JS Index Update 09/26 – JS Index Values for 09/26-09/23

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JS Index is designed to make your trading decision regarding Steem a walk in the park. Click on the link for more info what it is.

JS Index for 09/26/2016 15:00 UTC:


Steem price: 0.0009381 BTC/Steem or about $ 0.563

Past Values:
###JS Index for 09/25/2016 14:00 UTC: 359.74
###JS Index for 09/24/2016 13:30 UTC: 359.56
###JS Index for 09/23/2016 14:00 UTC: 357.73

The chart above is for the period 08/01-09/22 of the JS Index and the price of Steem.

My Thoughts for today.
Those are just thoughts of mine. Do not take them as trading advice because they are not!!!

We saw one of the biggest demands for Steem [in the form of Steem buying and vesting] in the last 5 or so days. This big buy pressure was met and even exceeded by the sell pressure… Probably another drop in the Price of Steem is soon to follow.

Previous post/values of the JS Index:
JS Index 09/22

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Or they just sold some Steem power to investors (for discount almost surely).
Or they just vested it for Steemit Inc itself.
Anyway I am all for transparency and do think Ned should publicly say what are those accounts all about.

james thanks for keeping us updated