Basic Knitting Patterns #6: How to knit the RIB STITCH – DIY Tutorial – Beginner Friendly!

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Hey Knitting Steemians,

This is the last part of the series "Basic Knitting Patterns".

The RIB STITCH is not only one of the most important knitting patterns, it is also very versatile as you can create countless variations of this pattern. Depending on the desired effect, either narrow ribs, which pull together strongly, or wide ribs which pull together less or not at all, are knitted.


The rib is usually used as a border for sweaters, shirts or skirts. But also a classic scarf is often completely knitted in this pattern. The pattern lays flat and does not curl. The stretchability ensures a high wearing comfort.

Tip: If you use a narrow rib as a side pattern of a shirt, the stretching creates a nice fit of the knit at the waist. This way, the waist can be optimally show up! This effect is even more intense when the entire waist is knitted in Rib Stitch.

It is important when using the Rib Stitch as a border that the cast on is not too tight. The same applies to binding off. Otherwise, enough stretching is not ensured, and the finished knit may not even be able to wear.

The basic rule for the stretching is: the smaller the ribs, the more the pattern pulls together. The 1/1-rib is therefore the pattern with the strongest pulling effect, so strong that the finished piece of knit appears in the Stockinette Stitch.

Here are some pattern samples:


  1. First Row: 2k, 2p
  2. All other rows: knit stitches as they appear.


  1. First Row: 1k, 1p
  2. All other rows: knit stitches as they appear.


  1. First Row: 4k, 2p
  2. All other rows: knit stitches as they appear.

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Hello @creative-life!! I think you are doing such a great job sharing your skills and inspiring others. I have a passion for crocheting but plan to learn how to knit as well. I am following you now and will remember your series.

I am making an initiative to share the art of needlework here on Steemit and inspire others. It really helps when people with the same interests work together. Would you take the time to read my post about #NeedleworkMonday? I sure hope you will join myself and others to share our work while supporting each other. Thank you for your time. 😊

Good idea! I definately will! I am in holidays now, but when I have time I will do it. Thanks for your compliment.

Awesome!! Thank you so much! I am thrilled that you will join in. Anytime you have the time would be just fine. I'm not even sure if I'll have enough work to show every Monday but as I create I will share. Thanks again and looking forward ~ 🤗

Thanks again for your work! I am interested if this pulling effect will change in the same style in crochet (while using front and backpost stitches for the ribbing) meaning: if alternating fpdc and bpdc will be smaller then alternation 2 fpdc with 2bpdc.... hmmmm

Good question! I didn't try it out yet. I don't know, sorry.

No problem, it was more a question for myself... I am currently crocheing a buttonband and alternating 3 bphdc with 2 fphdc. This buttonband ist only less smaller than a buttonband in hdc. You inspired me, i should do a test series :-D

Good idea! And make a post about the test series! Then I don't have to make one ;)

I'll try, but I am so sloooooow

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