to give the right answer. If they are not sure on whether they have the right answer, they choose to keep quiet than give the wrong answers. The students have their self-image at stake. Some of them know that when they give a vague answer in class, this will spark a discussion and they are not ready to talk. They know that other students will form opinions of them.


Some other problems are trivial. For example, some students do not know what to call their professors. When they come to class they give their names but students do not know the professional way to refer to them. Instead of looking for a solution, they decide not to talk to them. Some of them fear the professors. They do not want to look like they did not understand certain concept. Professors are very intelligent and students fear to look stupid when they go to their offices to ask questions. Another reason why the students do not talk to the professors is they do not know what to say to them. They believe that the professors do not want to talk personal or general things. Students are not thrilled talking about academics all the time. They also think that professors live in their own world and they cannot relate to anything that the college students will say. All these factors contribute to the behavior of college students. They are cold toward s their professors and they opt not to talk to them. The main reasons why students do not talk to their professors are their age, they do not want to look stupid, fear and the belief that professors will not understand them.

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I was too curious and with a very high self esteem for any of the above reasons to apply to my case. I always asked when I didn't get or when I needed clarification. Funny I also pointed out if I thought they were wrong.

It is a complicated issue @njoromuts. I used to avoid mine like plague

I hated school and everything school, we used to say we are institutionalised (jailed) . So you see?

I remember the only time I approached my economics professor was in my final year asking him to be one of my referees. Otherwise, I was just acting out in class if I really did not "feel" any of my lecturers, lol

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