What Kind of Picture is This?

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My Entry to the KEEP THE LINK #6 Contest.

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The tree items in my picture are a pushpin, a tooth floss, a card like a credit card.

  • Pushpin - well, this is almost the same, just with a different pusher.

  • Tooth floss helps to get stuck items out of teeth just like a toothpick.

  • A credit card or something similar is always a quick alternative for a pick - especially if cut to size - but I still need this card LOL

This was a quick short entry - because I don't want to practice what I have been doing - taking the picture and not getting around to the post LOL


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I love that you used the card for the pick. I made picks from cards and similar plastics and used them in my version.

Great minds and all of that LOL

I wrote a five minute free write on the headache prompt yesterday.
I scratched it out on paper Talk about a triggering topic right now. ironically my head was too sore to transcribe, I might post it late, or just upload a picture of my scribble.

That card in PARTICULAR is very important...cause everyone needs Costco

Hahaha - you got that right!!!

Great choice, and yes a cc or similar card seems to work well as a guitar pick. I have not been able to try it yet, but I have been saving some old cards to do that one day. There is even a special tool for it to cut out the shape. Clever thinking!

Thank you :) And then, there are always those that believe in callouses on your fingers and no pick at all 😜

  ·  last year (edited)

That is how I started too. Couldn't understand what was so fantastic about using a guitar pick. I felt like I lost touch with the strings. But when I switched from acoustic to electric, it all started to come together. Now I always play using a guitar pick. I own many different ones, velvet, wooden, glass, stone, made out of coins and so on, but the one in the picture is my favorite. That said, I am not a real guitar player, I am just someone who has a lot of fun making sounds using a guitar :)

:) Good for you!! I am a happy listener. My son plays guitar - like you LOL

If he isn't using it already, introduce him to Yousician. It is fun.