Box BBQ 작한고기 - Real Korean Cold Noodles in Hanoi

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I’m going to tell you one of the authenic Korean restaurants that I have just explored in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Actually here is a BBQ restaurant owned by Korean, but besides bbq, they also serve a lot typical korean dishes such as: noodles, soup, side dishes,... Not to mention about BBQ stuffs or anything else, the thing I want to review today is cold noodles in this restaurant.

I have tried authentic korean cold noodles in Kangnam, Seoul and really like its taste. And I found out the same taste in Box BBQ restaurant in Hanoi.


A big bowl with noodles, broth, ice made from soup to make cold noodles, egg, cucumber, sesame and an integral part of this dish is pieces of pear.

Cold noodles must eat with vineger and mustard. These seasonings bring the special and unique taste for korean cold noodles. Add a lot of vineger and mustard then taste the sour, cold, spicy, savory at the same time.

Someone may not like the taste of vineger or mustard but trust me, cold noodles must be eaten in that way. Once you get use to it, you will be addicted for the its taste. Eating cold noodles when having BBQ is perfect meal, bcause cold noodle becomes more awesome when eating with grilled beef.

For the sultry day of Hanoi, a bowl of cold noodles really saves my life. The broth is most delicious part of this dish. I keep wondering how they made it. The cold and savory soup make me cant stop until I drink out the broth.

I even asked the stafs bring for me just the broth to drink more. I’m too full to have whole bowl of cold noodles but with this broth, it is unstoppable.

Restaurant: Box BBQ 작한고기, 14N7B Nguyen Thi Thap, Trung Hoa Nhan Chinh, Hanoi

___ @hanggggbeeee
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