Kashmir A Land Of Unimaginable Beauty

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Hello Steemians,
There are many beautiful places on the earth and every place is unique and has its own specialty. Some places are famous for their natural beauty and some for their architectural beauty. In addition, each person differs in choices, likings and tastes. Many people enjoy natural beauty and some are pulled towards historical and architectural beauty. There are few people who notice a different type of beauty which is cultural and traditional beauty. Kashmir is known for its natural beauty. It is said to be the heaven on earth. People call it “The Switzerland of Asia”. They are fascinated with the ravishing scenic beauty of Kashmir. With snow on the mountains, tall trees of Chinar, green land and valleys, Kashmir seem to be one of the most magical places on earth.

Kashmir is located in the Himalayas and is also known for many-sided culture.
The official language of Kashmir, or Jammu Kashmir is Urdu, It is spoken throughout the state but mostly spoken in Kashmir than Jammu and Ladakh. There are few other languages spoken...

Exploring the heaven like Kashmir is incomplete without getting a taste of a number of outfits and handcrafts per se. The tourists come across a number of things displaying a true picture of craftsmanship. The list of shopping articles includes the very famous hand-woven carpet, Pashmina Shawls and numerous appealing attractions. Kashmir is also known for offering the best quality of spices and dry fruits to the patrons.

An inspiration for so much art, music and poetry, Kashmir is also honeymooners’ paradise, a nature lover’s wonderland and a shopper’s dream come true.

Breathtaking sceneries, mesmerizing snow caped mountains, awe-inspiring waterfalls, the tranquility of smooth lakes, magnificent flowering meadows and dazzling weather all-around the year are the words we characterize with Kashmir – also known as “Heaven on Earth". Kashmir has been widely recognized and embraced for its captivating natural beauty.

Kashmiri Chai
kashmiri chai.jpg
Because of the prized nature of Kashmiri tea leaves, Kashmiri chai was originally just a drink for royals, and even when it trickled down into other echelons of society, it was still mainly consumed at weddings—the most special of occasions for Pakistani and Indian families. But Kashmiri chai is far more mainstream in Pakistan these days; especially, as the culture has been slowly embracing the notion of Asian-style luxury.It's still not an everyday tea, more of a special treat "when you have guests over that you want to impress."



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