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It was said that the inner house for Buddha statue was very beautiful.
Inner house style in the Buddhist temple is very unique in the Buddhist temple all over the world. It means that you can not see the inner house style ornament in other places except Korea.

The inner house is called as Dod Jib that means additional house.


There were 3 Buddhas in the hall and each Buddha had its own Dod jib over there heads.


There are several styles of Dod jib, and this style could be classified as Chosun Dynansty'

Inside of Dod Jib was decorated with the dragons, the phoenix, and the lotus flowers.



Among those figures, the angels were so impressive.


The decoration around the lantern was also beautiful enough for catching people's eyes.



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Wow a series of on-detailed photography of inner house of Temple!



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The roof design inside the temple fascinates people.


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you can not see the inner house style ornament in other places except Korea.

@slowwalker, Exactly... I'm completely wondering to watch these wooden architecture in Dod Jib. Dragons and phoenix designs gorgeous. But lotus flowers designs more attractive than both I think. But anybody know dragons and phoenix designs hard and it was smooth work. Angels also made inside of hall. This time you caught another brilliant captures.


Thank you for taking separate pictures of each ornament, seeing that I am wondering how much time it should take for every single decoration, especially to know how they did it, it looks very fine, detailed work when you have to pay attention to symmetry and to color match not to overdo too.

The dragons and angels they are each time two of them, I do not if that mean something. But look really good and balances the picture. The decoration of lantern is in form of flower fits very well especially with those couple of raw of petals :)


the second to last pic is my favorite, i’ve never seen a lotus shaped lantern.

This Buddhist temple is probably one of the most beautiful I have seen to date! I love the unique style and beauty.

I have never seen nor heard of this one! Stunning shots!



I am surprised to see the unique Buddhist Temple and the inner house stylish design. 👌

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Thanks for showing from inside pretty interesting pics to see


WOW, the Yellows on the Flowers Really Pop Right Out and make for such a Colorful Temple Thank you for the Great Picture View of this Beautiful Temple @slowwalker


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It's true and experienced the same in my country during the visit of some Buddha template in the southern part. Great to learn that it is accessible in Korea. Nice pictures.


Hi, @slowwalker
Thank you for sharing these beautiful pictures.
I have never heard of this inside house design before.
But I see it allows more artistic expression and beauty inside the temples. I greatly enjoyed your pictures of the Lotus flowers, the dragons and the angels. These are amazing carvings and the temple curator is doing a great job of maintaining this work of art.
Take Care🙏🏻