¡Thank you very much for the encouragement and important support for these efforts! Even when we are not administrating a community already and are encouraging our Members to look for others to share their works, this tool is considered in our plans for the project. So @leveuf will submit an application for your Communities initiative to boost this development!

We are glad about this great experience and its future perspectives, step by step we'll be finding the best strategies for the work!

Best wishes for the Steemit Team and all the projects!!

That will be great, thank you

We have worked on it and it has been submitted in the SteemitBlog, here I share the link presented by @leveuf: Application to participate in the initiative "Delegations for Community Leaders" by the Steemit Team.

Thank you very much for your attention and valuation for the Project!!

Best Regards!!

Thank you, we will be reviewing the application very shortly.

The Steemit Team

My gratitude for your support, is much appreciated!!

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