JS Index update for 09/22 – First Ever Increase!

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JS Index is designed to make your trading decision regarding Steem a walk in the park. Click on the link for more info what it is.

As promised I deliver an update whenever something new or even potentially meaningful happens with the JS Index. So, today the JS index saw its first ever increase ever since I started publishing it! Note of caution: First I suggest starting to buy after at least 3-4 of increase in the index (I for my personal trades will probably wait at least 5-7 days). Second the ×
JS Index update for 09/22 – First Ever Increase!
3 hours ago by james-show58 in jsindex

JS Index update for 09/22 – First Ever Increase!
buying seem to have come from a single account buying (and vesting) at least about 60,000* Steem in the last 24h. And usually a single bird does not... the summer brings.

JS Index for 09/22/2016 15:00 UTC:


Steem price: 0.00078 BTC/Steem or about $0.465

Past Values:
###JS Index for 09/21/2016 13:00 UTC: 357.41

The chart above is for the period 07/26-09/22 of the JS Index and the price of Steem.

My Thoughts for today.
Those are just thoughts of mine. Do not take them as trading advice because they are not!!!

"One swallow does not a summer make, nor one fine day...”

Previous post/values of the JS Index:
JS Index 09/20

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Why would one account buy 60 000steem?


I can speculate - 1. Strong believe in Steem (it); 2. "Had a hunch, bought a bunch",3. etc.
But you can try drinking from the spring by asking him directly what is his thought process.
He/She is @hendrikdegrote


James Thanks for keeping us updated on the JS index . I would love to have the data on the top 5o power up accounts every day . I do not know how to write a program to get this information . Just wondering where or how you found this @hendrikdegrote . Very good info .


Well, I run some (very basic) scripts. They are written by me so they are extremely ugly no good to be made public any time soon... [sorry for that]
I am also interested in the "powering up" accounts, but I am interested in very specific ones - namely accounts powering up after buying on exchanges [most power up after powering down, some get free money from steemit[1,2,60] and there are a lot of other 'fake' power ups I really do not consider true buying/investing interest]


Thanks for your reply James . The other day I came across @lofojobee . This account was created 17 days ago and then 10 days ago steemit the company powers this account up with 200,000 steem power . Only 2 transactions create account and power up . GO HERE AND CHECK IT OUT . let me know what you think

Your index seems to be picking up on something :) Right on.


Haha, my index is saying "The craziness going on on the market, should be short lived (according to the the data we have so far)" ,
But Thanks, anyway.

Thanks for sharing. It seems that something is happening on the market.