Taco Stuffed Tomatoes-Low Carb

in keto •  6 months ago 

Take back Taco Night in keto style with these taco stuffed tomatoes! All the flavors of your favorite tacos, in a low carb version!

When I was eating a full on carby diet, taco night happened at least once a week. You know, complete with flour or corn tortillas, beans, rice, and all the fixings. Loads of cheese, tomatoes and sour cream, stuffed into heavy, soft tortillas. 

All that fat, PLUS all those carbs meant indigestion most of the time. Back then, we blamed it on all the garlic I used in cooking the taco meat. Or, the cheese.

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nice post my friend i love your job thanks for sharing

Wow! I just started keto.. And I will add this on my list.