Musical Interlude Inspired by: @deliberator

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Musical Recharge

It has been awhile since I did a musical interlude to break my blog up, and as @deliberator said: I am recharging my batteries, ready to rock and roll again, lets get the party started then., I thought I would join in on his party.

1967, I was not very old, but I was alive, 2005, I was getting pretty old, and still alive. Times change, music changes, and life still goes on as we grow.

Moody Blues - Tuesday Afternoon

Source: vzqk50CL YT Page
Artist: The Moody Blues
Album: Days of Future Passed
Released: 1967

Aldo Nova - Fantasy

Source: Aldo Nova YT Page
Artist: Aldo Nova
Album: Aldo Nova
Released: 1982

Tracy Chapman - Change

Source: theocdmommy YT Page
Artist: Tracy Chapman
Album: Where You Live
Released: 2005

I hope you enjoyed the music. Share a music link below. Times change, what musical changes did you go through?

Change happens, it is part of life, and is life. Without change we become angry static balls of electricity just waiting for someone to come in range.


Superb my friend, thank you for the music.

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