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It's already day 7 of our keto diet, I can't believe it! And we're finally in ketosis! Yahoo!!

Here's a recap of the last couple of days:
(scroll to the bottom for links to our keto journey up to this point)

Day 5

For breakfast I had a hardboiled egg, a piece of bacon, and bulletproof coffee.

For lunch we had a yummy BLT salad.

And dinner another taco salad with ground beef. Yummmmmm.

Day 6

We had a light breakfast with just bulletproof coffee.

For lunch we tried something different that turned out really tasty. We made something like a cucumber sandwich. My husband peeled a cucumber, sliced it in half and then again in half lengthwise and scooped out the seeds. We then spread cream cheese in the empty space and layed a couple of pieces of lunchmeat and a piece of bacon on top.

I also needed something a little sweet, so I put about 1/2 cup of blackberries in a cup with some flax seeds and chia seeds then poured about a cup of heavy cream over the top. This was really tasty! It was like melted ice cream with a little crunch!!

It's been amazing to me how during the last couple of days I haven't really felt hungry like I used to. I used to snack all day and always feel hungry, but I feel like the majority of the time with keto so far I haven't had the same cravings. It's pretty cool! 😁

Dinner this day was a little tricky. I ran/walked a 5/k with a friend. At the end of the 5k each week you receive dinner and a beer from a local steakhouse. The beer was obviously off the table, but I had no idea what they would have for dinner, as it's always a surprise. Luckily they had a caesar salad, which I wolfed down while longingly watching my friend drink her icy beer. They also had a roast beef wrap... which we both took home.

When I got home I had a fried talapia patty, picked the roast beef out of my wrap, and had a piece of almond bread toasted with cream cheese and everything seasoning.

Everything seasoning is the BEST!
Have you every had an everything bagel?!?!? They are deeeeeelicious! I found out they sell everything bagel seasoning - without the bagel! WOO!! And THEN I found a recipe for the seasoning! DOUBLE WOO WOO!! Its is great on just about anything, and especially yummy on top of something with cream cheese and avocado.

So, here it is!

Everything bagel seasoning:
1 TBSP sesame seeds
1 TBSP poppyseeds
1 TBSP dried minced garlic
1 TBSP dried minced onion
2 tsp coarse salt

I'm pretty sure I experienced the keto flu yesterday... although having also done that 5k, it is kind of hard to tell the cause of my dehydration! The run was WAY harder than usual (hence the mostly walking I ended up doing), I felt pretty dehydrated in the evening, I had a slight headache, and I didn't sleep very well due to my brain going 1,000 mi/min! So, I think we're in ketosis! Woot!

To help get though the dehydration and overall crappy feeling, I made some chicken broth by microwaving a cup of water and stirring in a chicken broth powder. The super-saltyness of it felt really amazing, so I had a 2nd serving! And of course, I drank a TON of water.

Day 7

This morning I didn't have any of the dehydration or crappy feeling. I've felt kind of tired all day, which could be the end of the keto flu, or just my body finally realizing I'm on summer break and can RELAX!

For breakfast I wasn't super-hungry, so I had a cup of bulletproff coffee.

Lunch was a yummy chicken caesar salad.

And for dinner - OH DINNER!! - I have had a love affair with macaroni and cheese pretty much my whole life. My mom used to make it for me on my birthday. My husband made it up fancy the night he proposed to me. I love me some mac & cheese. I thought this would be my definite downfall when it came to this diet, but tonight we made -

Cauliflower Macaroni and Cheese!!!!

And after eating it, I knew I would not only be able to survive the keto diet, but it might even be enjoyable!! We added some mushrooms and bacon.... whooooaaaa buddy! 😍

My previous posts on our keto diet progress:
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How do you know when you are in ketosis? The cauliflower mac and cheese looks amazing!!!


generally if you stick to it after the keto flu and stay within 20 25g of carbs, you will hit it. The most sure fire way is to get testing strips used for testing your urine. That or have your blood tested. But the pee strips are probably the easiest and most affordable way. We plan on ordering some from amazon.


Ok. Good to know. I am looking forward to @abloveshorchata post about that!

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The hardest part for me is consistently getting enough fat. I love lean meat (like chicken) and if I just go hard on the salami, cheese, and hamburger patties I run out of calories pretty quick.

Almonds are almost the perfect food for my macros, if I just ate almonds all day I would be really close to my ratios.

What do you eat to get enough fat without slathering butter on everything?


Sorry it took so long to reply! We've been having a busy summer visiting with family and Jon's dad's wedding weekend!

I'm still working on balancing my macros, but I eat a lot of bacon and cheese. What kind of chicken do you eat?
We have chicken thighs, which have a slightly higher fat content. We make a lot of meals with ground beef of higher fat %-age as well. I've also recently started eating macadamia nuts as a snack, which are kind of expensive (we found them on sale and by bulk), but really delicious and higher in fat!! 👍

Do you like pork rinds or chicharrones? These are great to snack on, also string cheese (not light).

I also haven't yet tried fat bombs, but hear that is a GREAT and tasty way to bump up your fat. There are many recipes I've found on pinterest, which I have yet to try. 📌
I'll try some soon and post about it.
Let me know if you try any and we can compare notes! 😎


I made a couple different fat bombs and I also like to eat a ton of cheese. I used to just eat mainly chicken breast so adding fat was def necessary.

I need to fry some thighs, breaded in pork rinds, for a nice fatty crispy chicken meal.


Oh my gosh, that pork rind crusted chicken sounds AMAZING!!!


Your reaction just inspired me to try it tonight. Gotta stop at the store to grab some thighs and chicharrones.

EDIT: Damn I just realized I have frozen thighs at home so maybe I'll try this tomorrow so I can thaw those babies. haha.


Hahaha, whoops!! We ALWAYS forget to thaw stuff for dinner. =/

I've heard of the keto diet how did you get on to the keto diet? and are you allowed to do a food fast ?