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in joke •  11 months ago

No, you hang up first
No, you hang up first
No, you hang up first
No, you hang up first

                                - me leaving a voicemail message
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Oh, the infinite loop of self-love!


i'm a pretty lonely guy and sometimes would call myself to feel wanted :)


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buen post

FYI - You seriously might want to check your flagged posts.


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That's reddit's #1 category.

You are the best comedy writer we have. You can be a big part of that bridge between those 18 MILLION subscribers and Steemit.

We need that bridge built. If we bring 10% of those users, what would happen to the price of steem? Heck let's start with 1% and see what happens.


Wow, was I late to the party! Glad you were well aware already, as I simply wanted to make sure you knew what was going on.

I read all of that intense post, passed out, recovered, and now understand your position. It's quite tricky overall because there are people who are on a witch hunt a la Monty Python. I also appreciate the candid reasoning behind your thoughts, and that you could write so much without mentioning anything about cats or lewd behavior. This helps me grasp the sincerity of the logic better. I'll see things from your side for some points, but here are some of my contrasting/general views to try to answer your question. Not sure if this is the proper platform to elaborate, and I'm no expert, but after taking off my minnow hat...

  1. I personally enjoy the nature of the content quite a bit. You obviously see me jumping on replies to have fun. It's random, shameless, self-deprecating, you're responsive, and even joke back to the commenters to top them (which is fun). I've barely been on Facebook in my lifetime, and never sent a tweet or had an Instagram account, etc., so Steemit helps me get out of my cyber shell a bit. It even helped me have the balls to post my first drum cover video ever, which I don't doubt is pretty good, but I'm usually humble and dislike attention/seeking approval. Your platform has helped me expand a bit out of that bubble.

  2. I like how frequent you post, and know you're quite literally petting your cat, like Dr. Claw from Inspector Gadget, staring at a blank piece of paper for ideas. It's not easy, and I'll never think it is. Even if it was, it's a talent and it deserves some reward. I personally like to let the community decide that value with my stuff, and if I had a ton of SP, I'd potentially only upvote myself on posts I felt needed to get an initial kick for exposure. Everyone has their rights and beliefs.

  3. You're smart, so you've likely seen some of my mildly passive aggressive comments scattered in likely on days my posts make virtually nothing with 11 views, just because I wish I could earn more Steem to give to others via curation.

  4. Tying to above, unlike you, I do own quite a bit of assorted crypto outside of Steemit, but only bought about $350 of Steem to load up the tank on my mission to stubbornly earn it penny by penny for the pride. I'm extremely biased because of my old school stubborn social experiment to see if I could make something from almost nothing. Perhaps it's Dad issues. I could become some level of a whale if I liquidated my other crypto, but won't because I'm long on those nearly all-profit holdings and truly want scale up Steem with my bare hands... If I can get something via hard work without risk, I guess that just my preference right now. ...So that's why I've gritted my teeth occasionally when I see the heavier self-voting, but I learned to accept it as the luxury of having the means to do so, also overrode by the passion and pride you obviously display, while wanting to ensure that you've earned something for the effort you put in. Hell, if that keeps you entertaining us, it's not really any skin off my back outside of some frustration with a point I'll mention below. Some people might fixate on your total SP on the other account and think you have enough, but you're actually doing work and I usually see that.

  5. To this end, I think it's not out of the question to consider that many could be sensitive to your practice, and that doing it so many times a day might be pissing on the wound a bit too frequently for those who claw for pennies or are "protectors of the rewards pool realm." ^trademark. Even if nobody noticed, white knights are now running all types of reporting so it's easy to see a pie chart and see red, versus letting the person in question explain themselves. Circling back to the witch hunt.

  6. This is my main gripe, but I've come to see it as a challenging game to improve and level up, almost like this was a RPG. If the quality of the content of your commenters DID stick out as top notch, I'd suggest letting loose a bit on the 1% cap just to send the message that sharing is caring. Your posts are awesome and spark plenty of positivity, which many enjoy a great deal, but your audience also should be a slightly larger part of the rewards pie as I'd imagine that we offer value to you by acknowledging your comedy and laughing - why a comedian is a comedian. Also, some jokes can be pretty damn funny to rival yours and the tipping of the hat with a nice tip for service means a lot sometimes.

I don't know if this is too much or not helpful, but Steemit has been 100x more enjoyable since you and your crass mind returned from exile. It's a healthy distraction from my scraping and clawing for SP by reminding me to not take things too seriously.

I'd suggest not closing shop if there will be whale drama. Your fan base would prefer that you stick around, so I hope a happy medium is reached, or a settlement, or else @dandesign86 and I will be forced to carry pretty fucking heavy baton.

DAMN, now's the time for a beer or good joke if there ever was one.

My voicemail message is, "Hello? Hello? I can't hear you, must be a bad connection. Hang up and try again." I hate listening to messages and like to improve people's perseverance.